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Am I A Bit Chubby/fat Pics Help

Am I Chubby or Fat (Pics included)?

I have gained weight and I am working out a bit, but would you consider me to still be fat, or chubby, or neither? and what can i do to improve? I am a 20 year old male, weight 128-129, 35 inch stomach, 5"4' height.


Am I chubby? (pics) (I'm 17)?

I have struggled with anorexia for 3 years so weight is a very bad subject with me. My lowest weigh was 60 pounds on a five foot 4 frame and I have within this past year and a half just began to recover. Friday at school (I'm a junior) a guy jokingly called me "hefty". The joke hurt more than anything I have ever imagined. I went out to my care and sobbed hysterically then went home and threw up. Tell me honestly am I chubby? I weigh about 115 pounds at five foot 4 inches. Every day is a struggle, food is a struggle and I feel the lure of anorexia and slipping back into my old habits beckoning to me. I feel so heavy and gross.

Am I fat or chubby? (pics..please please help!!) (fixed links to pics)?

Hey! So I got a new swimsuit, and was planning on wearing it soon, so I tried it on and.. well I have definitely gained quite a bit of weight lately (maybe 20 or 30 pounds? I dont know since my scale is broken). I was wondering if i look fat in it? And what do you think I should do? This is kind of embarrassing to ask, so I didnt want to ask face to face and thats why Im using this. Please me honest and give your real (even if harsh) opinions!

Thank you all so much! I really appreciate it.

Do girls like chubby guys (pic)?

So I was wondering do girls like chubby guys? Im kinda chubby, ive always done alright with girls, but thats because I treat them right. Anyways I was just wondering do girls find chubby/fat guys attractive just based on looks?

Incase youre wondering what I look like heres my pic:

Chubby, Tubby, Fat or Obese ? Pics?

She is obese :-(

I'm going to say her BMI is probably in the 40's and her weight is probably cresting 210.

Honestly, is a little chubby okay?

ok, so i've always thought myself to be pretty. I mean people always compliment me on my eyes and face. but I'm a little chubby, not fat, but a tad bit bigger than i want to be. I'm a 36C cup, and many guys have complimented me on my "backside" but all the guys I like don't ever like me back. is it because im not super thin? would you be attracted to a girl who was a bit chubby?