What is the first thing a stranger would notice about you

What is first thing you do when you meet a stranger?

I say hi, I eventually ask them how they're doing, then I realize I didn't want to talk to them, I look away and the conversation becomes awkward.

I'm no example to follow. Always have a good reason to talk to strangers, even if it's getting to know them.

What is the first thing we should do when helping a stranger?

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It depends on situation to situation. Let’s see the first case.

If a person is asking for some address then The first thing to do is ask yourself whether you can help that person or not. If you don’t have the required knowledge, don’t go with “I THINK this place is located here”. By your “think” the person might be lost or get into some uncalled trouble. So make sure, you have complete knowledge . If you don’t know then ask someone else or simply tell the person “sorry you can’t help with this”.

If it is not the location or address thing then make sure the stranger is genuinely asking for help. You can figure it out by asking general questions like “what’s your name?” or “you are from which country or place?” if you sense something fishy don’t help the person.

What qualities do you notice in a stranger or acquaintance in the first seconds of meeting them?

I notice if the person is judging me by the way i'm behaving or by what's actually going on within my mind, because i have this tendency to throw people off, by my behavior and everything i do during all my personal interactions with people, i mean when i'm in the same room with a group of people, I try to sell them wrong things about me, for no purpose, but i have my own show or game, whatever you call it, going on.. to just lead them to think whatever i want them to think about me. I notice nothing in them, except of course, if they have caught the real me..

Poll: What is the first thing a stranger would notice about you?

I've lived in America for 35 years and it is usually my ethnicity they notice... and then a whole treasure trove of "gems" automatically associated with it.

What's the first thing you notice when you look at a person's face?

Their skin texture. Happens automatically. I don't think about it when I do it because I'm taking in the facial structure as a whole picture. My sensing goes into the eye area where the soul lives so as I'm sensing, feeling this person as an individual I am also intuiting his or her mood. It happens so quickly for me like taking a photograph of the person’s face only it's alive with emotion, tone, gesture, and energy. I love looking at faces but tend to focus on the whole picture before moving to the eyes, kind of all goes together. This guy’s skin is kind of hairy though…

What is the first thing you notice when you meet a strange person?

I have had this habit for quite a long time now. I take a glance at their shoes and accessories if I pass by them. Whenever I bump into a stranger and happened to talk to them, I ALWAYS notice the colour of their teeth and gum.

Personally I feel accessories like handbags, clutches, slippers, shoes tell a lot about the person than their clothing. And the gum and teeth tells you how they take care of themselves.

What is the first thing you notice when you decide you don't like a person?

I notice the said person's behaviour with other people.

Dislike is a bias. I am sure everyone goes through a phase or come across people who they do not like. Now, many times it's the person they dislike that has done something to them that they found to be hurtful either physically or emotionally. Therefore when I think that I dislike someone I also imagine if the person truly hurt me or if it was just I who was overreacting.

Lately I have come to realise that I thoroughly dislike a lot of people. Hence I may be categorising these people into certain labels. A label that I do not like. Henceforth, when I think I dislike someone I start observing them more carefully if possible.

If they actually behave in a way that hurts others the way it hurt me then I think my dislike for that person is justified and I move on. Else, I spiral into the bad habit of over analysing things and usually end up confused.

Is weight of someone the first thing you notice?

Physically the first thing I notice about someone is their eyes. I know everyone says that but for me it's true. I can tell so much by how you look at me. After that it will be your nose. I have a thing about noses.

Next, I want to see what your sense of humor is like. I want to see if you can make me laugh and how.

Edit: I guess my answer should have been more clear. Weight of someone isn't the first thing I notice at all. Physically it's much further down this list. After noses, it would be hands (I love pretty, well maintained hands on men and women), feet (if I can see them, this is HUGE. Must have nice feet), your height, lips (are they smooth or chapped and dry), hair (is it clean and smooth?), ears (do they stick out?) and then everything else, weight included. Mentally, oh that's a whole novel on its own.

What's the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite gender?

Usually one of the first things I notice is their teeth. While I notice everyone’s teeth pretty quickly, it is particularly pronounced when I am looking at men.

Maybe it is because I wore braces for much of my teen years or the fact that you can tell if a person likely grew up poor by looking at their teeth (in the U.S.) or if it is just something I would have done anyway. Nevertheless, it is the teeth.

(perfect teeth)

What is the first thing that you noticed about your newborn child?