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Have you ever painted your room on your own

Is it hard to paint a bedroom all by yourself

Ok... painters tape will be your best friend! And, take your time. Purchase quality paint brushes and rollers. Without knowing the dimensions of your room, I can only guesstimate the time involved... probably one solid evening (4 hours) to do a good job. Cover the carpet with old sheets is better than newspaper.

Should I paint my room black

I wouldn't paint the walls black. It shows all kinds of dust and dirt, which is annoying and will require a lot of cleaning.

If you wanted to go with a darker room color, try gray, dark blue or brick red.

How can i go about painting a room in a rented house

By all means ASK. The homeowners may be very happy to get rid of the "ugly paint colours".

Have "redecorated" a number of apartments for the same reason - Was even able to "work a deal with the landlord" - who reduced the rent for cost of paint/supplies (with receipts) providing I did all the work.

Sales Pitch - Choose a neutral colour you can live (ie warm beige), show colour choice to landlord and suggest the benefits of having a neutral paint when future/prospective renters view/consider the apartment.

Size of the apartment was not suggested, but with:
-sandpaper/sanding pole: Sand all surfaces
-drywall compound and 3" scraper: Repair holes, blemishes in walls
-latex acrylic caulking/ caulking gun: Repair gaps on trim and between trim/walls
-painters tape and utility knife
-roller cage, roller sleeve(s), a 3" sash cut brush,
-drop cloths for floors; purchased or old bedding sheets
(plastic to cover furniture, cupboards, etc)
1-2 gallons of latex acrylic super adherent primer (to apply over drywall repairs) OR
1-5 gallon pail of acrylic super adherent primer (for application over existing paint if alkyd-oil paint before painting)
1- 5 gallon pail of white latex (water based)flat ceiling paint
-ceilings finished
1-5 gallon pail of neutral colour latex eggshell wall paint
- walls finished
1or 2 gallons of semi gloss trim paint - trim finished

_MEASURE rooms before going to "paint supplier" (W x D x H of each room). The paint supplier will help you determine the amount of paint you will need.

Note: test existing paint to determine whether alkyd(oil) or latex.
Use nail polish remover on paper towel, rub a quarter sized spot;
if the paint colour transfers to paper towel - it's latex. IF not- alkyd.
(In which case you will need to prime all wall surfaces).

Approx. cost for materials to paint 1000 sq ft apartment: $500
Do your homework first - determine cost before approaching the landlord.

IF you want an "extra punch" of colour on the neutral walls after painting - use art, hang interesting fabric panels, construct a large
2" x 2" wood frame &cover in canvas - Paint canvas any colour you want - WOW!
Extra Colour Punch but easily changed or moved with you.

Have fun - sounds like a great project.

Professional decorator

Is that first morning kiss worth it before brushing or mouth wash

Eww no.. I never let my boyfriend kiss me before brushing lol, that's just nasty!

I have a cheap violin How can I strip the paint andre color modify it to replicate a characters violin

I Have worked with violins for 40 years doing repairs, restoration and new making. I can tell you without a doubt that putting a very hard finish on top of what is currently there may cause a mess in a short while. Violins are made of wood - very thin wood. Wood moves every time it is vibrated and even more with the changes in humidity. If a hard finish is applied over a softer finish the top layer will craze and alligator causing fishers in the new top coat. Here is an example of what happens - Go down about 5-6 posts and you will see two examples. The greener the wood, the faster this will happen and most cheap Chinese instruments use green wood.

The best thing to do is to strip all the varnish and start with "white" wood, the you can use anything you like. I have heard people use Acrylics over other violin finishes with success but I still don't recommend it for longevity. It is always best to use the same finish. Lacquer over Lacquer, Oil Varnish over Oil Varnish, Shellac over Shellac. This of course is difficult to determine and even within species, the formula is different.

As for the other parts like the tailpiece, nut, bridge, fingerboard and pegs - anything not varnished use whatever you like but as was mentioned if the strings are going to vibrate and hit the item like the fingerboard, the finish will tend to wear off. Fingerboards should never be finished over, on some real cheap instruments where they have not used Ebony and painted the wood, this paint wears off leaving lines and grooves.

Anything that adds weight to the bow will of course drastically change the playability of the bow. Even 1 gram of weight completely changes how it balances and thus plays. I am often asked to make a bow heavier or lighter at one end or the other and a gram or two makes big changes. This is done using lead weights, but they are very small. If you add to the frog end like in the picture, it will make a huge difference in playing. Obviously if the instrument is just for show, none of that matters and go ahead. Automotive Bondo can work or Epoxy resin. On the pegs just be careful not to get anything on the shafts that go into the holes or the pegs won't work properly, again if it won't be tuned, who cares. You can't paint the hair and expect it to work, however you can either get the hair replaced with colored hair or dye it yourself with hair dye. Many violin shops will carry colored hair and can get different colors if they don't have what you want.

Teens whats your bedroom like Will you be sad to leave it when you move out bonus questions

最佳解答:  It's pretty comfy. I have some posters, a tiny closet, a ceiling fan, chest, bookshelf, and dresser. And a cute, comfy green chair. Like the circular kind. And lots of pictures. :)

1. Just right. :)
2. Three walls are light green, and the other is light purple.
3. It's purple with white flowers and stuff on it. It's from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
4. Wood floors.
5. Nope.
6. Six windows. Too many -_-.
7. I love my dresser. There's so much random crap in it haha.
8. Yes :D
9. Usually it's insanely messy but I cleaned it on Sunday, so 10 being the cleanest, it's like an 8!
10. Every Sunday, or every other Sunday if I don't get around to it.
11. I light candles a lot. So it depends on the candle I use :p
12. I have a closet for my dresses and skirts and the rest I put in this white chest that matches my dresser. I have a fair amount of clothes, but lots of them are a couple years old and I don't wear them anymore. I'm trying to earn some money so I can buy more since I'm very low in what I can wear :p
13. Nope!
14. Comfy, light, and personalized.
15. End of 7th grade. I'm going into 10th now.
16. I didn't read anyone elses. :/
17. Parent's are married.