Scott Sargent, 33, was convicted in October of nearly two dozen counts stemming from the October 2015 shootout outside a bust Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Walmart.
On Wednesday, Montana authorities announced that they had discovered the bones of three children in box left behind in a Missoula rental home's shed.
Mark Zuckerberg and his family were spotted at a burger joint in Kapaa, Hawaii on Thursday as the Facebook founder takes the month off for paternity leave.
New guidance from the California health department warns that keeping a cell phone constantly close to your body could expose you to cancer and infertility-causing radiation.
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Israeli troops shot dead a wheelchair-bound man with no legs in Gaza today as two other Palestinians were killed during protests, medical officials said.
Dramatic footage shows four armed officers running through the Dutch capital's Schiphol Airport towards a Starbucks Coffee outlet as shots are fired.
Frank Sepehri found his son Navid's body in a puddle in the woods about three miles from their home Sunday night in Bethesda, Maryland.
Rebekah Pendley thought she recognized Jasmine Rios' boyfriend from Twitter while at the library; he was flirting with another girl. She sent Jasmine a picture.
At least one person has died after a strong 6.5 earthquake rocked Indonesia's main island of Java tonight, shaking buildings in the capital Jakarta and sparking tsunami fears.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will marry on Saturday, May 19 at Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace has revealed today.
The picture shows Iraq's Sarah Idan and Israel's Adar Gandelsman, representing their countries at the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas last month.
Rsearchers from Nottingham Trent University and India's Thiagarajar School confirmed ‘selfitis’ does exist. There are three categories – borderline, acute and chronic.
Chilling posters show a militant in army fatigues and a machine gun with the US capital's Washington National Cathedral engulfed in flames in the background.
The partially-preserved corpse was discovered by an electrician cleaning out a sub-station that had been left untouched for 35 years in Jaspur, a small city in Uttarakhand, India.
Jackie Blanchard, 53, from Hertfordshire, a mother-of-six, claimed her youngest son Michael had only had two girlfriends despite him claiming to be 'God's gift to women'.
Former basketball star Dennis Rodman spoke about his friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, saying he is 'probably a madman, but I don't see it.'
London photographer Dominika Cuda has produced a 300-page diary featuring nude portraits of sports professionals from around the world to raise money for aspiring athletes.
This is the shocking moment when 93-year-old Juanita Fitzgerald is dragged by police officers as she cries out for them not to hurt her after she was evicted from her Florida home.
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The Forensic Anthropology Centre at Texas State University is able to use the donated dead bodies and compare them to those killed in suspicious circumstances.
The 31-year-old, whose real name is Yurizan Beltran, was reportedly found in her apartment in Bellflower, California, by the owner, IBT reported.
At its closest on Saturday 16th December, the asteroid is estimated to be around 6.4 million miles away from our planet – 27 times the distance between the Earth and the moon (stock image).
Spain's involvement at the 2018 World Cup is under threat after FIFA warned the Spanish football federation against political interference. The 2010 World Cup winners race missing out on Russia.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will marry on Saturday, May 19 at Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace has revealed today.
There's only one thing cuter than a puppy - lots of puppies. Which is why these snaps shared on social media around the world are all but guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
A high ranking official once described as the 'second most powerful man in North Korea', may have been executed by death squads, days after Kim Jong-un visited Mt. Paektu.
NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered an eighth planet in a distant star system, the first time a faraway star has been found to have the same number of planets as our own.
Robin Roberts made no attempt to hide her disdain for guest Omarosa Manigault on Thursday after she appeared on Good Morning America, saying 'bye Felicia' at one point on the show.
The 3-2 ruling sets up a court fight over a move that opponents fear will recast the digital landscape. An FCC official told that a bomb threat was phoned in, briefly clearing the room.
A federal grand jury in Oklahoma has indicted Henri Piette, 63, in the alleged kidnapping and rape of his stepdaughter, Rosalynn McGinnis, now aged 33, whom he had kept in captivity in Mexico.
One person has been killed and several others injured in a stabbing attack in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht. The incident happened on Thursday evening.
The United Parcel Service lost Louis Paul Herbert's $846,648.46 inheritance check, and the bank who issued it is refusing to refund the missing money, according to a report.
Rob Mooberry, now 43, was 38 when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in Las Vegas, where he is a bartender. He switched to a vegan diet after chemo, and the cancer shrunk.
The Duchess (pictured) and Duke of Cambridge were seen leaving Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill last night after having dinner with Harry and Meghan.
Former basketball star Dennis Rodman spoke about his friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, saying he is 'probably a madman, but I don't see it.'
The ex-wife of Tom Cruise beamed at the Ray star making it seem like she's very much in love with him. And when he put his hand on her arm, she looked thrilled. They have dated for four years.