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Yellow or Purple DRANK : What is the difference between the two where they would have well Purple is Promethazine W/ Codiene, while Yellow is Hydrocodone is a stronger opiate than codeine is pimp (much . Red Koolaid&gt&gt&gt all the above.

What the difference between red and purple promethazine : red is like a ripe apple and purple is an eggplant. What is the difference between robitussin with codeine and promethazine with codeine? . Promethazine is a

Anyone a fan of Syrup? (prometh/codiene) [Archive] : Even mixing up some purple drank with codeine and whatever else added is the bomb. . I GOT THE RED PRMETHEZINE, THE ORANGE AND YELLOW . I' m thinking that the syrup is a different from what I am drinking?

Urban Dictionary drank : purple stuff,oil,sizzurp, whatever you wanna call it. codeine purple syrup that people from the southside of houston texas mix in their on .not only purple, there is red, yellow, green, blue, clear, orange different types have differen

Drug info Different promethazine with codeine flavors? : Its red, and AFAIK its the same as the purple one just a different flavor Swim was recently prescribed cherratussin (10 mg codeine per 5 mil,

Urban Dictionary syrup : Barr national makes there's purple hitek makes theirs red. So its liquid codeine and Tuss the yellow or orange stuff is liquid Hydrocodone same as viocoden.

Are red codeine and purple codeine the same : What the difference between red and purple promethazine codeine syrup? whats the best drink to It comes in a purple, red or yellow liquid that is most often .

Kid Tef The difference between real and fake lean : Kid Tef The difference between real and fake lean Sizzurp (aka Purple Drank) MahaloNews125,130 views &middot 6:08 . and red syrup you mix wit Tahitian treat or red pop and it tastes like whatever pop also the thin shit in this

Actavis Qualitest Pints Codeine Prometh Syrup : Alright yeah e mail me i have had tge red quli. Tro What is the difference between qualitest and actavis codeine syrup? I got a pint of promethazine w codeine syrup it's purple just like the activis. . Jobs &middot Local Politics &middot

Promethazine W/codeine Syrup (red) MedsChat : Codeine is a narcotic, which can effectively help to suppress is it an opiate? what is the difference between yellow, red and purple co 1.

Promethazine W/codeine Syrup (red) MedsChat : Codeine is a narcotic, which can effectively help to suppress is it an opiate? what is the difference between yellow, red and purple co 1.

The Purple Drank Thread [Archive] : Folks the codeine section is totally empty but I want to change this. to Tussionex, a yellow cough syrup containing extendedrelease hydrocodone The bottle now has a red and white label with the Actavis logo. Ive taken enough T3s to know the difference between codeine and prometh either way.

What kind of cough syrup? [Archive] : Tussionex is the fruity yummy yellow hydrocodone cough syrup that rocks. Just explain that you cant even get codeine cough medicine down its foul as hell, be about the best you can hope for, but directly asking for that is going to raise a red flag. I guess that is the difference between young and old.

How do you make sippin syrup? : Pour up a 4oz of promethazine with codine(the purple stuff)in a 20oz sprite. If you do not know what codeine is, you are a moron. Ive robodONCE in my life and been sippin since 1993 theres a big big difference. . be throwin up purple yellow green red clear or orange it dont matta stay sippin 04

Promethazine and Codeine Official FDA information side effects : Accurate, FDA approved Promethazine and Codeine information for D C yellow #10, edetate disodium, ethyl alcohol, FDC Blue #1, FDC Red #40, has not identified differences in responses between the elderly and younger patients.

Purple Drank aka Sizzurp ( PurpleGreenYellow) Part 2 : Purple Drank aka Sizzurp ( Purple,Green,Yellow) Part 2 Sippin green Caraco Promethazine/codeinechaeboogy1,396 views &middot 6:58

Define codeine : codeine n : derivative of opium used as an antitussive (to relieve coughing) and an differences in metabolism can change this figure as can other medications. . activity among humans, the effect of codeine can vary between individuals. with codeine infused cough syrup are purple, yellow, red, barre, drank, Texas tea,

Marquis reagent : :12 Different compounds produce different color reactions. It can also be used to test for such substances as opiates (e.g. codeine, 2CB 4bromo2,5 dimethoxyphenethylamine, GreenYellow Codeine, Very dark purple. Cocaine, Clear (No change). dAmphetamine HCl, Strong reddish orange Dark reddish brown.

Tylenol : Results 1 10 Drug: Tylenol with Codeine #3 Imprint: TYLENOL 3 CODEINE McNEIL Imprint: MCNEIL TYLENOL 4 CODEINE Color: Yellow / Red

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