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Advice On Recording A Song .

How do I record songs at home?

travisrayl is right, save that you don't need a PC costing $1,000 to $1,500 to do this. That's ridiculous.

What you would need is a reliable computer. If your home PC is crashing all the time or just "runs slow" a lot, I'd recommend getting an inexpensive machine strictly for your recording. It doesn't have to be powerful enough to play modern games, and you don't want it for that.

In fact, you want to install as little software on it as possible. You would want to use it only as a recording studio (which a computer with the right setup can do quite well.)

Check out the attached link for some good advice on setting up a system for recording.

Recording Songs (Equipment)?

Tape? Tape is dead mon. Dead and buried years ago.

Don't go cheap on a mic either. It'll sound like dirt. Go to and buy a Sure 58, they are a studio standard and not expensive.

I use Adobe Audition for vocals. You can record multi tracks and mix with it. I've even heard a few people record entire bands with it...and come out sounding good.

How to record a song?

nifty that you mentioned Mac as you can use the photobooth to make an awesome music video.
just go to photobooth at the applications area, figure out how to use the custom backgrounds, which are a few pages after effects, then you can load a custom movie behind you, it will make everybody like your video. Youtube says This video made with photobooth is actually liked way above average, I think it is the weather report effect where with photobooth I just dragged an image to describe onto one of the blank photobooth areas. You can also use a video of something nifty as a background to your presentation

just sing to the photobooth its really rapid You could make a few then upload some favorites. I found out that if you upload a couple versions of a thing with different titles the get really different numbers of views

also you could use mac imovie its pretty awesome

Is recording a song one of your goals as a singer? Following are some tips you should know before recording a song -1.) Research recording studios : First, do a little research on the recording studios in your area, or engineers you are going to be working with before you go into the studio. Make sure you have talked about all fees and how much time you will have, and if that includes setup and breakdown.2.) Make your plan : Set a goal for every day3.) Make sure your track is ready: Being a singer you should always ready withyour track.4.) Always give more time: Do not rushed or pressured to record in a shortamount of time.5.) Work with your vocal coach : Make sure you are prepared with your vocalcoach beforehand.After that you are all set to record your song. If you want more detailed information visit The Rattle Room

Recording Songs Question- I neeed help!?

Okay I just started a band with my 3 BFFS- we are the Purple Tanks. We've written a few songs and we are ready to record. We all have PCs- Not Macs, so no GarageBand for us! Do you have any suggestions for FREE recording software? Im sorry we are so cheap! Just make sure its FREE, kay? PS- Babysitting doesnt pay the rent.

How to find the recording of a song without the vocals?

It's the only one I could find. :') Good luck with the talent show!!!

Best equipment for recording songs?

It relatively relies on your price range. More highly-priced equipment could certainly produce a higher sounding recording. I would not always recollect that once purchasing even though considering the fact that a few apparatus entails a few vain aspects that makes the fee extra outrageous. Being a drummer, I recognize that for the drums, you want a growth (a style of mic) suspended someplace in or close the bass drum and also you have to placed a mic suspended over the set. For the opposite devices you simply want microphones for each and every one. An extra and far less complicated manner is simply purchasing a valid recording software to your pc, assuming you have got a lap-best that you'll be able to use. The sound exceptional would now not be as well however you'll be able to edit the recording to make it sound first-rate. Hope this is helping!

No, I will suggest you not to record song with phone microphone. You will not get clarity. I will suggest you purchase microphone for recording. Or even good range gaming headphones have very good quality. You can check them out too.ThankyouCarl

How can i back track a song i record?

download reaper/audacity, both free
make 2 new tracks
put your voice on one track (dragging the file into place works)
put the karaoke song on the other track
Make sure theyre both in time
mix the levels so you can hear yourself
go to file and hit render fill it in and there you go

Guitar recording tips?

i'm trying to produce a cover of a song but i'm not that great. i'm using a cheap computer mic and i'm micing an electric guitar that's distorted. when i record though, the playback comes nasally and never really sounds good. are their any good techniques (mic placement etc) that can help me get a better sound?