Katie Piper is resting after having surgery on her eye, due to complications from the sulphuric acid attack she endured back in March 2008.

The mother-of-two, 37, is blind in one eye as a result of the attack but had to have her healthy eye operated on due to further complications.

A spokesperson told MailOnline: 'Katie is recovering well in hospital after an operation on her right eye, the eye which still has sight.

EXCLUSIVE: 'She went blind for a few days': Katie Piper is resting after having surgery on her healthy eye due to complications from that sulphuric acid attack in 2008

'The operation was a skin graft to her upper eyelid using skin from her left arm.

Brave: The operation was a skin graft to her upper eyelid using skin from her left arm - Katie is blind in one eye and was operated on her healthy eye

'She is currently resting to minimise the threat of infection and to ensure a quick recovery. Katie thanks everyone for their care and warm wishes.'

Katie has now endured more than 350 operations since the attack and just a couple of months ago, she had to endure an operation on her blind eye.

Lotst to go through: Katie also recently endured another operation on her blind eye and shared a picture of her bandage on social media

Her most recent procedure took place in her birthday.

Stefan Sylvestre Lynch, 31, carried out the attack on Katie on the orders of her obsessive ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch.

Recovery: Piper (pictured in 2009) has had to endure over 350 to treat her burns, which have left her with permanent scars

He co-ordinated the pre-planned street assault outside her north London home in Golders Green.

Sylvestre was sentenced to a minimum of six years in prison in 2009 over the horrific assault and was set for release in June.

Lynch was subsequently given two life terms behind bars, while Sylvestre served six-years of his own sentence, before initially being released in 2018.

After being re-admitted to prison in November 2019 following a string of car thefts, a parole board panel ruled that he can go free again.

Model and TV presenter Katie had to wear a mask after the attack and needed 40 operations to treat her severe burns in a long and painstaking process which included pioneering surgery which completely removed the damaged skin from her face and replaced it with a substitute.

In July 2019, 12-years after the attack, she had further surgery to cauterize the blood vessels in her left eye.

In her heart-rending victim impact statement in the aftermath of the attack, Katie said: 'When the acid was thrown at me, it felt like I was burning in hell. It was an indescribable, unique, torturous pain.

'I have lost my future, my career, my spirit, my body, my looks, my dignity – the list goes on.

'All I am left with is an empty shell. A part of me has died that will never come back. This is worse than death.'

Since the ordeal Katie has thrived, featuring on numerous TV shows, including a 2009 documentary about the impact of the attack.

She has also featured on the hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, and launched the Katie Piper Foundation to raise awareness for other victims of burns and other disfigurement attacks and injuries.

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