My girlfriend refuses to make us sandwiches while we are watching football

My girlfriend refuses to make me a sandwich. What am I doing wrong?

I think the trouble is that you're not showing HER the right signs of appreciation. Once you've got that it will be sandwich galore. What i think you need to do is as follows:

1. Call a lot. Thrice daily if you can afford the cellphone minutes. She needs to know that you are interested in everything she's doing.
2. Draw (or photoshop together) a picture of your ideal future. Obviously put her with a big smile and a good sandwich. This will show her what she really wants in life.
3. Women love cool guys, so take the time to pose and look moody. If your worried that she's onto you make up something tragic and cool so that she thinks you're majorly sensitive and reflective.
4. Take more photos of yourself looking deep and gazing into the distance. She will think "he looks really hot but also hungry like maybe he needs a sandwich"

If these things don't work then it's not you it's her, and you'll have to send the strumpet to the workhouse.

Help, my girl friend is seriously addicted to Angry Birds! What should I do?

When my girl friend and I first started seeing each other, life was great. She was really into me and did anything I asked when she visited my place like wash my clothes, cook, and even clean my bathroom. And sex was out of this world!

However, things have changed. Now all she does is walk around in a daze playing a game called Angry Birds on her crappy Samsung phone. She even walks into people at the mall when I take her to Panda Express because she is playing that dumb game. In fact, she kneed a toddler in the face because she wasn't watching where she was going and that kid's mom was really mad. My gf just looked up for a sec and then down at the kid and then at me and said, "ummm... battery is low", not even apologizing or anything!

It all came to a head the other day I asked her to make me a pastrami on Marble Rye and she just nodded absent-mindedly and mumbled something like, "ummm yeah... this level is hard". After being reminded several times to make the sandwich, she finally got up slowly and walked towards the kitchen, banging her foot really hard on the end table. You know what? She didn't even stop playing! She just staggered into the kitchen and got the bread out of the fridge without taking her eyes off the screen and started putting mayo on the bread and then closed the bread and put it into a BOWL and walked back into the living room and dropped it onto the table in front of me where I was watching the Dodgers and the Marlins game and just went back to playing. What the HELL? I wanted a pastrami, not a mayo sandwich.

I think she may have a serious addiction problem. What should I do? I want my girl friend back.

How do you get your girlfriend to make me a sandwich?

Well, Kanjih Law, generally when I feel like it’s time for my girlfriend to make you a sandwich, I start by asking myself, “What kind of sandwich would Kanjih enjoy, this time?” Sometimes I get the ol’ gal to make you a big submarine with all the traditional Italian cold cuts, topped with the obligatory pimento olive periscope. Other times I say to her, “You know what babe? I have a feeling Kanjih isn’t really that hungry today. How about a cucumber sandwich on white bread with the crusts removed?” Lately, I’ve been requesting some open-faced, under-the-broiler specials, because something tells me you’ve been craving that delicious nutty taste of deeply browned Emmenthaler cheese.

But I’m avoiding your real question: you don’t want to know how I ask my beloved to fix your sandwiches; you’re asking how I get her to do it in the first place. All I can say to this is that it’s really just a matter of choosing my moments and my tone wisely. Usually she’s glad to do it, but if my girlfriend seems particularly tired out from work, or if she’s clearly just having one of those days and isn’t in the mood, then no matter how much that little voice in my head keeps repeating “Kanjih needs one of her sandwiches,” I just keep my mouth shut. In fact, if she really looks like she could use a break then sometimes I’ll even ask her if she’d like me to make something for her to eat.

But apart from occasional moments like that, which are an ordinary part of any relationship, my girlfriend’s making your sandwiches has become such a part of our life together that I sometimes don’t have to say anything at all. I’ll just be taking it easy, maybe building a birdhouse in the garage or watching the ball game on TV, and she’ll present me with a croque-monsieur that really needs to be tasted to be believed—as I hardly need to tell you—and when I tell her thanks but I’ve just eaten, she’ll reply with something like “It’s not for you. I just thought Kanjih might be feeling a bit peckish.” That’s the kind of near-psychic bond she and I have: sometimes she knows you need a sandwich even before I know you need a sandwich. And then the two of us will have a laugh about it while we pack up your sandwich all nice and cozy in its little shipping package and then drive it down to the post office.

And that, my friend, is how I get my girlfriend to make you a sandwich. Thanks for asking, and of course bon appetit.

Why does my girlfriend refuse to kiss me if she loves me?

Because she doesn't feel comfortable about the action of getting kissed by you……u need to give her space and time so that she feels comfortable with u…and a day she would never refuse….!! Wait for that moment…!!! Don't be soo desperate …there are a millions ways to show ur love for her…rather than only kissing and having physical intimacy…!!

My girlfriend made me make her a sandwich.?

Today, i was at home watching tv. I was watching a really good movie called shutter island. Then i asked my girlfriend to make me a sandwich. She got really mad at me, then she started arguing with me. Telling me that was sexist and that she was really mad at me. So she just went up into her bedroom and slammed the door.

When she came back down the stairs, she told me she would forgive me if i made her sandwich. She liked yelled that to me. I wanted to be a nice boyfriend. So i went into the kitchen and began to fix her a good tuna sandwich. I putted her favorite toppings on it also. Before i finished making her sandwich, she slapped my behind. Then she made me put on a pink apron. She said good job honey. Next, when i was done with the sandwich, she told me she wanted wheat bread. So i took the turkey off the white bread. Then she said no honey, make it again from scratch. So i had to remake the whole sandwich again on wheat bread. I could see a smirk on her face the whole time, but i was trying to be a good man to her. Then she went back into the living room, and she sat where i was sitting at. Then she changed the channel, then i had to watch a soap opera marathon with her. While she was eating the tuna sandwich i fixed her.

I felt humiliated doing that because she did not even say thank you when i finished. I did everything she asked me to, but i get no kiss or hug or even a thanks. Is it normal for your girlfriend to behave like this.

My girlfriend got mad when i told her not make me a sandwich ever.?

Hi, so me any my girlfriend have been dating for three years now. My girlfriend is somewhat a feminist, but i love that about her because she isn't afraid to stand up for her beliefs. I admired women who are feminist. So i am pretty much a better cook then my wife, my wife isn't the best cook as you can see. My girlfriend does try to cook, but i do not like her cooking. I think my girlfriend notices i don't like her cooking, but i always tell her that the food is good. So I am the one who is cooking most of the foods in the house, it has been that way for a while now. I do my best to make sure she does not cook any food at all. I don't have a problem with cooking for her, and she doesn't mind also.

So one day while we were watching tv. My girlfriend said you never ask me to make a sandwich for you. It is because i always fix it myself. Then my girlfriend said she wouldn't mind fixing me a sandwich if i asked polity, since i cook all the time (I make better sandwiches then my girlfriend). Then i told my girlfriend to never fix me a sandwich ever because i love my sandwiches the best. I said that's one less thing you have to worry about, then i told her that i respect her and she is not my maid. Also, i added i can fix myself a sandwich if i wanted one. She then began to act weird, and started looking sad. Soon she said she was going to her room to write a poem. I got silent treatment from my girlfriend since it happened, it happened this morning

My girlfriend took what i said the wrong way. Now she thinks i hate her cooking, she thought i was cooking because i loved to. She views me as arrogant now. Now she views me differently, i didn't mean to get in this trouble. How can i get my girlfriend to understand i was being polite. How do i get our relationship back to normal again. I miss my girlfriend really badly.

She refuses to work out.?

Well, the first question is are you encouraging her to go for her own benefit or for yours? Will it make you feel better if she goes or will she benefit from it? If she is truly "everything that a man wants," why does she need to lose weight?

I'm not sure that there's a good answer to your question. One has to wonder why it's taken you three years to raise the issue. Has she always been heavy? Have there been some emotional issues that she's been dealing with that has caused her to overeat? We don't know enough about her other than she's a wonderful woman who's also overweight.

Before you approach her about this, consider what your motives are. Be honest and fair. If it's about you, then you are the one with the problem. If it's about her being healthy and you loving her enough to be concerned about her health, that's something different. Instead of having her go to the gym with you, suggest other activities. Take dancing lessons together; it's terrific exercise! Go for bike rides, walks, hikes. Check out classes that your school offers as part of extended education...get on an intramural team or take a class together. Get her physically active in ways that don't involve the gym. If she enjoys these activities, then maybe one day you can say, "Hey...I'd like for you to come to the gym with me one day." No pressure, just ask her to share this activity with you. If she doesn't, she doesn't. If she does, great.

But first, I'd ask myself why this is important to me and is it work the risk of losing someone who seems to be perfect.

I'm watching an episode of "Seinfeld" where George's girlfriend refuses to be broken up with, and I'm wondering: can anybody refuse to be broken up with? I mean, people can't do that, can they?

Yes it happens,
it could come as a threat for suicide, threat of harm or any other psychological manipulation strategy.

There are many reasons for it one of them is the sense of ownership, when one party thinks that the investment in the relationship gives it a sort of ownership over the other person, leading to communication that is one-sided and ignores the fact that the other person is a separate individual, and has made a decision.

How insecure is my girlfriend?

ok, properly if its her physique shes insecure approximately. enable her understand shes hotttt!!!! you prefer to take heed to ur warm suitable, she needs to take heed to it too, each and all of the time. while u c her after college or artwork, say hi and then compliment her. If u r approximately to get it on and shes affraid to tutor her physique, confer along with her. enable her understand u luv her and not something ought to alter wut u experience 4her. If she cries, carry her. enable her understand, youll be along with her, u wont decide her, u love her for her, no longer her physique and intercourse. enable them to renowned they have you ever. in the event that they have confidence and understand ur theirs, they'll open up. I didnt prefer to truly to something with my bf as quickly as we first began relationship till i knew we would have a extra trusting relationship and it wasnt some fling. so if its the physique shes insecure approximately, constantly tell her shes exceedingly, supply her lil comments each and every now and then "hiya magnificent", call her, purchase her flora. the little issues gets ur gf loving and appreciating u....and, dont inspect different ladies infront of her, this would possibly not help u or her in any way