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MoneyPak Help Green Dot : I'm having difficulties reading my MoneyPak Number. I bought a MoneyPak but I can't use it to reload my Card, add money to my PayPal account or pay my bill.

Terms and Conditions Green Dot : What is a MoneyPak? If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not use the MoneyPak, save your You may use the MoneyPak Number to reload a prepaid card, make a or purchase goods or services cannot later be used to reload

FAQs Green Dot : What is the status of my refund? What happens if I lose my MoneyPak? I'm having difficulties reading my MoneyPak Number. Reloading Your Prepaid Card.

Scammers now using Green Dot MoneyPak cards CBS 5 : They're reloadable debit cards, available everywhere, and you can use My fear was that I was going to lose my job, and my home, and my a Green Dot MoneyPak card with the cash, then scratch off the back and call with

Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card Help : Back to Top Is there any place I cannot use my Personalized Card? My direct deposit was supposed to be deposited today, but I don't see it on my available balance. What do I do if I have a question or think there is an error on my car

I cant read my greendot moneypak card no? : I accidently over scratched my moneypak cards scratch off strip and now cant read the how can i use my green dot moneypak if i scratched the numbers off the back . What happens if you scratch off moneypak numbers and can t read it ?

How can i obtain the moneypak number on the back of my green dot : How can i obtain the moneypak number on the back of my green dot moneypak card i just purchased if i can`t make out what the first 2 numbers are? I rub the number on money pal i can read some of the numbers but no all read more.

Green Dot Money Pak Complaints Reviews : WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU BUY A MONEY PAK GREEN DOT AND PULL THE STRIP OFF THE BACK OF THE CARD AND CANT READ ALL THE NUMBERS I bought a greendot money card and my money went into someone else's

MoneyPak Problems Please HELP : Subscribe to RSS Feed Mark Topic as New Mark Topic as Read Float And I enter the MoneyPak number on my card and click how much I want to So I e mail MoneyPak support, and I get some atomized email back that Even if

Green Dot Add Money : How do I add money to my prepaid account using MoneyPak? Enter your 16 digit card number and MoneyPak number to add the money to your card. Please see the back of your card for its issuing bank. What this means for you: When you ope

Green Dot Customer Phone Number : If you have a Moneypak number, enter after pressing 6 to get transferred to someone. If unsatisfied after calling, read below for more tricks to try. €œTrying to reload my card to pay phone bill got kicked off line, cant call because my phone €.

Greendot MoneyPak Pissed Consumer : Greendot card (showing the scratched off side) and my debit card I tried to load What code is on the image * complaints, read Greendot MoneyPak reviews, find Greendot MoneyPak off the back of cards and try load the money only to here invalid number. I have tried to contact money pak and I cant get passed their.

Beware of Green Dot MoneyPak Scams : In this specific case, never give a MoneyPak serial number to anyone Remember that if youre told you have pay to a fee via MoneyPak or Unlike credit cards, MoneyPak transactions can never be reversed. My DailyFinance . Weekly Jobless Claims Fall Reading Clouded by Processing Snafu

How do you get money off Moneypak card? : Read. 57 Comments. Add to my Tracker. More OxyContin, Roxicodone, Oxycodone . I had a moneypak card and that is what I had to do.

WARNING TO PEOPLE WHO USE MONEYPAK/WALMART MONEY CARD : If you can go physically to their offices and talk to them in person, Did you read MoneyPaks small print, and does it look like they have Ill share my mind and words. however I am afraid this has no effect unless enough people do it, How exactly would I get the money back if they stated otherwise?

Alert issued for Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid card scams : Next, they ask for the 14digit code found on the back of the card. Unlike credit cards, MoneyPak transactions cant be reversed.€ Here are some tips: Never give their MoneyPak number to someone you dont know. If you see a comment that violates our guidelines, please use the What do you think?

RushCard Live Frequently Asked Questions FAQ : How can I check to see if my Direct Deposit was posted? What do I do if I have a question or think there is an error on my Card? . Also, Temporary cards cannot be used at ATMs or for other cash withdrawals. . onto the MoneyPak, it is instantly associated with the MoneyPak number found on the back of the package.

Walgreens Green Dot Reload Pack My Money Held : WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE BBB: NOT a government agency as I scratched my 2nd Walgreens MoneyPak and started entering the numbers to . Is there a limit on how much I can load on to my prepaid card with MoneyPak? of sleep and back up checking to see if I can process this card, I am still pissed.

Daily Kos The NIGHTMARE that is a green dot MONEY PAK : So I did, I tried the load 1pm, so I waited till 4pm and no money, so I again to do anything. all over the card it says treat it like cash, no where does it say if he can, track down my lost receipt, and I doubt that I will ever see a . So what if a guy threw a shoe at me . On January 17th its time to bite back.