Am I An Insomniac Seriously Am I

What is Insomnia?? Am i an Insomniac?

A persistent inability to sleep, remain asleep through the night, or feel refreshed by sleep is known as insomnia.
Insomnia can be classified into: Transient (short term) - lasting from a single night to a few weeks. Intermittent (on and off) - persistence of transient insomnia. Chronic (constant) - occurring on most nights and lasting a month or more.
Well to avoid the condition of insomnia you just follow the following suggestion:
Exercise regularly but not too close to bedtime. Twenty to thirty minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times a week is recommended. Go to bed at the same time every night, in order to establish a routine for your body. Try to keep the bedroom as peaceful as possible. Keep noise low and if necessary purchase curtains that effectively block out light. Make sure that your bedroom is not too hot and is well ventilated. Make sure your pillow is not too high or puffy. You can try using pillows especially designed to support your neck. Relax and unwind before going to bed. Reading, watching TV, listening to music, or taking a bath may help. A bedtime snack can also help. The traditional home remedy of drinking a warm glass of milk does have scientific basis. Milk contains L-tryptophan that helps to induce sleep. A stress reducing tape, which plays the sound of falling rain or ocean waves, may be helpful. Breathing exercises right before going to bed have been recommended.
Besides these suggestions try some herbal supplements in this regard:
Valerian Root, Passion flower, skull cap and some other herbs have good effects on insomnia.
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Do insomniacs really exist?

Has there ever been this time where as a child you were unable to sleep for no apparent reason and stayed up for a long period of time?Essentially that’s me everyday, people like that actually do exist, I thought the exact same thing until I actually became an insomniac who slept only 4–6 hours everday. Most insomniacs, or atleast myself, tend not to tell other people I guess because it doesn’t naturally come to mind a normal conversation. In addition, a lot of people aren’t even aware that they have insomnia.

What are symptoms of an insomniac?

making max an insomniac to

I am supposed to analyse the poem Insomniac by Maya Angelou and find out its deeper meaning. I'm stumped.?

before reading this poem analytically, make sure you're familiar with all of the words used, such as coy, aloof, and disdainful.After you have realized that Angelou is personifying sleep, describing him as sometimes "distant, purposefully modest, and scornful" you can gather much more about the poem.
So obviously Angelou can't sleep. Rather than blaming this on a biological fit, she choses to blame sleep for being a distant and resentful being. Despite her attempts at falling into sleep, or winning, she can't. Her attempts are "useless as wounded pride" why would wounded pride be considered useless? Perhaps that says a lot about pride in itself. Perhaps Angelou is reflecting on the idea of "hubris"; Hubris literally translates to pride in greek: many greek myths revolve around the ignorance of pride and the trouble it got its characters in. For instance, in Daedalus, Daedalus's son Icarus ignored his fathers warning to keep his wax wings far from the sun; Icarus' arrogance drove him closer and closer, and he eventually melted his wings and plummeted to his death.
So, Angelous is saying that trying to battle sleep is just as useless as wounded pride (meaning that pride will always be wounded, if you practice it) and that it's also much more painful. What could she be comparing this to? Other people? Triyng to force the affection of others? or is it just sleep? it's up to you to determine, given some of this information.

Am i a true insomniac? or am i just whining?

it seems like for the last 2 months ive often been having trouble sleeping. i can't seem 2 fall asleep, if i can fall asleep, imma rock and ill eat you alive if you try 2 wake me up. ive tried everything, baths, milk, tea, waking up early, same time everyday, massages, music, exercising, stress reducers, pills, everything! it seems like its every other night or every two nights that i can sleep. im not extremely tired the next day, maybe wining for a nap at like 3-4 but my mom naps everyday and she can sleep.............. if u have any tips, advice, anything would be helpful, im only 16, my parents want to put me into what is basically a drug induced coma every night which would be worse because that exhausts me........... its curently 4:00 am......... still awake............ waiting........

Am i an Insomniac? I can't sleep because i think too much.

It always takes me forever to fall asleep. Many times I find myself going to bed at 11:00 and falling asleep at 1:00. I don't drink coffee during the day, I exercise, and am a healthy guy. The main reason I can't fall asleep is because I am thinking too much. My brain won't relax. While I am laying in my bed I can't just tune out, or relax, my brain is still going wild. Like yesterday for example, It took me three hours to go to sleep because I was analyzing this book I recently read in my head, then I was also randomly thinking about some hypothetical scenario I might be involved in 3 years from now. I can't seem to just take my mind off of life, my thoughts, etc and just mellow out into sleep. This has become very annoying when I need to get a good night's sleep, but am incapable of doing so. Any suggestions?, Reflections?, Thoughts?

I'm an Aquarius, so am I doomed to insomnia for the rest of my life?


I don't think a person's "sign" has anything to do with it. It has to do with a person's mental and emotional makeup as well as all those little chemicals and wires floating around in your crazy - yet brilliant - brain...