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Deodorant Makes My Underarms Itchy : When it happened shortly after taking a shower one evening and not having used anything under my arms, it got me thinking. All I had used under my arms was
Taming Itchy Underarms : When underarms suddenly become irritated, red and itchy, Not everything under the arm is just a reaction to an antiperspirant or deodorant, he said And after showering, wait until the skin is dry before using
Can antiperspirant/deodorant cause itchy armpits? : Post navigation Could my antiperspirant/deodorant be causing my itchy armpits? a hot August summer day: There's a thickerthanusual amount of antiperspirant/deodorant on You don't have to wing it like Matthew McCon
How to make your own deodorant (and why it's worth trying) : Years ago, I read an article about making homemade deodorant out of natural ingredients. about wearing natural deodorant because baby's wandering fingers often ended up It started as a test €“ would bare armpits result in l
Allergies Forum Weird Reaction to Deodorant? : I have itchy armpits and I don't know what's causing it, any ideas? deodorant brands even though I have been using the same on for like 2
Berkeley Parents Network Which Deodorant? : I get really itchy, red rashes on my underarms. Spare yourself and don't use it immediately after shaving ouch told me I should definitely stop using the deodorant/antiperspirant I was using (Secret it contains Alum
Itchy armpits : A few weeks ago, my armpits started itching really bad started with Putting lotion on after a shower, then waiting a few hours for deodorant can help as well. Also, u shouldn't use deodorant on irritated skin, so try using
Allergic reaction to deodorant (underarms itch badly)? : Anyway, I've been using the same deodorant for pretty long now. It's a natural based Recently my under arms have been itching real bad. I noticed that not long ago, You may not post attachments. You may not edit your
I feel itching after using Deodorant my under arms : I'd go to a Wholefoods or another health food store and check out some organic options that are easier on the skin. I get burning an itching, but
How Natural Deodorant Works €” Healthy Tipping Point : AZG works by triggering the pores in your armpits to close and preventing I've been using Lush's coconut deodorant powder and like it, but this I ended up switching to a homemade deodorant after years of . BUT€¦ it works
How to Heal Armpit Rash 10 Steps (with Pictures) : Armpit rash can be the result of a perfume or deodorant you are wearing, a soap Symptoms might include itching, rash, darkening of the skin, flakiness, pain and increased odor. Stop shaving under your arms to see if that is the cause of your irritation. Just be sure not to use lemon juice immediately after you shave.
My underarms are beginning to itch really bad and its : Ever since I using AXE Deodorant Bodyspray, my underarms have begun to itch and then after you shower, you put alcohol on some cotton swabs and rub in.
Help For Itchy Armpits Health : Help For Itchy Armpits by fury(m): 5:31pm On Do not use any deodorant immediately after you shave, wait for some time for the armpits powder or vaseline on your armpits (if you have not started using one)
Causes of Itchy Armpits : One common way for this to happen is ironically using deodorant. Particularly spray on deodorants. If you have itchy armpits then, try not to use any deodorant
Underarm itching? : I had bad underarm itching when I was trying a natural deodorant (no that I had to quit using it so that the itching (and rash) would go away. my body after a shower, I put it under my arms, too (yes, even in my armpits).
All Roads Lead to the Pits Homemade Deodorant : Since that time, my pits have become, well, itchy. Every day, itchy. Is it a psychosomatic reaction to the traditional deodorant Ive been using? I feel fairly confident I wont, after reading so many other firsthand successful stories about this deodorant. . I didnt stink under my arms, but I wanted to amputate my feet phew
Underarm Lightening Darkening Itching Redness : In other words, underarm skin can darken after an allergic or irritant reaction to ingredients or or other reactions in underarm skin, you may want to review your deodorant, €On days when youre not using the Illuminants Antiperspirant, we
SOMEONE HELP ME : I have to reapply deodorant not because its not working but hoping it will help the itching. of your arm pits (what a weird phrase) can result in a skindeep yeast infection. It took almost a week after I stopped using it for them to stop itching.