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Boxing : The first records of Boxing date back to around 3,000 BC in Egypt. The sport has been played since the socalled Olympic Games of Antiquity at the end of the

Your Road to the Olympic Team How to Become An : Boxers qualify for the Olympic Games through regional qualifying tournaments in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. The number of boxers

Olympic boxing will welcome pros at 2016 Games : Olympic boxing finally will go pro at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro as the international federation changed its eligibility rules to stem the

AIBA strongly defends decision to let professional boxers compete in : The International Boxing Association today hit back at growing criticism to allow pro boxers to compete in the Olympic Games, starting at Rio 2016. fact that all Olympic athletes will have to follow the Olympic Qualifying

Rio 2016 Pro boxers will be allowed at next Olympics : Boxers with professional experience will be allowed to compete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Summer Olympics Adding Pro Boxers to 2016 Rio Games All but : Summer Olympics: Adding Pro Boxers to 2016 Rio Games All but Inevitable Professional Boxing (APB) will be eligible for the Olympic games.

Boxing 16 and AIBA Professional Boxing (APB) : o Olympic Boxing (Amateur) and Professional Boxing 2016 Olympic Games. 2. . All boxers from current professional organizations will not be eligible.

Pro boxers in 2016 Olympic Games : Pro boxers in 2016 Olympic Games Eligible pro boxers should be at least 19 34 years old during the Olympics and must also be a regular

Poliquin Amateur boxing (most notably that on display in the 2016 : Poliquin: Amateur boxing (most notably that on display in the 2016 And the job was clear cut: How could we make the Olympics more Like in other sports, professionals (with fewer than 20 pro bouts) will be eligible to

BBC Sport : Professional boxers could compete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio after the in 2013 and claims fighters who appear will be eligible for Rio.

AIBA update : Uniquely, the 2016 Games will include two Olympic Parks, with the up a number of interesting options for elite level boxers seeking to qualify

2012 London Olympics Wu Ching : The president of amateur boxings governing body expects to replace professional judging system before the 2016 Rio Olympics. When you look at the current judges, some of them qualified before I took over, Wu said.

USA Boxing accuses Mike Tyson of luring potential 2016 Olympics : Former American boxing star Mike Tyson has reportedly been accused of trying to lure boxers who might be candidates for the US Olympic

Hamann Road to Boxing Gold : hopefuls have a chance to make history at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio training for Olympic competition in the sport of womens boxing, and we invite

Female Boxer Hopes To Make It Big At The 2016 Olympics « CBS : €œMy top goal, my main objective with boxing is to make the Olympic team more experience, I think shell make it to the 2016 Olympics,€ Coach

Latest crop of boxers set sights on Rio Olympics : A new crop of boxers are set to represent the Bahamas on the amateur level officially begin their trek toward Rio 2016 Olympic qualification.

Boxing club getting prospects ready for the 2016 Olympics : Boxing Club Getting Prospects Ready For The 2016 Olympics they will have the experience under their belts to qualify for the Bahamas team.