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Youtube Not Letting Me Sign In

Why isn't youtube letting me sign in?

For about 2 days now, I haven't been able to log into youtube!! Whenever I press "sign in" it just refreshes the homepage and wont let me log in. Any suggestions on what I should do to fix it? I've even tried switching browsers...

Youtube won't let me sign in?

omg same here! For the last two nights it has driven me crazy! At least it's not just me. I have done everything I can think of, clearing cookies, resetting passwords, logging out of one google account and into another. I've never had trouble signing in before! I'm hoping it will be fixed soon, I have two YouTube accounts, one for my favorite music, the other for everything else. This really sucks!

YouTube won't let me sign out?

try loging out of you gmail

if that does not work then go to : account>manage account>Logout of all YouTube Sessions>Sign Out Everywhere

My Tumblr app for iPhone 4 is not letting me sign in?

So I downloaded Tumblr on my new iPhone 4 I got today and I logged in but the dashboard still did the 'this is your dashboard' thing and no posts came up. It also still had the 'log in' button in the top right corner. I deleted the app and re-installed 3 times and no change. It works fine on my iPod and computer but not my phone.
Any help?

How can I stay signed in on youtube.. it won't let me?

try clicking... um... well it depends on what web browser u use. normally somehting pops up saying let youtube remember this login acess? or somehting like thhis. so if you c that then click yes on that. on google chrome thats what i did and i always stay signed in...!

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Youtube is not letting me sign in without a gmail account.?

No matter what, these days you need to have a ''Google'' account to do anything.
If you need to change the Email Address that is linked to your YouTube account,
you have 3 different options (depending on when you really created that account):

1) your account was created before May 2009 (known as a "legacy'' YT account)
2) your account was created after May 2009, but it has a "NON'' Google address
3) your account was created after May 2009, and you "HAVE'' a Google address

How to access a "legacy" (or pre-Google) YouTube account
http :// support . google . com / youtube / answer / 1637615

Moving your Youtube channel to a 'different' Google account
http :// support . google . com / youtube / answer   /  183819


I can’t sign into YouTube. It keeps telling me “Oops! Something went wrong.” How does one fix this?

Hi, First You have to Check are you Updated YouTube App..if YouTube Shows like that to You it means you have done something wrong with Google (or) YouTube , Commonly YouTube doesn’t Show like that , it means Your Google Account for YouTube is deleted (or) banned from Google because You did Something Mistake like unusual activity with Your Google Account..or Someone did with your Google Account like Someone Logged in with Your Account…If your Google Account is Important for You, Recover Your Google Account with Your Phone Number (or) Recover Email id.if You See like that for a long time..Contact YouTube Team for HelpJust Create a Another Google Account & Sign in with YouTube..Just SimpleSubscribe my Channel for More Technology Videos Everything Tech4YouLook at our Official Website Everything Tech4You

Stupid google & youtube not letting my sister & friends log into youtube, please help?

stupid google & youtube not letting my sister & friends log into youtube, please help
They use my pc to log into their youtube account, but when I log out and they try to log into theirs,
youtube remains with my username and there is no way my sister and friends can log into theirs on my pc even though I give them permission, I find this absolutely mental and crazy of youtbe(google), is there any way they can log into their youtube account on my pc ?