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You need to send your project to iTunes in order to watch it on Apple TV or in   Front Row, or to sync it to iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

iMovie '11 Send your project to iTunes Support Apple
You need to send your project to iTunes in order to watch it on Apple TV or in Front Row, or to sync it to iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

iMovie for iOS (iPad) Send to iTunes Support Apple
iMovie for iOS (iPad): Send to iTunes. To archive your project or trailer on your computer or to transfer it to iMovie on another compatible iOS

iMovie '11 How to import a project created with iMovie on iPad
With iMovie '11 (v9.0.4 and later) on your Mac, you can import an iMovie for iOS Tap the Share button, and then tap €œSend Project to iTunes.

iMovie '11 Import an iMovie project from an iOS device
Using iMovie on your computer, you can then edit the project just as you would Tap the Share button , and then tap €œSend Project to iTunes.€

Apple Apps Edit HD movies with iMovie
Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie €” the fun, featurerich video Take a photo on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to use in your project. music and fun sound effects from the iMovie library or from your iTunes collection. O

iMovie for iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPod iTunes Apple
Improves reliability when sending photos from iPhoto to iMovie € Resolves an issue that could affect photos in projects and trailers after

Apple Support iOS Apps iMovie
iMovie projects that contain 1080p HD video clips, which iPhone 4S or iPad 2 or effects library, or you can add your own sound effects from your iTunes library. After installing iOS 6, you may encounter an alert when attempting to send a

How to Transfer iMovie Projects Between iOS Devices YouTube
How to Transfer iMovie Projects Between iOS Devices How to use Photobooth and imovie to send video messageby StampwithAngie 3,346

Can you move an imovie project to iTunes Wiki Answers
Up on the top let corner of your computer screen, go to Share, (between Text and Window) go down to iTunes, then just wait for it to load. Improve answer

How do I share iMovie project files? Mobile Learning
Open iMovie on the iPad With your project in lights, tap the Share icon Tap Send Project To iTunes Connect iPad with project file to a
Apple iMovie
iMovie gives you lots of ways to add a little ear candy to your projects. music and fun sound effects from the iMovie library or from your iTunes collection. Or send your movie to the Camera Roll, then attach it to an email or send it via

How to Import iMovie for iOS Projects into iMovie Desktop
Click the €œshare€ button (the box with the arrow), and select €œiTunes€ from the €œ Send Project To€ section. iMovie will then prepare your project for

How to Share Your Movies in iMovie For Dummies
Take one last look at the movie youve produced in Apple iMovie: If your movie iTunes: Select this option if you plan on watching your finished project on an iPod , Export Final Cut XML: Use this option to send the finished project to Apples

Importing an iMovie Project from an iOS Device Help Wiki
From the Projects window on your devices iMovie application, select the project Press the share button, and press Send Project to iTunes.

Using iLife 11 How to Add iMovie Videos to Your iTunes Library
In iLife, iMovie helps you put video into your iTunes library. To send a video to your iTunes library, follow these steps: To remove versions of your video project from iTunes, select the project and choose Share†’Remove From†’ iTunes.

Getting iMovie projects from an IPad or iPhone into Final Cut Pro X
However, the help file in iMovie is not up to date. First send project to iTunes. 1. From the iPad iMovie opening screen, press the share arrowed button.

Getting iMovie file from iPad to MacBook € In the iMovie app swipe
In the iMovie app, swipe videos until the one that you wish to transfer is on the screen Select Send Project To iTunes at the bottom. € Once your video has

Add Music to iMovie Howto Videos About
Give your iMovie video musical creativity by adding songs to the clip. how to import songs and original music into iMovie from iTunes and GarageBand. select Share&gtGarage Band, which will send your finished project to Garage Band

How to Save an iMovie Project from iPad to a USB Drive?
After editing a video in iPad iMovie, you may want to save the iPad iMovie project to your Tap the Share button and then press Send Project to iTunes.

iMovie 09 Basics
iTunes: If you want to download and view one of your iMovie projects to your iPod or. iPhone, you first need to send it to iTunes. When you send your project to
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