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Leerburg : I get many emails asking if they should neuter their dogs. My GSD just had her 2nd (and last) litter of puppies and I'm having a major problem with a family I

Neutering and Spaying : We should only spay and neuter when the dog needs such an operation. If someone were to cut off (or out in the case of a woman) your reproductive organs Will neutering stop my male from marking his territory, lifting his leg on things. a .

GSD Spaying and Neutering : Dog Spaying/Neutering €“ a controversial topic GSD Spaying and Neutering The surgical procedure of neutering your male GSD involves that the vet makes an Please note: If you are ever unhappy with anything we write, do or don't do, we

Spaying and Neutering : Male dogs can become dog aggressive and mark their territory or the house. If shelters didn't spay and neuter animals before releasing them for adoption, . German Shepherds on a regular basis as I protection train all of my dogs and work

At what age will my German Shepherd puppy be ready for neutering : Both my male gsd`s are intact and I do not have any problems with them. I personally don't recommend neutering/spaying at all if you know

Risks and Benefits to Spaying and Neutering Your Dog : But some experts worry that early spay surgery can cause health problems years down Is it always necessary to remove testes in a male dog and ovaries in a I am on my 12 German Shepherd and if I had the choice of adopting/taking in a

Calling all German Shepherd(or any dog) Breeders please : I have a 6 yr old German Shepherd who is not spayed. When I came back to let them in(really only 5 minutes) I called them but she didn't come my male did but she I could normally tell if her behavior was changed but it has been I guess

Get Answers to your questions about German Shepherd Dogs : A: A male German Shepherd will generally weigh 85 to 95 pounds at maturity. Q: Should I Spay / Neuter my dog? If you do choose to castrate your male dog, by all means wait until he is at least one year old for small to medium size

Spay Neuter And Joint Disease : When considering if and when your dog should be spayed or neutered however, it's important I choose not to neuter my dogs (thus far I only have male dogs). My GSD was a rescue, she's a long haired, mess of a GSD.

The Plot Thickens Spay Neuter Effects the Health of Our Dogs : Should American pet owners forgo neutering their pet dogs in order to increase their . But if I were to get a male puppy, I would hold off neutering til around a year to . my previous dog,b.c./ACD/GSD cross was never fixed. he lived to about

The Debate Over Neutering « The Official Natural Dog Training : If someone asks me my opinion, the article which follows is the I will explain below why I dont believe neutering male dogs is I own a male and a female German shepherd and twice a year my female comes into heat. If I

Discussing Best time to spay a female? in German Shepherd Dogs : what uncommon names for male GSD do you like, i have had CODA Hi, Im trying to find out if my puppy (I got him from an animal shelter) is .

The Effects of Spaying and Neutering on Canine Behavior : Neutering (Gonadectomy) the male dog removes the source of circulating testosterone If an intact dog demonstrates aggressive behavior neutering should be in press) it was found that female German Shepherd Dogs spayed between five

Female german shepherd attacking other female dogs : Otherwise I have another male German shephard, and other male dogs in If its because you think that a dog should have puppies before being spayed, thats

Spaying and Castration (Neutering) Dogs : Do not blame the males this is caused by neutering while the dogs are still dogs. Read my article outlining the major health issues created by. something like a German Shepherd would be much later than the 10 months stated. In females, I believe that they should have at least one season if they ate small dogs , but

East Texas German Shepherd Puppies : When will my dog come into heat? Some vets will spay younger and spaying of puppies as young as eight weeks old Assume the longer period if in doubt. Some females will only accept a male during this fertile period though others

Frequently Asked Questions : When should I spay or neuter my German Shepherd puppy? If you bought a pet puppy with limited AKC registration, my contract requires you to have your This means you can expect your male puppy to be 2427 inches tall at the top of the

Spaying or Neutering : When is the Best Time to Spay or Neuter My German Shepherd? We know that males or females that are spayed or neutered at an early age will grow If you have your dog neutered at 6 or 7 months, some of the growth

spaying dogs to early : Think of it this way if you were to take a boy of 2 years of age and depribe him of his testrone . Their feedback appeared to bear out my initial findings. Many vets and rescue centres will neuter a male dog before they have cocked their leg.