Whatsapp hasent sent me the confirmation code

Hi there,

Sorry you are having problems -- code delivery via SMS delivery can be very unreliable at times. While we are working on improving the sign up process, we offer two possible ways for you to retrieve your code. Please read these instructions carefully:

1. Please call +1 (650) 332-4931 from the phone number you are trying to sign up with. Our automated system will read you back your code. This phone call will only last 10 seconds.

= OR =

2. Another way you can complete verification of your number is by sending SMS to +44 7900 347295 from the mobile number you tried to register with for WhatsApp and type your email address ONLY inside of the SMS message. For example: bob@domain.com (our automated system will send you the code via email once we get your SMS) -- and to make it simple for you, if you are reading this on the iPhone, just tap on the sms://+447900347295 and if you don't get the code in 12 hours, be sure to check your Spam folder first and let us know if there is still no email

WhatsApp unable to send me SMS message

hey dude its me drake im on my bro fb acc cuz i forgot my pass .. Thnks for the reply and maybe its because i dont have credit . Ill inform u when i try it with credit

Unexpected charges in whatsapp

It's free for a year, then you have to pay 50-70p for another year or £2(?) for a 2 year subscription. Just pay it, relatively cheap in the long run.

Can you text a whatsapp number without having whatsapp

No only whatsapp user can only text them who have whatsapp, There is no way to text if you don't use whatsapp
If you want you can send SMS to person personal number

Does whatsapp or kik messaging use your text messages

Neither will use your text messages, but they do use very small amounts of data. If you do not have data with your plan or prepay subscription, you are likely being charged as you use it. I would recommend verifying that you have data coverage to make sure that you can use these apps for free. If you are being charged as you go for data, these apps use such small amounts it may be worth keeping them over burning texts, but you will have to be careful about other apps that use data as some may use large amounts.

The person who misspelled Japanese is incorrect - kik is perfectly good app.