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The best road to progress is freedom's road - John F. Kennedy
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Alex Salmond's dream of a separate Scotland is rapidly falling apart : Faced with the realities of independence, Scots young and old are now turning a €œScolympian€ cyclist, given his extensive use of English facilities. For young Scots, it still does. . of Scots on both sides of the border preparing for what they believe to be No 10

Scotland Uncyclopedia the content : The only people who dislike the Scots are the English, this is probably to do with Salmond the Hutt has declared that when he has 'liberated' Scotland he will sell the motivation of the Scots which is hate and resentment, this drives them

Scottish independence Good or Bad? : I do have other reasons for disagreeing (NOT HATING) the idea of independence . be crowned King after independence, the SNP can still be voted out afterwards. Scots' then seem to think they would get ALL the revenue from North Salmon

The independence debate in Scotland Interviewing Alex Salmond : Mr Salmond told Channel 4 News last night that Scotland would take 8% of who still mostly flee to London to try their luck on the British national stage), Do you genuinely believe the UK has generally had Scotlands best

No Alex Salmond the case against independence is not the case : If you want to be sure I've got that right, you can watch here, at around 11:09. One of my biggest pet hates is the invocation of patriotism in politics. It's nasty, brutal Does he think that I and others are antiScotland? Fo

Could Scottish independence hurt Andy Murray? : Has Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister, and The Man Who Wants To Break could be of no little significance to Murray, as well as for British tennis as a whole. I'm sure you're trying already, but do your best to ignor

Why Independence Will Be Heaven for Scotland : Earlier today, Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond announced that the . industry and the Unions would still be able to stand up to the government? . For a vast majority, it has absolutely nothing to do with hating the English

Scottish independence More English than Scots want : Scots do not want the English to meddle in whether they end their to throw down the gauntlet to Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond, . come between the criteria of a little banter against us to fully fledged hate.

attack on scotland is imminent under a weak snp : It's not for David Cameron to debate with Salmond whether Scotland should remain You'd think the man than has been pushing for separation most of his Salmond wants the attention away from himself so that if he does in fac

The Northern Ireland question Alex Salmond's ticking bomb : The Miliband question: do you feel lucky to be an Englishman? are a timely reminder that the impact on English security will be grave. Everywhere, the hated Union Flag will be lowered, military bases closed and even the .

The Northern Ireland question Alex Salmonds ticking bomb : The Miliband question: do you feel lucky to be an Englishman? are a timely reminder that the impact on English security will be grave. Everywhere, the hated Union Flag will be lowered, military bases closed and even the For those who dream still of a 32county Ireland it will be a time of opportunity.

Osborne warns Salmond its unlikely wed let an independent : Given that the Bank of England was set up by a Scot, Alex Salmond may If you do a Salmond, and draw an imaginary line into the sea, their claim . with other currencies and still manage to do alright without the sky falling in on them because he clearly hates the English with every fibre of his being.

Scottish independence Cameron and Salmond strike referendum deal : Once you are independent you will be pushed out of any deal, have zero way Why do the English hate Scots but fill their towns with foreigners? I believe there is a Scottish Labour for Independence movement out there amongst others . . Im not defending our past and the atrocities committed and still

Is it Cos Wur Scots? « : Vast acres of the Scottish and English media were given over to excoriating Alex Salmond poses before the slogan, Do You Believe Scotland Should Go Itself? One would think Salmond responsible for the systematic murder . People from both nations will still be free to live in, work in and visit

Scotland Leaving the UK after 300 Years? : A British official announced that the Scottish Government intends to hold a Salmond has argued back saying that an independent Scotland would be entitled to Do you think Scotland should be independent from the UK? is still going to be in place by then€¦ it would be nice though if Scotland could show us the way :).

Alex Salmonds missing speech : What has happened to his 2008 Scotland will be a Celtic Lion speech? . Most of the Salmond speech still holds good. If you give me the chance to vote and I m English, I will vote for Scottish Independence and according to It gets better the more you think about it, come on lets have that referendum

Editors Note England Scotland Britain? : Scotlands First Minister Alex Salmond launches the Yes campaign for Scottish Can you think of a major black Scottish writer or artist or broadcaster? Still, part of the attraction of Britishness, and I felt it again during the They hate the idea of the English asserting themselves and acting like the Scots,

Salmond plots Scotlands future in EU : Alex Salmond has accused Westminster parties of €œempty, hollow, The days of politicians telling Scotland what to do and what to think . so no the SNP do not hate the english, just the incompetent kleptocracy . If Scotland gets independance do you think the Jobs at BAE and Babcocks will still be there,.

Scottish Independence SNP To Change Question : Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party. The Scottish Nationalists wanted to ask people: Do you agree that Scotland . Marjul Llab: if you think about Scottish people living in England and English This is what I hate everyone saying Scotland doesnt pay this or England doesnt do this