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Yes, of course you can I have done it before.

Can you use an iTunes gift card to buy from in app purchase
Yes, of course you can I have done it before.

iTunes Gift Card for in app purchases? Heroes of Order Chaos Forum
I bought a 15 dollar iTunes giftcard and redeemed it on my itunes account. . so if I buy a gift card, how can I get it credited to be able to use it?

iTunes Store About InApp Purchases Apple Support Communities
Learn about iTunes Store: About InApp Purchases I just created an iTunes account and it won't let me buy anything and I gave it a card number and everything I try to bu something and it says can't be purchased at this time contact apple

Can you use the itunes giftcard in the app store? Apple Store for
Of course, it can be used for any iTunes content. anything through iTunes. it can even be used to purchase items on your iOS device. iTunes Gift Card $100

HT4009 In app purchases Apple Support Communities
How do i amake an inapp purchase with an itunes gift card? payment method or use a cred card automatically if you have one in the acccount

Do inapp purchases cost credit if you have it from an itunes card
The cost of the inapp purchases will be deducted from your itunes credit each time you make an inapp purchase. How Do You Use an iTunes Gift Card?

4 Ways to Curb Kids' InApp Purchases Common Sense Media
Don't get stuck paying for inapp purchases you didn't authorize. Use your phone's restrictions to simply turn off the ability to make inapp purchases. after an initial inapp purchase, you can make purchases without re

Itunes gift card good for inapp purchases? Shadow Era Forums
I got an itunes gift card, and redeemed it so there is $20 in my itunes account. But when i go to buy shadow crystals it still charges my credit

Redeemed iTunes gift card and clash of clans inapp purchases
If its from your mother credit card, then there is nothing you can do. Also do iTunes gift cards cover inapp purchases? Townhall 8. Level 73

Apple settles lawsuit over inapp purchasing by kids with $5 iTunes
As noted by GigaOm, plaintiffs will receive a $5 iTunes gift card or cash equivalent that can be downloaded at no cost but provide for inapp upgrades sometimes Inapp purchases require the account password each time.

How to Put an App Store / iTunes Gift Card on Your Device YouTube
How to Put an App Store / iTunes Gift Card on Your Device : New iPad I was wondering can the points from the card also be use for in app

The Threat from InApp Purchases and How They Can Cost You
Thats right, the inapp purchases on your kids iTouch can rack up some big stuff, is by buying Itunes gift cards instead of using my credit card.

How To Set Passwords For InApp Purchases On Your iPhone
Want to disable inapp purchases altogether, or ensure that youre This is so your sneaky toddler cant change the setting back. Dont attach a credit card to your iTunes account in the first place: use iTunes gift cards

Redeem an iTunes Gift Card OS X Daily
Heres the thing to remember with iTunes gift cards: they can be redeemed for . Can you use an iTunes Gift Card to make inapp purchases?

Can you use an iTunes gift card to do in app purchases Wiki Answers
Can you use iTunes cards for apps? Yes, you can use iTunes cards for apps. How do you uses a iTunes gift card on iTunes? Go to the iTunes store in your

My iTunes Account Was Hacked for $375 €” By My Own Kids
As of Tuesday morning, my credit card account has been credited back for all three. Clearly I cant blame Apple or its iTunes Store for the purchases. Give your kids iTunes Gift Cards to spend on apps, music or addons for their . and how one father has learned the lesson that parents need to use this

Interesting Observation about US and Japan iTunes Store on iPhone
On my first iTunes account, I used the Hong Kong app store with my American So I purchase a 3000 yen gift card, use the dummy address that the seller Oh and ever since Apple made it so one iTunes account can access

Purchasing Apps Apples Volume Purchasing Program
Ability to use purchase orders (POs) to buy apps removing the gift card or credit card hurdle for many school systems This is not just for iTunes and apps, this person can also make purchases via PO or credit card in the