Laptop sent through USPS to india

Your parcel must have been stuck in customs. And in India they take their own time to inform. If the parcel is stuck with the post office then you can Go to and find the contact number of manager of your area and call him and ask about your item and how to get in touch with the customs.

Estimated time of arrival of parcels according to usps is:

Global Express Guaranteed -1 - 3 Days
Express Mail® International -7 Days
Priority Mail® International - 6 - 10 Days
Priority Mail® Flat Rate Box - 6 - 10 Days
First-Class Mail® International - Varies

But dont go on these days, in india it normally takes 20 days more.

These days we cant say how much customs charge us. It all depends on them. You could have told your friend to send it as a gift and with a low value bill.

No tracking of USPS parcels are available once it reaches india.