23 Yr Old Emancipate From Parents South Carolina

Can my parents kick me out of their house if I'm 22-years old, on the grounds I own a motorcycle? Is it legal for them to kick me out on the grounds that I own a bike? Isn't that a form of illegal discrimination?

There's something horribly wrong with your parents. It sounds like they let you live under their roof with zero obligations (thinking this was some sort of entitlement) for a few years too long. Shame on them for not kicking you out 4 years ago. Horrible horrible people they are.I love how you've responded to their fairly reasonable request to subdue their anxieties about you driving your irresponsible ass around on a motorcycle by going online in hopes of finding some legal recourse you can take against them. That's a particularly classy move. Yes, sue them. Brilliant!You poor tortured soul. If only your parents could see that you're only trying to LOOK responsible by driving a motorcycle, NOT BE responsible by paying for all your own bills. Shush! Jeeeezzzzz! Jerks!In all seriousness now, get rid of the motorcycle. Go tell your parents you're sorry and that you know it's because they care about you and that even though you're getting rid of the bike, you think it's a good time to shove off anyways. Ask them for their help in doing so and go start looking for apartments. If in a couple of years after living on your own you still want the bike and can afford it, go for it! Until then you haven't demonstrated the maturity necessary to make that decision. I say this as someone who knows the world needs more donated organs (my father got a heart transplant from a 22 year old motorcycle accident victim) and 22 year old punks who think they know better than their parents are usually where they come from. I'm happy for the many extra years I've had with my father, but, I can't imagine what the family who lost their son went through. Your parents concerns are not unfounded. The moment you realize this, is the moment you become an adult.

Im 17, is it a good idea to get emancipated?

Probably not, but without knowing your particular situation it's impossible to say.

At what age can parents legally kick you out of the house in the United States?

Well, since the ‘law’ stipulates that an individual is an adult at the age of 18, and is legal in all states in the United States, the ‘legal’ age that parents can kick their kids out of the outs is just that….18 years old.Of course, depending on the attitude of some kids who think they know it all and make outrageous and unruly and ungrateful emands on their parents, that could be even at an earlir age, even if it would be illegal to do so and the parents could be charged with chile abuse or improper parenting.I like the claim my dad made when I was a kid and would get unruly or mouth back when told to do something. He’d say to me…’I brought you into this world. I can damn sure take you out of it just as easily’. If nothing else, it got my attention, let me know who the boss was and where I stood in the ‘pecking order’. And there were no rules or laws back then that would get him into trouble of any kind for speaking to me like that. But that’s back when people know what sex they were by age 4, kids were to be seen and not heard, and when seen they’d best be doing something productive NOT destructive or they’d get one hell of an ass whoopin’. And those kids grew up to be ‘men’ and ‘women’ who could deal with life and didn’t need any ‘safe place’ when things got a little ‘iffy’ or hard to deal with at the moment. Now what do we have??? A nation full of whiners and snowflakes. Something the wolf in the storybook tale of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ could have blown over or down with only half a breath and a sever case of COPD.

Im 14 years old i live in south carolina i have a 3 month old baby and want to get emacaptated and get married

All I have to say is "Good luck!"
I, too, am 14, my daughter is 10 months old, I still live with my parents. It is hard enough taking care of her with my mothers help, let alone on my own! Stay home! Why do you want to leave so bad?

Can a 17 year old date a 21 year old?

I will simply respond from a perspective of love, not legality. Others have covered that well in their answers.You two can do whatever you wish, and you can probably not be bothered by being caught. This practice was common 100+ years ago. But, here’s the truth, maturity increases the odds of a successful marriage. Lesser ages at marriage wreck most marriages within in decade.If you don’t want a long successful marriage, and prefer chaos, family dysfunction, and divorce prove the odds wrong. Pick the slowest horse in the race, in fact pick the horse that coughs, limps, and is losing its vision.Or just wait until the youngest partner turns 22. If you can wait until 28, the odds get much better. And, the 4 year difference is nearly a numerical issue. Not, a fundamental obstacle.The power imbalance between the partners never seems as big of a problem as it always turns out to be. This is usually a problem for couples of about the same age too, but it is easier to work out when there is no significante development differences in the start.Just because you can do something unwise, doesn’t mean it will work.So, let me repeat what I always answer about this question, “Can I date/marry my girlfriend she’s 10 years older than me?”I always say, “Sure, just wait until 2028.”

What can you tell me about the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts?

I have a presentation to give on this in a couple of weeks. Can anyone please let me know what you know about this topic? Who, what, when, where, why, how?

I'm very concerned because I haven't found much and the due date is getting closer. I have to pass this class or I will not graduate.

Thank you everyone in advance.

Can a 16-year-old live alone in the US and enroll in high school without a guardian or parents?

Sure. There is a legal process called EMANCIPATION. This is where the parents willfully give up all rights and claims to their adolescent and some states will allow it at 16 if the parents sign custody to a judge approved minor.Now ask me if a 16 year old SHOULD be emancipated. No. An apartment manager or owner will NOT want to rent to a person so young. Most jobs that pay decent wages you can live on WILL NOT hire under 18. Most 16 year Olds can NOT support themselves in a way that will make them able to thrive.I'm sorry but I believe you should consider maybe reporting your parents to the state (if there is honest abuse or neglect) or asking your parents if you can live with an alternate relative. If it's possible, maybe try to work things out. Why would anyone want to be homeless, or hungry and without the education, or the marketable skills necessary to pay for a place with utilities and food and hot water and other things necessary to really thrive