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The Mail on Sunday has produced an essential guide for people aged 55 or over who are looking to unlock cash from their homes to boost their finances.

The 40-page booklet, sponsored by Age Partnership, examines all the financial options available to equity-rich, cash-poor homeowners - and their respective merits and potential drawbacks.

It also gives invaluable guidance on the equity release products available and how they can be best set up to mitigate interest costs and protect a slice of a home's value for inheritance purposes.

Free guide: What are the financial options available to equity-rich, cash-poor homeowners?

With the most popular form of equity release plan - a lifetime mortgage - borrowers are not required to make any loan repayments. Instead, interest charges are added to the loan.

Greater product flexibility means borrowers can now take their cash in stages rather than one go - cutting interest costs in the process.

Some plans allow a slice of the loan to be repaid every year - useful in the event of an unexpected windfall. Data from the Equity Release Council indicates that the interest rate on new plans averages 4.1 per cent.

The Mail on Sunday has produced the complete guide to equity release, written by Jeff Prestridge.

To request your free copy, call 0808 239 5293 or visit mailfinance.co.uk/release.

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