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A Message To All The Beliebers Out There . Are You Ok

I hate these beliebers.?

Beliebers are scums of the internet.

They consistently feel the need to ruin the internet (mainly Twitter) for everyone else by trending crap like 'Respect Justin', 'Respect Beliebers', '#boyfriend4no1#, etc. They are usually highly illiterate, It makes me feel sad for our generation and our education.

The irony is that they ask for respect when anyone who disagrees with them in any way, shape or form is immediately shot down and bombarded with abuse - usually resulting in them being called a 'hater' for no good reason.

The disturbing thing is, that their age falls between 9-15 years old, so most of them are a couple of little brats that haven't hit the age of puberty.

In conclusion, Beliebers are worse than AIDs.

Why are directioners and beliebers so annoying?

Those fans often forget that they fail to respect the fan base of other artists bands or groups. They willfully attack the artists, bands and groups as well as the fans themselves. Admit to liking something else, and they will go after you, and what you like. However it doesn't matter whether it's rock of other sub genres such as metal, punk, or other sub genre or style within a sub genre. Other genres such as baroque, classical, blues, country, or jazz, the fans suffer just as badly at their hands. But it's not limited to just Justin's fans, in country there is Taylor Swift, or if it's in Rhythm & Blues it's Adele, or whoever it is. The same with rap or hip hop, they have their select group of fans who attack the fans of other types of music, because it's not what they have approved of. Long of the short is if they want respect, then they need to show the same to the other fan bases out there.

My boyfriend misses his ex gf, what should I do? :(? ?

My bf is from New Jersey and now here living in Los Angeles. I have lived in LA all my life. We have been together for a little over 8 months. A few months back though, I decided to look through his phone. I know, I know, shame on me :[ but what's done is done. I remember finding texts between him and his ex who he hadn't been with for over 2 years (she took his virginity btw and then cheated on him with his best friend) saying that he dreamt about her and that it made him miss her... Since then I had found texts telling her about me and how much he loves me etc. But deep inside I am always scared that he's missing her... He's change his ways a lot for me while we've been together so I don't think about it often. I never confronted him about it and I know that he loves me and wants to be with me because he shows. I know that it's normal to miss an ex but it was still hurtful to see. The real question is, is what should I do? should I just let it go and move on? Should I say something? How can I get over it and stop it from making me feel so bad? I know that I read those texts before we actually became serious but still.. what should I do? ;( thanks in advanced.

What are some of the most dangerous websites for children, preteens and teenagers?

Movie Star Planet.As a kid, I liked to play this game, mainly because the whole idea seemed pretty “glamorous” to me. But for those of you that don't know, let me explain what Movie Star Planet is. The website itself describes it as a, “safe and fun place for children at the age of 8 to 15.” But hold on, let me show you some pictures. This is the first impression of Movie Star Planet:Looks pretty entertaining to a kid, but in reality, is this even for kids? What were the creators of the game thinking?Not only that, but look at the insanely high prices of the game! I remember as a 9 year old begging my mom to pay for my VIP package.MSP also states that everything about the user will be kept secret, which is incorrect.The social part of MSP, is basically a profile page that every user has. You can send and receive messages, and put some badges, that's it. But that’s not the issue. The whole idea of MSP isn’t entirely terrible, it’s the users on it. For example here is what the “profile page” looks like. As you can see there’s this “boy/girl friend” feature on it which many online predators can use to target kids with.They also have a Youtube feature where you can search almost anything and it isn’t filtered for children specifically. There is tons of violence and Islamic terrorist propaganda etc.And lastly, hacking and scamming is a constant danger on Movie Star Planet. This wasn’t meant to be offensive to anyone who may actually play and like the game. I was just stating my experiences and the dangers possible while playing the game. I hope this helped!

Engagement ring, future sister in law .... I'm confused ..?

This future sister in law obviously has envy and jealousy issues with you, she is jealous of you. She is going to make a lot of problems for you in the future, unless you don't allow her to. In other words, stop allowing her to upset you. The main thing here is that you are happy with your ring and oh cares what she thinks or says. Hun, it is obvious by how she boldly puts you down that others already know her to have this character flaw as you are not the first person she has been envious of, trust me on that. Your best revenge is to ignore her, distant yourself from her as much as possible. Once she sees she is powerless over you she will let up, at least for a while. I have a friend who is like your future sister in law and she also used to confuse me, now her motives are so obvious, I just ignore her. Envious people live their life constantly comparing themselves to others, wanting to be better, have better than others do. It must be a pretty sad way to live life. Good luck hun, and congrats on your engagement. Wishing you many years of happiness.

In your opinion, which celebrity has the worst fans?

I would have to say One Direction and Justin Bieber. Their fans are vile: they send you hate messages on twitter for expressing an opinion, only "support" their respective artists for their looks, and are just generally annoying. Gaga's fans are awful on twitter as well.
N.B. I don't have anything against all 3 artists. In fact I like them. It's just their fans I can't stand.