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5 Exercise Excuses And How To Beat Them

My friend accused me of having an eating disorder when I dont. What do I do?

I have recently become a mom :), and throughout my pregnany I gained a TON of weight. 70 lbs to be exact.

My best girlfriend (who was pretty big to begin with gains a lot of weight with me as well). She was always looking for excuses to take me out of pizza, ice cream and boardwalk food.

Now a year after having the baby I lose all the weight plus some and have been maintaining my weight for about 2 months. All through healthy eating/exercise/breastfeeding.

My friend though kept gaining weight and is now tipping the scales at about 230 lbs. I was about to confront her about her eating habits. She eats only deep fried food and pizza. She says she only gained weight because shes on birth control but I know thats not true.

The day that I was going to suggest she start eating healthier she BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH. She asked if i have been throwing up or starving myself. She said I look sick and weak and that shes worried about me.

Now, Im only about 5 lbs lighter than I was pre-pregnancy and she never had a problem with my weight then? Why now? Do I appear smaller to her because she is now so large?

I told her Im perfectly fine and not to worry, but then she facebook messaged all my distant family who has not seen me in a while and warned them that Im in denial about an eating disorder!

I want to salvage this friendship because I love her.... how do I make her understand that she is being unhealthy and not me?

Have any of you out there had to deal with this? Its really upsetting me.

PS I am 20 years old, weight 120 lbs and am 5'2'', and eat 4-6 meals daily. Plus, I am a nursing mom I have to eat healthy! See I am clearly in a healthy weight range.

Would this excuse me from PE?

Last August, I went to the doctor’s after a blood test and I tested positive for Lyme Disease. However, she said that it was pretty common to get it in our area, so she just prescribed some antibiotics and that was it. I went to the doctor because I was having severe and chronic joint pain, headaches, and I was constantly tired.
After taking the pills, the symptoms subsided for a little while, but have returned and I’ve gotten even worse. Here’s a list of them: (starting from October 09)
1. joint pain - pretty severe; they keep me up at night. Sometimes it's painful to lift things or walk properly.
2. headaches - constant headaches, some that make me really nauseous & vomit
3. heart/chest problems - heart arrhythmia, I think it's called. It's starting to occur more often. I can feel my heart beat particularly hard, or irregularly, which is really uncomfortable. Also, chest pain/tightness & shortness of breath.
4. exhaustion - I just stay tired. Even after getting decent sleep/napping/etc. I can't seem to feel "refreshed."
5. depression - randomly getting extremely blue & crying, etc.

The heart/chest problems seem to get worse after exercising, and often times after gym I'll just be exhausted. My most challenging class is right after PE, so it's difficult for me to pay attention & it's been affecting my grades.
These problems are all pretty constant throughout the day; I'm not trying to just get out of gym class, but I'm actually really concerned about all this.
My school runs a pretty strenuous/active PE program, & I just think some time to rest and get myself together would really be beneficial, because this is all stressing me out a lot.
I haven't gone to the doctor yet, but I plan too; I'm just feel a little retarded asking to be medically excused from PE. Is this legit?

How can i beat up a scene kid ?


1.) Grab Hair
2.) Dont think your going to be a video game character anytime soon bud..
3.) Kick in shins because they have no balls.
4.) Carry water because glue gets stuck to your hands after grabbing.
5.) Choke them with the bandana thats usually around their ****** necks.
6.) Dont take advice from a previous scene kid.
7.) What did you do??
8.) Took advice from Scene..

Is Guerrero a punk for making excuses losing to Salido when Salido beat him fairly?

Recent video of Guerrero talking **** with his fake I love god personality:

November 27, 2006

Orlando Salido, disqualified for drug use after fighting Robert Guerrero, has tested negative in a follow-up test.

After the November 4 IBF title bout in Las Vegas against Guerrero, Salido tested positive for the substance nandrolone in his system.

Salido immediately had a follow up test at LabCorp, a nationally recognized blood lab, and the findings were negative of any steroids.

"I said I never took steroids or any performance enhancing drugs and the lab tests prove it," states Salido.

A doctor who wishes to be unnamed until formal proceedings begin, agreed with the star:

"It is commonly known that nandrolone is produced by the body, especially in periods when the body is placed in stressful activity like dehydration, diet and strenuous exercise.

"If Salido had taken steroids, his second test done only one day after NSAC findings would have shown it still in its system. Steroids don't go away overnight!"

Salido now wants his title back, and doesn't rule out a re-match with Guerrero.

"I won the title, I will keep the title and if Guerrero wants another beating he can call my manager," said Salido.

"For the sake of his health and safety, I highly discourage it. Please stay at home. It's must safer than in a ring with a real champion!"