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23 Year Old Crush Who Is Also Brothers Friend . Super Confused Help

Is it possible for my friends little brother to have a crush on me? o.o?

I'm not being big-headed or anything I just find it rather creepy? I've known him for a few months now. My friend said he's rather shy usually, and at first he was, he just blushed and wouldn't talk to me, but now I come over all the time (because my friend is practically like my sister) and he's really loud! He hugs me all the time, wants me to hold his hand, says 'I like you', tickles me, gets really excited when I'm coming over, follows us everywhere, asks his friend who I'm going out with and wants us to take pictures with him. I know I'm not being paranoid because my friend noticed before I did. Maybe it's because I'm more girly than my friend, my friend is a little tomboyish but I dress more feminine? I'm rather confused and would like to know how to handle it? No, we can't make it work because there's a huge age difference (like, four years) and I don't like him like that. I do like him though as a friend because I wish I had a little brother or sister and I like spending time with them when I'm with my friend so I don't want to avoid him. Help?

I need help. I have a crush on my brother! What should I do?

Nothing can happen if you kiss, he's your brother, not a diseased street bum. You kissed your mom good night when you were little, right? As for crushing on your bro, while that's a tad odd, it's not unheard of, and it could merely be nothing more than raging hormones and curiosity about what another guy looks like naked, as all guys are curious about how they compare to other guys in the penis department. (I assume you are a guy asking in Men's Health). If you're a girl, again, no problems from kissing, but again, it's kinda odd and it could still be raging hormones and curiosity. It's probably not a good idea to act on any of these urges though, so I'd stick to finding yourself a love interest, not related to you, so it's not so awkward.

I have a crush on someone 5 years older then me... Is that okay?

I'm 13 years old, and I have a crush on my best friend's brother who is 17. He does have a girlfriend, but I am most definitely not looking for a relationship... I just feel really crazy around him. I'm just so happy when I'm there with him. I can't even look at him eye to eye without feeling lightheaded. Just today I was sleeping over at my best friend's house, and I just kinda blurted it out to them that I felt slightly attracted to him. Now, they won't leave me alone about it but they went a little too far. While we were outside, he was working on a car (it was really loud at the time) and they screamed out that I liked him. When he turned off the car, they said "did you hear us?" and he just shook his head, yes, and went back to working. He didn't particularly seem creeped out, but I still felt really bad, like I had done something wrong. So I suppose that I really want to know.. Is it okay to have a crush on him if I'm not looking for any kind of relationship?

Less than a century ago you could have married her, so it is not as insane as people would like to describe. One answer was correct in that you have to abide by the rules of a society you live in. If you are interested in her for a life partner, you are also very young, then put in the time for a proper courtship. You may be friends with her family but you may not touch her until she is of legal age and can consent with full agency.People on this thread are treating a twenty year old as if he were a forty year old. Twenty is still very young. Crushes between people from 15–20 happen all the time in both directions. It just so happens that she is not of age and you mustn’t pursue that sort of relationship with her. You haven’t mentioned whether she is even interested in you as a friend. If she thinks you are nice that is one situation. If you are stalking her in an unwanted sort of way that is entirely different. Do not do that, please.Your choice is to wait for her, if you actually are even in the running for her attentions, or move on to someone closer in age that you can safely date.The other thing implied here is that sex is a natural part of dating. It isn’t. One can date a person without having sex with them. In fact one should do this if one is serious about a partner.Having sex is easy. Being a life companion is the harder work. If she is your Miss Right, you must simply be a gentleman as long as is required. This is simple common sense and further, you should take time with anyone else you are interested in, if you want a lasting relationship.

Who do I choose as my best man? My brother who is 15 years older or my best friend?

If i was you, I would choose your best friend because best friends are actually closer emotionally. Then I'll go to my older brother and tell him that its not his fault his not best man and try to make him not feel betrayed or offended. Congrats on the wedding!!

Should I still purpose my friend (who is confusing me) who I fell in love with or move on?

This is the line right here: "the first and only girl that kissed me and I didn’t realize what I’ve done to make her that happy," I have known that girl also. Dude unless you want this to eat away at you, you have to ask her point blank what is going on. Something still may eat at you later but at least it will be a different something and you'll have the answer to this one. I can feel it right now as I type this. But you must do it and do it soon or you will always wonder "what if I and _____ had gone out?"

Crush on my Best friend who is a guy?

I asked this question before but i didnt really get an answer so I'm asking again.

I am 18 years old and I'm a straight guy. I'm interested in woman and find many girls attractive and also have a crush on a girl that I know.
But I've been having strange feeling for one of my best friends who is also a guy
He is one of my best and closest friends and he gives me advice on everything from normal everyday life to dating girls as well. I admire him as a person and I look up to him almost like a big brother. He is a nice guy and I sometimes think that I would like to be more like him. He is a nice guy: Tall, not perfect body but still nice body, has a lot of friends, knows about stuff and he is good with girls too.
I like spending time with him and want to spend time with him when I can. But sometimes I feel that I'm developing a crush on him. I think about him like more than a friend. When I'm not with him or he doesn't text me then I feel like I MISS him. Sometimes I also think about what it would be like if we were in a RELATIONSHIP. I've even imagined having SEX with him as well. I have considered the fact that I may be BISEXUAL or BICURIOUS, (I dont really know the difference too much)
Like I said, hes my BEST FRIEND and I tell him almost anything but this is something i definitely can not tell him. I know that he is definitely NOT GAY and I don't want to ruin our friendship.

I've had these feelings for quite a while and I don't know what I should do.

What should I do?

No, it’s not normal at all if…You expect to have a girlfriend and you did fuck all about it.You don’t approach many womenYou over think too much and don’t take more proactive actionYou use nice, polite, genereous like a nice guy and expect it works when it doesn’t to attractYou haven’t invested in social skills and conversation skills that is more for attraction not ordinary socialising onlyIf you haven’t invested in psychology on women and different personalities about peopleIf all you did is focus on being a hermit with laptop, books. studiesIf you didn’t engage people, women and socialise a lotIf you was passive-aggressive rather than proactive consistently in this matterThen yes, it’s normal at 23 years old to be a virgin, completely useless when it comes to girls, and have no clue in how to engage, socialise, connect at an emotional and psychological level to make friends.Definitely normal.Normal for people who just think of themselves and their fears, and problems and anxiety and not just meet the world.And we can rationalise how others who got a different life are unhappy but hey, that’s motivational mumbo jumbo to make one feel better comparing their life to others, and looking down at others.Now, if you wanted your life to be different. well, then you need to forget what is normal and what isn’t.I personally don’t give a fuck what is normal and not normal but then again, I am an Asshole, and it served me well living the life I want.Who cares what is normal or not.What life do you want to live?Decide what it is, what it looks like and then do something about it.