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BBC News QA GCSEs : My question is, I want to try better sixth forms than the ones I have got. said that my English coursework was a C, when my English teacher said it was My son got nine A* grades and three As in his GCSEs as well as a B and a C My son, taking the first of his scienc

Got a C in GCSE Maths Uni Needs a B? : I've been getting A's and A*'s in my sciences, but when applying for uni Consider other universities, they may not need a 'b' in gcse maths

How important are my GCSE grades? : It all depends on what you want to do in the future, but the GCSE grades you And if you've already got your GCSE results, we're revealing six things you need to know look for at least Cs in GCSE English, maths and perhaps

GCSE results 2013 : There was a big drop in pupils getting top grades in the sciences, after the comprehensive education has taught me to think on my feet, and to understand and How have GCSEs changed over the past 20 years? Charlotte,

How many marks do you need in statistics to get a c in gcse : well i belive its around 28 marks in edexcel to get a c and 48 for a B and 64 How many marks need to get a c in gcse English exam? How many marks do you need in science gcse foundation to get a c? 70% was needed at my school.

GCSE results Endless resits devaluing exams Employers : Chloe Warren celebrates her eleven GCSE grades AC . She said: 'I was upset when I got my first results €“ people were telling me that I had He also gained an A in computing ASlevel and a B in general studies ASlevel,

GCSEs : In this article I'm only going to talk about GCSEs. to the traditional higher education of Alevels and their equivalents, you certainly need at least a C and usually a B. . My son has just received his yr 10 aqa science (foundation level)

Wannabe Doctor GCSE Results and University Requirements for : However as this a blog about all things needed for getting into medical Aberdeen = All A/B passes expected, especially in the Sciences. . additional science i got an A for Biology and the rest of my grades at a C would i be

Advice needed on GCSE English Foundation /Higher Tier Exams : He has asked if he can do the higher paper as he needs a B grade for the sixth . in Maths and Science but borderline for English they only need a C in English My son wants to go to a local grammar school to do Sixth Form and

Wannabe Doctor Bad GCSE results and getting into Medicine : Labels: are my GCSE's good enough for medicine, bad GCSE's and A C IN ENGLISH many places minimum standards include a B in English Most GCSE papers have similar questions, especially maths and science.

So You Didnt get a €œC€ in English and Maths GCSE€¦ : My qualification are fine BUT no GCSE science or maths. if i dont get a c in maths gcse do i have to take maths in college? I think that if you get a C in the controlled assessment, then to get a B you would need an A in the

The official student guide to the system : whole GCSE, or if you want to get qualifications in subjects like RE and GCSE science plus additional science, which covers all A*, A, B, C or D grade. If you take the foundation tier, you will be able to get a C, D, E, F or G grade. The exams

It will stick with me Ill always feel angry news : I got a B in my mock exam, so that was my target result. Im doing A levels in health and social care, applied science and textiles. Ive got 14 GCSEs I did some in Year 10 and got a C on all of them, except English. My parents said, Well, you could have got a C on that one as well, but when I told

Money help Im happy ) I got my GCSE results€¦ : Im happy :) I got my GCSE results€¦ Execpt i got a B in my art,which im disappointed with because im going to be Rest of my GCSE results BB science Since writing this post NotLostUndiscovered may have helped people , but has not . which i got a C in which is amiracle as i am so bad at it, that i should of got a U.

GCSE Pass Rate Falls For First Time : The results have sparked a row over the introduction of tougher The number of pupils awarded at least a C grade in the core subjects of English, maths and science This year has got more change in it than I think Ive seen in my time . she would get a B in the final results of the gcse She got a C which

Has anyone ever had a successful GCSE re : DS1 (Year 10) got his GCSE Science result this morning. He is absolutely devastated as he needed 360 UMS for an A* got 359. marks and was only 2 marks off a B. I was a complete wreck waiting for the second one. . My neighbors son got a C in Maths and was two marks away from a B which he

Are Unis Strict on the GCSE qualifcations? [Archive] : 1 uni i wanted to go to wanted maths gcse at a C or above but then will need it, depends on the uni though I suppose, a few of my mates got have but do have a high D) and either a C in Maths or Science. At GCSE I was required to have a B in mathematics and C in English as minimum to get a place.

Testimonials GCSE maths and science tuition toddington beds : With all your support I have managed to achieve a C at GCSE Maths. Not bad considering I got a B in my Maths GCSE and two As in Science. Thank you very

arghhhh seen good job advertised but they want GCSE Maths and I : Maths has never been my strong point but Ive always got by, with a calculator or Excel, no problem at all I do have a secretarial diploma which is the equivalent of 5 GCSEs and 2 A Levels, although it There is no scientific calculators needed or anything like that . A C is worth 40 points and a B 46?

AQA GCSE English Language What mark do I need to get in the exam : The exam is 40% of the overall GCSE grade and all my coursework is at an A grade. told me that mark is good enough to get a B grade overall, however, another was like in the January paper but 48/80 was probably a C.