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Cellular Elite answers your questions on cell phone freezing, pulling the cell   phone battery, and hard resetting your phone.

What if my phone keeps freezing? Why would I pull my phone
Cellular Elite answers your questions on cell phone freezing, pulling the cell phone battery, and hard resetting your phone.

My phone keeps freezing up Everything is takin Verizon
As my subject states my phoone is freezing up and it just seems like its taking forever to load.Also Iv just noticed my updates for email and

why does my phone keep freezing up Support
i have a sidekick 4g. i can be playing a game, surfing the net, checking email, or whatever, and my phone will just freeze up. i have to take the

My phone keeps freezing and moving slow any ideas? BlackBerry
It has been moving really slow and freezing a lot. I tried freeing up memory but I don't know what else to do or what it could be. It's not a network

my stupid phone keeps freezing and i cant do anyth BlackBerry
You should remove your battery while your phone is powered on then replace it. That's the best fix for a freezing phone because it frees up memory that your

My S3 freezing and glitching so bad I can't even do anything
The other 50% of the time I am able to unlock my phone but then it freezes within a few seconds. It will keep turning on and off nonstop.

Phone keeps freezing
Hey everybody, got a problem here. My phone keeps freezing and I have to do a battery pull every time. It's starting to get irritating because it's

Droid keeps restarting/freezing DroidForums
My Droid seems to reboot itself a few times a day when Im just trying to do simple tasks, like open up the why does my phone keep freezing

My iPhone 5 keeps freezing Apple Support Communities
I have to keep locking my screen and unlocking as this temporarily stops the freezing, but it comes back. Has anyone experienced something

Phone freezing
Anyone else have a problem with their screen freezing? My phone is rooted by the way. . why does my android phone keep freezing
Help Galaxy S3 Freezing every few minutes unresponsive
Hi amy s3 keeps freezing. the screen basically just freezes while im doing its annoying me that much im about to sent my phone back under

My droid keeps freezing what can i do?
I have a HTC Incredible 2 droid, and it keeps freezing on me. I have done a little research and read about apps that can reboot your phone and

What should I do if my DROID RAZR freezes locks up displays
Few things that might be causing your phone to freeze or act sluggish If screen or handset operations are freezing often, try the following to correct the issue: Turn the phone off Keep in mind, when using this feature everything is deleted.

Keyboard and phone keep freezing when texting Android Forums
Has anyone had any trouble with their phone freezing up while texting? No touch buttons work, so I have to restart my phone by holding

Phone keeps freezing and crashing at unlock Galaxy S3 Forum
Phone keeps freezing and crashing at unlock. For the last couple of weeks, my S3 has been freezing sometimes when I try to unlock it (I use the

My samsung galaxyS keeps freezing should I get a new phone Fixya
my samsung galaxyS keeps freezing should I get a new phone.

Home screen keeps re loading DroidForums
Everytime I hit the home button or back button to the home screen my phone keeps reloading. It takes about 15 seconds each time, groin the

S2 constantly freezing Samsung Galaxy S Forums Galaxy S2 S II
(yes im a noob) my s2 keeps freezing, has constant drag and is just being a tad bit annoying. i bought the phone new, i had rooted it and put a

Why does my cell phone keep turning off when i send a long text
Askville Question: Why does my cell phone keep turning off when i send a the last time this glitch happened was likee a month and a half ago

Sleeping Dogs € View topic Phone glitch
My phone keeps on popping up in my hand even when i have put it away there is still one there and its as if wei puts it a way but it still stays in
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