The migrants were deported after attempting to enter the United States illegally it comes in the wake of President Trump's order reversing his policy of keeping families apart.
Undocumented immigrant Reynaldo Mora, 41, is in ICE custody related to his immigration status after first being arrested in April on suspicion of raping a nonverbal teen while babysitting in Maryland.
On Monday afternoon, the 20-year-old, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was gunned down outside Riva Motorsports in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Interior minister Matteo Salvini refused allow the Mission Lifeline to land at an Italian port after he had previously turned away another ship, the Aquarius, which eventually went to Spain.
An article linked by the news aggregation site contained numerous photos of children pictured in 2014 at Obama-era holding centers for unaccompanied migrants in Texas and Arizona.
The teenager was seen in Manhattan on June 20 surrounded by a group of men and women. He was on his way into a Barnes & Noble with his sister Lauren to promote their new book.
On Friday, the network announced that it had resumed filming after determining that the claims made against Schulman by Ayissha Morgan, who appeared on the show in 2015, were 'baseless'.
One commentator replied to the post by tweeting: 'The punchline of this 'joke' from the Republican former governor of Arkansas is that Latinos are bad and scary and also Democrats.'
The Queen laughed and gestured excitedly during the final day of Ascot on Saturday, sharing some laughs with Autumn Phillips in the Royal box at the Berkshire-based racecourse.
President Donald Trump returned to name-calling at the Republican Party Convention in Nevada on Saturday, in reference to both Senate candidate Jacky Rosen and current Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
The organization, founded by hacker Julian Assange, claimed the searchable US database, named 'ICE Patrol' would 'increase accountability' and serve as an 'important public resource'.
When the Duchess of Sussex stepped out wearing a £45 Marks and Spencer jumper in January, it sold out within hours. But many of Meghan's outfits are not so purse-friendly.
Investigators believe attackers could have mistaken Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, 15, for a man in an online sex video involving a relative of one of the attackers before he was killed in the Bronx.
When the crew on a flight from Boston to Portland were unable to communicate with a deaf and blind passenger, Clara Daly, 15, stepped up to help with her kind act (pictured) now going viral.
An Arizona mom prescribed a medication to end her pregnancy said a Walgreens pharmacist refused to fill her prescription because it went against his beliefs.
A 23-year-old California mother was arrested after allegedly leaving her 18-month-old son in a hot car for 10 hours while she 'socialized' with friends. Alexandrea Raven Scott was busy visiting friend
'It was wrong, and I wish I could take it back,' Allison Ettel, 44, said on Saturday, hours after video of the incident in San Francisco raced across the internet. 'Believe me, I wish I never had done
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has officially introduced her newborn daughter to the world, sharing her name with the media.
Images of a book that a YouTuber held minutes before he was shot dead by his girlfriend in an ill-advised stunt have been released by prosecutors in Minnesota.
Fans will get the chance to say their final goodbyes to rapper XXXTentacion, 20, at a public memorial service on Wednesday. According to reports, the funeral will be open casket.
Rose was every inch the blushing bride as she arrived at the tiny church where her family have worshipped for generations for her wedding to Game of Thrones co-star Kit Harington.
In a series of touching snaps posted to her Instagram account on Saturday, the HGTV star revealed she named her fifth child Crew Gaines.
Hundreds of riot vans full of frontline PCs will take to the streets to stop planned rallies and marches turning violent – particularly when they clash with supporters of the US president.
Time said three-year-old Yanela Denise had been taken 'screaming' from her mother's arms by border patrol agents but the pair were never separated and are still together in a detention center.
What started as a fun day out with friends, in Arcata, California ended with a violent arrest, caught on cell phone camera, with five officers trying to subdue 20 year-old Samantha Luna.
Women in Saudi Arabia are finally able to drive in their own country after a historic driving ban was finally lifted by King Salman. Those with licenses can hit the road at midnight local time.
Legendary Pantera drummer and co-founder Vinnie Paul has died. He was 54. The musician's passing was confirmed on the band's official Facebook page with a statement.
Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia says she took a staff vote before asking the Press Secretary to leave her restaurant on Friday evening.
A 9-year-old English bulldog was named the winner of the 2018 World's Ugliest Dog contest in the San Francisco Bay Area. Zsa Zsa won the title Saturday night.
Andre Thomas, 35, can appeal a conviction for killing his 13-month-old stepdaughter but US judges refused him the right to challenge his death penalty conviction on the basis of mental illness.
State Senator Richard Madaleno aired the 30-second ad on Thursday in the Washington area on Fox News. It features him kissing his husband on the lips in a move designed to 'p**s off' Donald Trump.
New findings from NASA's Curiosity rover could help to guide the search for ancient microbial life and improve our understanding of seasonal processes on Mars.
Pearl Fernandez, 34, and Isauro Aguirre, 37, were sentenced on Thursday for the May 2013 death of her son Gabriel who died after being taken to hospital in Los Angeles.
The rare photos show Allied soldiers preparing to ship out, landing on the beaches of Normandy, fighting their way through enemy lines, and getting a heroes' welcome from liberated civilians.
Speaking at a joint press conference Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron warned Trump his actions had put his people's 'jobs on the line'.