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Engine makes ticking noise? : The reason the engines start making a ticking noise is because most Not until the oil warms up does it start to spread like the engine needs it too. My suggestion to you is to go back to the oil you were using. few minutes and its only in cold weather I' wouldn't worry about it unless it

Why is my engine making a ticking noise on cold startups? : Sometimes on cold starts, my engine has a loud ticking noise it does anywhere from Home &middot Mail &middot News &middot Sports &middot Finance &middot Weather &middot Games &middot Groups I take good care of my car .

Cold engine clicking Car Forums : Last year when the weather got cold my engine would make a clicking noise until it warmed up. I took it to the dealer service center and they

4 Common Car Noises : If your car is making a clicking noise when turning, it is likely you have an outer My professional opinion is to replace the entire axle assembly, it doesn't make awful noise as your sitting at a stop light or as your car is warming up at

Troubleshooting a Car That Won't Start : Did you ever consider those wonderful days when your car won't start? The car makes a clicking noise but won't start. im thinking maybe the starter is freezing us and is fine once the car is warmed up? Figures that my car problem (won

When it is cold outside and your car makes a tick : thicker due to the colder temperature and isn't circulated to the entire engine as fast as it would in warmer weather. I'm assuming after the engine is warm this ticking stops. Why would a car make a ticking noise when the accelerator is p

What would cause a knocking noise when the engine is cold : My first guess is the neighbor's cat trying to get out from underneath the hood. However, if you see no hair, I would question if the oil is getting up to the valves on the transmission will develop s and make noise when cold (been there) .

Why is my Engine Making Ticking and Tapping Sounds by Keith : Starting your car and hearing ticking or tapping sounds from under the This is especially true if it primarily happens in colder weather. If you do hear such a noise that goes away you should check the oil level to make sur

Pontiac Grand Am Questions clicking noise : ite thnks so would the cold weather have anythin to do with the oil cuz cold once everything gets warmed up it runs fine, as cars get older these kind of my car has a clicking noise too, but my son tells me all Grand Am's d

i have a C240 and hear a knocking noise when i turn it on once the : Similar Questions: C240 hear knocking noise turn car warms wrong If it's a mild little ticking or clicking noise, that's likely to be a sticky noise in my steering column when I start my car in cold weather, goes away when car warms u

2003 impala LS making loud ticking noise on cold starts : Now that the weather has turned cold when I start my impala it is making a loud ticking noise that seems to go away once it warms up. I have I would a better oil ,and I put lucas oil treat in my customers cars after oil changes.

Cant escape cold ticking : Ford did have a problem with ticking on the Escapes 3liter V6 engine. It still does the ticking noise on cold starts. A: Ford did have a problem on the 3liter V6 engine, but the ticking only occurred after it was fully warmed up. I called my auto service manager, (who) lives in my town, and begged a

Engine Ticking on Start Up : Fades as the engine warms up so was not evident when I brought it in to the dealership recently. My previous 330xi did not ever make a noise like this. . described as you noted, its more noticeable in the cold weather.

2005 Hyundai Getz ticking noise suddenly started : Took my car in for a service/check up today and the mechanic says that its Any idea on what the problem is and how to remedy it, or should I just If the noise disappears after the engine is warm, dont stress and dont . The car stands under covers a night so that might have been the cold weather part.

What Causes a Tapping Noise in the Engine of a Mini Van : The noise may be caused in certain makes and models. It is observed that oil What would cause a tapping noise in a car engine? What Causes My 2002 Yukons Engine To Make A Tapping Noise While Warming Up? A ticking noise in your engine will usually signal a repair bill. Remember that in cold weather .

Diagnosing Engine Noise : All engines make some operating noise, but when you hear an unusual noise or A clicking or tapping noise that gets louder when you rev the engine is probably Using too thick a viscosity of motor oil during cold weather can also slow down the But once the engine warms up, the knocking noise should disappear.

Read If Your Engine Ticks/Taps/Pings/Knocks : Does your LS1 engine make a weird tapping/ticking/slapping/knocking/pinging noise when its The sound may be even louder when the weather is cold, but the noise goes away or quiets down significantly when the engine warms up. There is a quiet ticking noise that I hear when my engine is idling.

Should I Let My Car Warm Up Each Morning? : Tags: cold start, gas mileage, engine warm up accually i just boughht a used ( modern car) and it makes a weird ticking sound when its running, well it for the pistons and cylinders shrinking in cold weather im not too sure,

Cant start up car in cold weather : Im guessing you dont have a garage to keep it warm, so instead you could Even though the battery was new, it would get too cold and lose its charge. Its that time of year again, where my car refuses to start up in cold weather ( Something around 5ºC8ºC, That sounds exactly like a battery problem.

Loud ticking noise when starting engine after cold night : My car also makes a tapping, clicking noise upon start up for a while. I havent For colder weather what ratings of oil should I use? Thanks