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Is it safe to drop Doug Martin yet? fantasyfootball : I just can't do it any longer when all signs point to dropping him. . It's a shoulder injury, so if it heals without surgery and can take hits, then he I'm approximately 100% sure that the time to drop Doug Martin will be

Should i drop Doug Martin? : My team is Michael qbVick, Cam Newton rb:Doug Martin Demarco Murray,Ray Rice, Should i drop him now or should i wait for Bucs to put a IR on Doug Martin is However, the bucs might shut him down if they don't do well. .

Doug Martin Injury Is Final Nail in the Coffin for Buccaneers 2013 : Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin has a torn and decide what he brings to the table as a feature back, so too shall we. 20 ranking is likely going to drop with James getting the majority of the carries and Martin

NFL Forum : Posted: Mon 10:05 pm Post subject: So Doug Martin, Arian Foster, and Luck Do I drop someone for Roy Helu? I'm gonna have to do something.

Are we dropping Doug Martin yet? : posted in Assistant Coach Help Forum: I think I'm just gonna drop him The roster spot is for a kicker Martin seems like the odd man out, no?

Fantasy Football Week 8 Waiver Pickups : Sam Bradford Has A Torn ACL, So It's Tebow (Rumor) Time In St. Louis Doug Martin Is Finished: Here Are Your Week 8 Injury Updates And WaiverWire Power Rankings Eventually, Arizona will come to the conclusion everyone else d

Fantasy Football Doug Martin Fantasy News : (5:05 pm ET) As expected, Buccaneers running back Doug Martin did not practice Tuesday due to his shoulder injury. He's expected to miss Thursday's game

Week 7 Rankings (2013) €“ Top 40 Running Backs : Doug Martin €“ Tampa Bay Buccaneers €“ at Atlanta The Giants are having trouble moving the ball through the air, so they will have to rely on their ground game to get started. . I would have to drop Ridley€¦what do u think?

Doug Martin : Home &middot Quarterbacks &middot Running Backs &middot Wide Receivers &middot Add Drop &middot Trade Last week I told you that if Doug Martin struggled against Philadelphia, you were and it's hard to imagine rookie Mike Glennon bein

Patriots defense focused on Doug Martin Sports : Not surprisingly, Martin has remained a large part of the Buccaneers squeezed Blount out €” his carries dropped from 201 in 2010 to 41 last season €œWe all watch film, so teammates know just about as much as I do.€

Doug Martin Drops Muscle Hamster And Gets A New Nickname : Doug Martin CANT STAND the nickname Muscle Hamster, so he asked Doug Martin Drops Muscle Hamster And Gets A New Nickname.

Dynasty Debate Trent Richardson vs Doug Martin : To argue Trent Richardson against Doug Martin is like arguing a hot Toughness €“ Trent Richardson did play banged up last season. the third running back (after Martin and LeSean McCoy) and fifth overall, so its Its much easier to respond to more specific questions like €œshould I drop this guy to get

NFL / Doug Martin : Plus injury news, add or drop advice, graphs, and more They cheered, ever so slightly, as running back Doug Martin and wide receiver Vincent Jackson

Doug Martin : Tis I, Beddict, and Im gonna drop some serious Bangerz on you today. Sky stole my breaking bad idea, so I suppose my version will have to drop on TeholBeddict . Two, for all the things that Doug Martin has not been this year But then he went and did this: 7 catches for 90 yards to go with 3 more

Doug Martin NFL Nation Blog : They cheered, ever so slightly, as running back Doug Martin and wide receiver Vincent So do the Sam Wyche days and the final days of Raheem Morris. . The Bucs dropped two spots after their 1614 loss to New Orleans.

Arian Foster or Doug Martin At No 2? : So youve landed the 2nd pick of your draft. What to do? Greg Bosch of Arian Foster vs. Doug Martin. Print pf pdf icon Arian Foster or Doug Martin At No. 2? PDF dud of 2013. Its a no win and a no lose situation for both.

Doug Martin RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Doug Martin news, information, rumors and injury updates. as his trade value is rather low right now, and you certainly cannot drop him. Fantasy Tip: Martin was not on the teams injury report Wednesday, so it . Isnt it time you did, too?

Instead of Muscle Hamster just call Buccaneers RB Doug Martin : TAMPA €“ Doug Martin is standing in a hallway of the Tampa Bay So hes finally willing to share the story on how he came to be known as Best of all for Martin, the Bucs veterans might even drop the nickname he loathes. whose defense will try to contain Martin on Sunday, did make a comparison to a

Should I trade Doug Martin and Antonio Brown for H : Rashad Jennings (who imgoing to drop to pick up a waiver wire guy) Do you think I should trade Martin and Brown for Nicks based on that lineup? I have enough RB depth to do it but my RBs are injury prone too so I dont know what to do.