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I believe those are big 3 of shonen jump weekly, not of anime.  . the OP is just   wondering what we think the next insanely popular long running

What do you think the next big three anime are? Forums
I believe those are big 3 of shonen jump weekly, not of anime. . the OP is just wondering what we think the next insanely popular long running

The 'New' Big Three? TV Tropes Forum
This is not about whether they deserve to be the Big 3 or not, or even Tail are good contenders to fill the void left by the Bleach anime ending.

Next big 3 Anime YouTube
Next big 3 Anime. yerbamatedude52 videos. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 21. 13 views. Like 3 Dislike 0. Like

Anime Focus #3 The Next BIG 3 Anime AnimeShinbun
Anime Focus #3 The Next BIG 3 Anime. The Capsule Computers crew once again aim their sights on Anime and put it into focus with Anime

The Next Big Three deluscar
The Big Three. Regardless, I think it's time we think of the next big three. One way or the other, anime had changed quite a lot too, and there's already displacing the fading Bleach as among the Big 3 of Shonen Jump)

Mainstream anime world The end of an era has arrived? EmptyBlue
If there's a big power struggle for the next big mainstream show, we can . If you consider One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach to be The Big 3

The Next Big Three Comic Book Resources Forums
When it is all said and done, what will be the next big three for Shonene Jump? It'll probably also churn out 3 to 5 storylines before Bleach is finished in combination with Seventh Sanctum's random anime title generator,

Anime The Big 3 of the future and the best AnimeForums
What do you guys think is gonna be the next Big 3? As I saw this anime(didn't like like two of three) I can guess this three will be the next Big

What is the next big anime that will compete with narutobleach
What is the next big anime that will compete with naruto,bleach,one Attack on Titan can't compete because it's too dark and the big 3 are

Big 3 vs The Others MangaFox's Online Community Manga Fox
The first one is UberBlackMan's discussion about how the big 3 (Naruto being discussed and people don't wanna try new manga/anime.
Lets face some facts, these three awesome anime and manga that we have i think that the next big three might not even be the next big 3 it

Fairy Tail Big 3 Potential Minitokyo
Tagged under Fairy Tail. page 1 of 2 1 2 Next 26 total items . The Big 3 of Anime are Naruto, One Piece and Bleach XD. I think Fairy Tail is

Is Fairy Tail the Next Addition to the Big 3? MangaFoxs Online
Two of the Big 3 are in their final arcs and will need something else to the only manga/anime that i can think of replacing the 2 are Toriko and

FAIRY TAIL the Next Top Shonen? THE VICE PIT Anime Vice
The Top 3 Greatest Anime Theme Songs of All Time DIGIMON A Harmless TIGER BUNNY: The Next Big Thing in Anime? Dub Vs. Sub

The Best of the Big 3? Anime Neoseeker Forums
For those that dont know what the big 3 are, theyre basicallyfor the most the novelty of a new characters powers (which gets old pretty fast).

BakaUpdates Manga Viewing Topic Successor to Bleach/Naruto
2) Already has some failedshort anime adaptation. I think that to reach Big3s popularity manga must have long(50+) and fairly successful anime . The recent war has already given a preview on how New World pirates fight.

The Big Three Anime Tree
So I talked about 3 series last time, lets do that same format shall we? This time with the Big Three, namely, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece with

The Big 3 Manga Fanlore
The Big 3 Manga is Englishlanguage anime/manga fandom shorthand for referring to the three largest Weekly Shounen Jump titles. The term

Weekly Shounen Jumps New Big Three? Twelve
making a serious effort to turn it into their new big hit title (marketing it with . any of the current Big 3 if they handle the anime adaptation right.

[Anime/Manga] KH13 Kingdom Hearts The Big Three One Piece
Naruto and Bleach. posted in Media: What do you wish to see happen next in these both awesome and epic three Manga/Anime big names :? the most funny thing is that the big 3 are Dragon Ball sons. Back to top
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