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Why are so many Chaldean women dating Black men these days
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Why are so many Chaldean women dating Black men these days

Why do so many educated black women date white men?

The reason why I have decided to stop dating AA men is because of how I am treated. It is that simple. I am very educated. I have my own business. I have my own home, property and I have one child that I take care of alone.  I have savings and I am debt free. I am a nice looking woman... I used to model but I decided to pursue my studies. I am an African American woman. I LOVE black men and I am proud of who I am, but I am tired of how I am treated when I am in a relationship with them. I always say I love black men but they don't love me.  I have now opened myself to whites and other nationalities with hope that I can find a better relationship and a better overall person. I have dated down. I have dated blue collar men (I am a professional, one guy was a garbage worker), uneducated men, men that had been to prison all types, men with children everywhere and I MEAN everywhere and it never works. I try to be open to them but I am not sure what is wrong or even how to fix this. I am not trying to put down my brothers but I GIVE up... at least for the time being. I need a change. People say that black women don't give black men a chance and that is bull. I am living proof. I try to be nice, friendly, loving, helpful, giving and it never works. Black men complain that we are all loud, ghetto, obnoxious.. We are not all that way. I am not that way. I consciously try not to be a stereotype.  I am a simple woman that just wants a nice man. THAT'S it.. I make money.. I can take care of myself...Every time I meet a black man, he has a woman..somewhere hes hiding.. he lies about being married, girl friend, etc. he has a drug problem..  he has an undercover life.. he has babies everywhere.. or he wants me to take care of him once he sees my home and my life. So many of my friends are not married because they say the same... Its really sad.  Most of my friends.. including my sister who is a computer engineer just don't date. They just rather be alone that to deal with that... but I want someone in my life.. So I am still trying.

Why would so few white men date a white woman who had a black partner before?

Well of course racism. White men don't want to follow a black man sexually as they think a white woman is tainted. Also, there are lots of stories about black men are better in bed than white men and have bigger penises. Some do and some don't.

Some white men don't want to raise a biracial child. They think it will make them look bad and reduce the chances of getting a good job. That was very true for years. Still is but not as much. There are lily white executive positions that companies still have. Lots of them. They have token blacks, token Asians, token Hispanics, token women and the rest are all white. They don't want a man having a relationship with a woman that might be tainted. Are you kidding me?

Women want to mate and procreate. Many white males don't want kids these days. Women want children so they mate up. That really pisses off many, many white males. They don't want to mate but do not want their women to mate with black men. We are only about 55 years from white people hanging folks because they are black. In some ways they still do.

They pretty much control everything but they lie and say they don't. We had a black president because the elite thought there was going to be a full scale revolution. Duh.

Now they can say what do you mean? We let blacks have a black president.

We have a very, very, very long way to go. Instead of fighting each other and succumbing to idiotic behaviors and drugs and alcohol, people should be fighting to evolve and find their Light. I give it another 4000 years before we all get it. Some us have it now and that's great. Way too many don't have it and will likely not get it in this lifetime. When you have the department of Justice stalking folks for a non injury DUI, we still have major problems. Spending Millions of dollars flying over a person's home 200 times a day because they had a DUI. Wow. That is sick and very sad for us grand kids and their kids. What next will we have a firing sqaud because you drove down the wrong street. That's next.

White men in general hate that their women date and marry and have sex with and kids with other races. They don't want them and they don't want anyone else to have them. It galls to no end. Selfish. Yep. Not allllllllll white but many to most.

Is there a reason why so many Arab/middle eastern women date primarily black men these days?

In my experience they don't.

That said, the Detroit area does have both a large population of people of middle-eastern descent and a large black population, so just because of sheer numbers, the size of both groups, in your area, you'd be seeing more such women dating black men than would be seen elsewhere.

The Chaldeans, being Christians, would of course be more likely than the Muslim women to date American blacks, since most black people are also Christian. The number of black American Muslims is relatively small.

But if those women belonged to a smaller group and also lived in an area with fewer black people, it's not likely you'd see anything to suggest that they had any special interest in black men. It's just a matter of numbers that is causing you to notice this.

Certain cultural differences are probably of some importance. Middle-eastern men, it's true, can be VERY authoritative and patriarchal, though black men, for various cultural reasons of their own, also have a high rate of domestic abuse.

Why are so many black men dating white women?

Im white and i don't get why so many black men are dating white women. Since i was young i have always liked black women and alot of the ones i have dated and have known seem to be alot more down to earth and non superficial than white women. I don't get why alot of black men are chasing after white women these days. Is the black women's attitude really whats turning them off? cause i have seen some pretty fine black women and i don't see how some black men can pass that over for a white women who have attiudes just like black women believe me ive seen it. And why are most of the white women black men date fat and unattractive with the exception of a few? black men would rather date a fat unattractive white chick over a hot black chick? am i the only person who sees something wrong with that?

I also don't get why black women are less likely to date white guys i mean its not common you see a white guy with a black girl but everywhere you turn you see black guys with white chicks. Why do black women like to stay single as apposed to dating outside their race instead of waiting around for a black guy? Ive seen studies and it shows that alot of black women would rather remain single then be with a guy outside their race because they only want black men. Why do black women do this? And would any of you date outside your race? What would it take for you to date a white guy who is willing to date a black girl?

Why do so many people hate white men these days?

I would not say its hard because in real life i get to know the individual.

I have met many people on day to day basis and i never really felt like they took a disinterest in me because i am white.

The only people "generally" speaking, who i feel seem to hold this view are blacks. Specifically black men.

I remember one time i was sitting in a cafe with a beautiful african american women and this black dude came out of nowhere started to try to "attempt" to stray her away from me. Well she ended up leaving anyways since she had to go for work, but she made it clear she was not leaving because of the black guy.

One thing i learned is that the most racist people in the world are black guys.

That is the number 1 reason why black women don't want to date outside their race. Their men won't allow them to, their fathers, brothers and peers do not accept the idea of them being with a white man.

I think its a more cultural thing.

White women are less culturally attached and they seem to not care what anybody else thinks, they have no sense of identity and pride for their race. One of the reasons why i stopped dating white women. White women in todays era are messed up due to their feminism ways of thinking.

That is why alot more white men are dating out. DESPITE what the media tells you interracial relationships between minority women and white men are on the rise.

Though i have more in common with a white women simply because we are more likely to share common views in life since we are both raised similarly. I would not hesitate to want to share what i learn from my culture with a minority women and than blend what we both know and make it into our own. I think it makes things more interesting.

White women are overrated

Why do so many white women date/marry black men?

from what i've seen and been told it's purely from a sexual point of view, every white woman i've seen with a black man is because he's well endowed and white women to me are trash, and white men always complain about their looks so white women rebel and sleep with black men. i've dated black women and can tell you their the most racist and demanding of all types of men and most of them don't like black men. the last black woman i dated was back in 1985, and she was a real knockout with brains, a masters degree in phychology from cal state dominquez hills. not only was she gorgeous but a body that will make you melt, but she was too financially demanding and controlling so i broke off. i still think of her until today, she was incredible. i almost married her but i wouldn't have worked out.

Why are so many white women dating Arab guys these days?

It doesn't matter, because a sexy white woman wouldn't want YOU anyway.

Why do black men hate white men dating black women?

I like ProudJesusFreak's answer!

You're not starting too much, but there is still WAY more racism than you can imagine in the world. I invite you to look closer... Yes, it is LESS, but it's not in the least bit dead or even dying. You are correct with your comment on money and looks, however.
And I won't say anything more on that.

I am black, and I don't hate it, I actually salute it and HIGHLY encourage it. We always talk about coming together as a nation or as a world to make this place better, but when it comes to relationships we don't wanna date outside our race. Excuse me, but that prejudice and racist. I don't care how you look at.

I applaud you for dating, not just a black woman, but outside of your race period. It really doesn't matter a race, color, or creed, background or ethnic group, as long as I'm in love.
Dude, as long as the two of you are in love and you spread that love abroad, you are alright with me.

But as far as WHY? ProudJesusFreak said it best, "STUPIDITY."

Why are so many Latinas dating black men these days?

Dude it is not so common as you think. I like you, Luis, but you make all sorts of claims without having statistics to back up your claims. There is no statistical evidence that Latina women date and marry Black men in large numbers. There is ample statistical evidence that Latinas date and marry White (non-Hispanic) men in large numbers, but there is equally compelling evidence that Hispanic men date and marry White women in large number. Every claim I make I can be back up with recent data from the Census Bureau and Pew Research Center. There is absolutely no basis for your claim other than your insecurity. However, I will admit that the media does kinda hype up Black men with White women and Latina women but in every day life it is not that common.

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