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After 2016 Will Liberals Try To Pretend That The Obama Presidency Never Happened

Will Obama even get a presidency,thanks to the Republicans and the Bush Administration?

Yes, he is President & everything is going to work out. Our country would be ruined if he was not President. He is a brillian man & the country has to stop being so negative. We are all one body. He is the brain & the heart but he needs us like a body needs every cell, every organ to do its' best to function. The poorest our like the feet we must take care of them cause if they stop circulating & need to be amputated we will all fall. We have to each have to start having a positive vision. We are the energy. Our energy is either positive, negative or crazy. We have to stable for a country that stands strong. We can not depend on the republicans to be sane or to be strong or to be clear or for anything. They are destructive. So just a person who finds out they have a dis-ease we can lie down & die, we can commit suicide or we can take everything we have & recovery. I am in recovery & so I will survive. Those that recovery will be better than they ever imagined. We are all creating our own reality. What we are putting out is coming back to us multiplied now so people better wake up & get it or they will dig themselves such a deep hole they will never get out. We are all being tested & most republicans are failing miserably. You can looking around at them or focus on your test & past with flying colors it is to you to recognize our gift, our President or to complain about republicans. Don't let them drain your power.

What if Benghazi had happened to a Republican President?

After nine investigations, and three full committees? Look, you can't keep this up forever, the people who believe this will believe it and you already had their votes. The rest of the country wants Republicans to do something positive for the country. You can't run on if Benghazi happened to a Republican, because Republicans are the ones who go nuts on Democratic presidents over next to nothing, until they find some unrelated side thing and jump on that. Whitewater had nothing to do with Clintons private life. Benghazi has nothing criminal to say about Obama.

We care that lives were lost. But we aren't in need of blaming Obama for the loss of life in a war torn country with strong anti-American ties.

What will it take to heal the nation after the Trump presidency?Nothing is needed. America survives one flawed president after another regardless of party in the White House. When did America have our last great president?If Trump proves to be the disaster that progressives claim, he’ll be gone in 3 years and a lame duck for at least half of that time.The last time America was very united was on September 12, 2001. The day before, this happened. 9/11.Before that day, America was a very divided country after a hotly contested election with a result that many Americans felt was illegitimate. Americans of all flavors came together the very next day.Bush 43 got almost unanimous support from Congress including the likes of Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Bush 43 also had a national approval rating of an unheard of 90%.Unfortunately, what makes Americans come together is a national calamity. Let’s not wish for that. We need to stop paying attention to the 24 hour news cycle with the daily breathless hysteria that the journalists feed us to get eyeballs for ad buys.Turn off the news and put the paper down. Time for a walk outside. It’s never as bad as our journalists make it out to be.Americans Aren’t As Divided As You Think7 reasons America is actually greater than ever

If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency in 2016, what do you think will happen?

The problem is that politicians sees it as a challenge to see who can "break through" the ranks and someone implement these changes. Obama even views it as a challenge. In Hillary's and Obama's minds, they believe they owe it to Americans to ban guns.

With that in mind, the president has very limited power to push this through. What we as American has to ensure is that we elect proper leaders in Congress and the Senate to ensure that if any such bill comes, that it is removed. However, historically the problem with parties is that they have different ideals so most likely if we vote republicans into office, we'll see very little changes outside of guns happening. Like what happened to President Clinton is that at first it was a republican controlled item, but people became frustrated so they voted democrats into office and that is when the AWB took into effect. Then suddenly people realized that their rights of ownership were threatened and then they voted democrats out of office in the next election and Clinton blamed the NRA on that.

With that said, I feel if Hilary votes into office, that is what's going to happen. This November is going to be a BIG election because if Virginia votes into office pro-gun control people, then it means most likely gun control will be in the near future. However, if Virginia votes for republicans who don't want gun control, then the future looks bright but it's a sure bet that Americans are already frustrated with the recent government shut down and republicans are to blame on this or at least in their eyes. So as I said earlier, American's sort of have a win-hate relationship with the government and it's only a matter of time before we have a democrat controlled congress/senate, and a democrat president who votes into effect of a weapon ban.

Has anyone considered that, from a liberal's perspective, Trump is the best Republican in the primary? Not the one who would make it easiest for a Democrat to win—that's Cruz. But that Trump is genuinely the Republican with the most liberal-friendly policies?I sense your skepticism. Hear me out.Trump's single most conservative position is his opinion on minorities. He dislikes a wide variety of brown people, and he has some ugly proposals for deporting Mexicans and blocking Muslim immigrants.But on every other policy? Trump's a moderate! He mostly likes the idea of government services like public education and universal healthcare, although he thinks they could be done more efficiently. Compare that to the ideologues who want to burn down the IRS, the EPA, and even the Bureau of Land Management.Now add in these three considerations for Trump's worst (least liberal) proposals:Deport all illegal immigrants? Just wait until the public sees the huge price tag. Then some cell phone videos  go viral of families being forcibly separated. This policy will implode on its own after the inevitable public backlash.Build a big wall? Liberals should want this to happen! Yes it symbolically makes us look less welcoming to immigrants. But building the wall would finally take away Republicans' last reliable card in stalling the path to citizenship. They'd no longer be able to say "secure the border first!" I'll take that trade any day. The wall would also be an infrastructure project, and it would create jobs just as well as any road or dam.Ban all Muslim immigration? President Trump could do this by executive order. It's a bad policy. It will hurt our public image, hurt refugees, and make fighting extremism harder. But the upside? It can be easily reversed by the next president. Cruz, Rubio, and Bush are the other three plausible winners. While none use rhetoric as harsh as Trump's, their actual policies are all much harsher. All three would pursue repeal of the ACA, which would be horrible. Reversing Trump's Muslim ban could be done in 4 years. But passing the ACA again? That would take a generation!As conservatives go, Trump is style over substance. And that's exactly the kind of Republican a liberal should want.

Who will be the US President in 2016?

Too early to tell.

Hillary has a good chance if she decides to run. Her greatest challenge will be winning the nomination. I think she's too old, and someone may run to the left of her, as Obama did in 2008. Democrats may still not like that Hillary voted for the Iraq War. Andy Cuomo, New York's governor, has recently been moving to the left. Gun control legislation, saying conservatives have no place in New York... I think this may be indicative that he plans to shore up the base, appease liberals, and challenge Hillary in 2016.

My guess for the last two or three years has been Andy Cuomo getting the nomination, and probably the Presidency. I think there's little doubt among people that Cuomo will run. Hillary, unsure. Too old. Now that she's gotten a taste of retirement, maybe she'll be less inclined to throw herself into the fires of another Presidential run, and then four or eight years as the Presidency. She'll be 69 years old. My guess is she'd like to spend the twilight years of her life more with family, settling down, and making a fortune giving speeches. But maybe the temptation of being the first female President will be too great for her to pass. My guess is also that she'll only run if she is pretty sure she can win the nomination. If she were to run again, and lose the nomination AGAIN, her legacy would be greatly hurt. To run twice for the Presidency, and not even get the nomination... That'd hurt.

Candidate Obama ran in 2008 as a transcendent figure, someone who promised a post-partisan, inclusive, and transparent administration. "Hope and change."As a candidate he promised bipartisan reform of our healthcare system. He stated that healthcare reform had to be bipartisan because if he passed it with only one vote, he wouldn't be able to govern effectively. He promised that the process would be openly transparent, that all negotiations would be "televised on C-SPAN", that lobbyists would not be involved in crafting the legislation.Unfortunately, the opposite happened. The ACA passed without a single Republican vote. In fact, the passage didn't even go through a full vote of Congress after the late Senator Kennedy's seat was won by Republican Scott Brown who vowed to vote against the ACA and actually won on this pledge in arguably the most liberal state in America. There were no negotiations on C-SPAN and precious little negotiation at all with Republicans. The 2000 plus page bill clearly was written by lobbyists and no one who voted for the bill knew what was in it.The defining moment of President Obama's presidency is also his legacy, the signing the Affordable Care Act. He broke almost every promise that he made as a candidate in pushing it through in such a highly partisan manner. It was unpopular at the time he signed it in 2009. It has remained unpopular through 5 years despite his delaying almost 30 unpopular aspects of the law including the employer mandate which now will not kick in until he is out of office in 2016. Obama Brand: Tarnished by Obamacare's Bipartisan Opposition