President Trump said that he thinks the antibody cocktail he received to treat coronavirus is a 'cure'  in a Wednesday night Twitter video.

There is no data to suggest the drug is a cure, and only early data to suggest it shortens recovery times and lowers viral load.

President Trump said he would try to make the drug free to all Americans.

He also said emergency use authorization for the drug was 'all set' but there is no indication that the drug's maker, Regeneron has applied to the FDA for an EUA.

The maker of a competing antibody treatment, Eli Lilly, applied Wednesday for emergency approval.

President Trump has falsely called the antibody cocktail drug he received to treat coronavirus a 'cure' and said he would soon make it available to all Americans for free.

He said that hundreds of thousands of doses are 'just about ready to go, I have emergency use authorization all set,' in a Wednesday video he posted to Twitter.

Regeneron, which makes the experimental drug given to President Trump, has not announced an application with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use authorization for its drug and did not respond to it's request for comment at the time of publication.

Eli Lilly, which makes a similar competing antibody drug, did ask the FDA for emergency approval of its own combination antibody treatment.

'I think it was a blessing from God that I caught this, it was a blessing in disguise I caught it, because I heard about this drug and it was my suggestion that we try it and it was incredible the way it worked....and I want you to get what I got,' Trump said, maskless, from outside the White House.

The president offered no details on how he planned to make Regeneron's antibody cocktail free and there is no data to suggest that the drug is a cure.

Presidents also do not hold the power to give regulatory approval to drugs.

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President continued to downplay his illness with COVID-19, danced around direct lies about the entirely experimental treatment he received and now claims that drugs to fight the infection are more important than vaccines, casting aside his former pet pandemic promise just day after new FDA rules made it nearly impossible for the agency to give emergency approval to a shot ahead of Election Day.

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