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my clown fish is gasping for air at the top of the tank and it looks like its losing its   colour is   Gasping for air at the water surface is often the sign of burned gills.
My Clown Fish Is Gasping For Air At The Top Of The Tank And : my clown fish is gasping for air at the top of the tank and it looks like its losing its colour is Gasping for air at the water surface is often the sign of burned gills.
Something Is Very Wrong In My Tankhelp : Today all of my fish are are gasping for air underneath the water surface. tank is not well aerated and there is not enough oxygen increase surface agitation
Why is my goldfish gasping for air? : I set up my tank , and added tap water (plus tapsafe) the probably plenty of oxygen. if the fish continually gasp at the surface you
Why are my goldfish gasping for air at the top? : any additional info needed please ask since this is my first fish. They are gasping for air at the top because they're not getting any oxygen from their water. get a tank it has more surface area on the top and a bubble stone
Constantly gasping for air : Any trace of ammonia or nitrite in your tank means that your tank has not fully My personal diagnosis on your fish is nitrite poisoning secondary to a . Normal fish cannot breathe air and should not be gulping at the surface.
What Is Wrong With My Fish? : I Do Think My Tank Has Lots Of Oxygen In It. It Has: 2 Fish Living There 2 Filters 5 Plants 1 Air Pumper The Fish Is Not Showing Any. Gasping air like that from the water surface usually indicate lack of oxygen in the water but
fish staying at the top of the water maybe gasping for air : I have a 20 gallon tank, had it set up for 3 days with plants, and tested the water first the pleco started hanging around the top, like they'd prefer to breathe air from the surface. Visit my vendor forum to see what is for sale
All fish Gasping for Air : Hey guys My fish seem to be gasping for air, Unfortunately i don't think i stupid not letting the tank cycle properly which could kill my livestock.
Why Is My Fish Coming to the Surface to Breathe? : As soon as you notice most of your fish gasping for air near the surface, act Are the tank's oxygen levels, temperature and ammonia and nitrate levels in an
Fish gasping for air : Like the topic says, fish are gasping for air, and my bottom My theory for the low PH is the tank is overcrowed, I have 18 fish in a 36 gallon tank. increase of oxygen from the popping of the air bubbles on the water surface.
Why is my fish swimming at the top of the tank and appearing to take : like they are gasping for air? this is because of ammonia. it can be fixed by going to Why do your tropical fish come to the top of tank as if they gasping for air?
Urgent help needed fish gasping for air and dying : Urgent help needed fish gasping for air and dying Urgent Help Needed. thursday eve fed my fish and all were perfect eating like mad and all was normal . . Place a power head on the surface of the wster and let it blow bubbles into the water, this do you perhaps have another tank to move them into?
My fish are staying at the top of the tank : the tank had turned slightly cloudy, three of my fish were dead and all the rest of the fish were swimming at the top of the tank gasping for air it
Why Are My Fish Gasping for Air? : Fish Gasping For Air. If your fish are swimming up to the surface and gasping for air it a sure sign that there is not enough oxygen in the tank another sign may
Why are my fish still gasping for air? : So for a while my two fancy goldfish would go up to the tank and make bubbles. why my fish keep gasping for air, even though I have a air pump for the tank. The more surface area the stone has, the more it will spread its
Low Oxygen in Aquarium Water : Sign Up. Discuss in my forum However, if your fish are gasping at the surface of the water, it should set off a red flag prompting further Remove the aquarium cover and blowing air across the surface from a fan will also help cool the water.
Goldfish gasping for air : I have 4 goldfish (2 fantails, a moor a comet) in a 180l tank. The water All of my fish spend most of there time gasping for air at the surface.
Are my goldfish gasping for air because of too much water : I changed my tank water today and added new gravel and a new decor and Are my goldfish gasping for air because of too much water conditioner? They Goldfish will typically stay at the surface of the water if there isnt
Why Do Gold Fish Gulp For Air At The Surface Of The Tank? : There may be a variety of reasons why goldfish go up to the waters surface to My fish were gulping air out of the water and passing it through their gills and I
Pet Food Express Goldfish Health Problems Lacking Air : Is your goldfish gasping for air? Or if your goldfish is hanging out at the top of tank a little too long, your fish is This will raise the surface area temporarily. Pet Food Express will say THANK YOU with a giant My Mutt portrait of your pet
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