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Hi : Pinellas Urban Survival: pinellasurbansurvival.webs/ This is in response to what type of gun I use for home self defense. Always
BUDGET HOME DEFENSE CARBINE : MKS Supply's newest .45 ACP HiPoint 4595TS hits the mark in price and be applied to firearms for home and personal defense€”what we need is a good,
Hi Point C9 9mm €“ A Good Cheap Gun : The Hi Point is one of the softestshooting 9mm pistols the author has If I didn't have a 357 revolver for home defense i amight very well be
[Video] Alabama Mother Uses HiPoint Pistol to : Based on the video it appears the woman's gun is a HiPoint pistol. This is another good example of a defensive gun use in which no shots . no matter have expensive the gun is because if you do use it in home defense the
Hipoint Firearms opinions? : I came across the website for Hipoint firearms, makers of polymer frame If you want a good home defense rifle you can't beat an SKS for
HiPoint C9 Review : The thing to remember about guns bought for selfdefense, I recently had the chance to review the HiPoint C9 for this magazine as well as for Personal Defense, The sight picture they provide is not very good, but it does
HiPoint 9mm Carbine : If it is as good a carbine as the hipoint then its a good gun. afford was a Hi Point carbine for home defense, I wouldn't feel under gunned.
Budget Guns Review Hipoint C9 : Each article will be broken down into three sections: the Good, the Bad, it a good first gun, giving you something to carry, and defend your home with one box of the good stuff for self defense. the problem with the hipoint
HiPoint 45 ACP Carbine : Today, HiPoint Carbines drops the news that their long awaited .45 ACP rifle is ready to . A good pump gun is far better for home defense.
Are High Point guns really that bad? : We stopped carrying zinccast pistols by HiPoint, Lorcin, etc, and started picking up higher It recieved a best buy rating from the unbiased magazine Gun Tests (which can tell the truth . For home defense it is exc
6 Home Defense Carbines 5 are NOT ARs : The second point Id like to make is on handguns for home defense: Shoot the But what is the best home defense gun? HiPoint Carbine.
Hi Point 9mm Carbine : Thats why these ugly, cheap guns get such good reviews they throw lead Marketed by MKS Supply, the Hi Point family of firearms has been a fixture in the gun is actually a pretty decent gun for home defense and 9mm target shooting.
HIPOINT Handguns Bubbas Gun and Rifle Club : Anyone ever shoot or owned any of the HiPoint handguns. Whats the Ive heard good things about the 9mm Carbine, can anyone elaborate on the handguns? . I have a Glock 30 and a Mossberg 500 for home defence.
HiPoints JHP Pistol in 45 Is Good Defense on Budget : HiPoints JHP Pistol in .45 Is Good Defense on Budget When it comes to inexpensive handguns, we sometimes find blocky firearms with few amenities. . The HiPoint .45 is reliable and accurate enough for home defense, and will not
Beginner Gun Review HiPoint 45 : Usually, when I get an idea for an article, I start out with a good idea of When I originally got the idea to test a HiPoint pistol, I figured I . I have sold lots of Hi Points and they are perfect that needs a home defense gun on a
Handguns for Home Defense : Chuck Hawks writes about handguns for home defense, examining the Sub compact pistols, while excellent for concealed carry, are not a good choice for home defense. In such circumstances, a high rate of fire and interchangeable magazines are . The silver finish makes it easier to see and point the gun at night.
Best Inexpensive Guns for Home Defense : In my view, the most necessary features in a home defense gun are My pick for best inexpensive PistolCaliber Carbine: The HiPoint in 9
Sun State Guns Discount Guns For Sale : You will see self defense and home defense shotguns in semiautomatic and pump 45acp carbine and stock a full line of Hi Point Firearm accessories including you with your search and try to provide you with the best discount gun prices.
What kind of man buys a HiPoint? : I have heard ONLY good things about the High Point but do not have one. Seriously, I cant say anything about their pistols, good or bad but I was given a HiPoint 995 One for communal home defence and one to keep in my survival kit.
HiPoint Model 995 9mm Carbine : HiPoint Firearms of Dayton, Ohio has been distributing the HiPoint line of The HiPoint would make a very good home defense carbine.
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