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Iphone 3G wont turn on past apple logo Apple Support Communities : When the iphone goes blank this is what you need to do. 5. Reconnect to your computer. 6. It will ask the same question about how But nothing else was working and without apple care, she would have to my iphone not

My iPhone 4S will not sync with iTunes Apple Support Communities : When I try to sync my iPhone 4S with iTunes, it does not sync any Has anyone else experienced the same problem and solved it? Please let me know if you do find a solution. Level 1 (5 points) will sometimes have a

iOS Not responding or does not turn on Support : Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch may occasionally stop responding to to the Home screen after you press the Home button Does not wake from sleep after you If the screen displays a red battery icon, continue charging the device until the

My iPhone Won't Turn On Here are a Few Solutions : There are a lot of things you can do to your iPhone before concluding that your in first fifteen seconds then there is a probability that it won't show it even in hours . 2. Step 5: A difference between DFU and recovery mode can understood

How to remove the usb cord and itunes icon from your iphone : My iphone shows a how i will get to see my What to do it only show the itunes . icon from my iphone5? itunes icon and wont

What does it mean when the usb cord and the itunes icon is on the : My ipad will not let me . Frozen Iphone 4, not sure what to do? displaying itunes icon with usb cord? icon from my iphone5?

iPhone 3G Troubleshooting : iPhone 3G will not charge Take a deep breath and see if your iPhone will turn on and operate normally. If nothing else works, your logic board is probably bad and needs to be replaced. both the power and home buttons until the devic

My iPhone Displays Only the Apple Symbol : This will cause your iPhone screen to continuously display the white Apple Even if you do get the device to turn on and off, it won't progress past the but it's unknown as to whether the bug is caused by iTunes or the iPhone itself. W

My iphone 3g will not turn on plug in the charger and the : Question My iphone 3g will not turn on, plug in the charger and the 41. Find the answer to this Also tried plugging into a computer with iTunes but it does not show. Never do I see the apple icon. Picture 5. Click OK or Restore.

Troubleshoot an iOS device that wont sync in iTunes : iTunes cant find my iPad, iPhone or iPod over WiFi . a backup works as well, however this should be only used if nothing else works. on the net: My MacBook Air shows no problem syncing my iphone 5 with itunes 11, . I have old photos in my camera roll that do show up on my phone (that were on

iOS 7 review : iOS 7 represents nothing more nor less than a radical rethinking of Its available as a free update to anyone using an iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, ( Yes, the hands on the Clock icon on the iOS 7 Home screen really do move now.) Black means off, white means on, and a brief bit of text will show up

Where are iPhone firmware files stored on my computer? : Apple doesnt go out of its way to tell you where iTunes stores the firmware files it Where can I download iOS 7.x firmware / IPSW files for the iPhone 5? else I should know I still cannot locate the IPSW firmware file for my current . soon after that my iphone restart, after that it only show apple icon, I cant acess inside it .

error DIY repaired iPhone wont boot fully : I recently tried to do a screen repair on an iPhone 4. Nothing will show up on the screen, but if you connect it to iTunes it should recognise it.

In the process of restoring iphone 4 Stuck on connect to itunes : Nothing on the phone is telling me how to continue. What you can do, in order to resolve this issue, is start by resetting your Apple iOS should i hit the restore button in itunes (on my computer)? its telling me my data will be erased your iPhone connected, if you see an icon representing your iPhone currently displayed.

iOS 7 walkthrough : For example, AirDrop is available only on the iPhone 5 and later, Siri The iTunes restore option will not carry over any settings, and youll These animations are what really set iOS 7 apart from anything else Apples made in mobile. Not only do the new icons enjoy a more round shape, the stock iOS

Top 10 iPhone Annoyances€“and How to Fix Them : And although some iPhone fanboys wont admit to a problem, other people who love Heres a list of ten of the most common iPhone annoyances, and what you can do to fix them. My iPhone Wont Charge (or Hold a Charge) If nothing else works, take your iPhone to an Apple store for repair: Its WiFi

iTunes does not recognize my iPhone 4S : iTunes does not recognize my iPhone 4S iPhone. The phone still starts charging when I plug it in but nothingelse happens. I have been

iPhone 3GS (A1303) Repair Guide Service Manual : hey my iphone lcd is damaged can i flash or remove all my data in it without I have a iPhone 3GS,nothing happened to the phone 5 months ago i have an i phone 3gs 16gb and its vibrator dont work and it wont type the top set of wall and it shows the connect to itunes symbol but it loses power when i unplug it. also