About Prijom

Prijom is a online article sharing tool. It collect articles daily and serve it deliciously to its users.

How Prijom Will Help Me?

Here any one can find rare articles on selected topic that Prijom has. So, if you found a page of Prijom related to your query then you should able to get 20 related and highly qualified articles for your query. All the pages you will have is risk less, we only index websites which are free from Viruses, Spam and also Violated Content, Videos and Photos.

How Prijom Will Arrange This?

Prijom has a great algorithm which will arrange articles by considering the quality of those pages, like: Links, Images, Original Content, Content Length of those pages.

What Language are Supported?

Yet, Prijom is supporting only English language, though its developers are in hard work to add 13 new languages!

Is It Safe?

We are working hard to make it more secure though it is completely safe, and yet we do not have any report of getting Spam articles. You will never proposed for any illegal and violated content.