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Am I In Danger Of Having Tumors

Does having a benign tumor make you more at risk to have cancer?

I had a benign tumor in my back when I was 7 and I had it removed. I'm 16 years old now and I was wondering if that tumor made me more at risk to having malignant cancer?

What are the dangers of removing stomach tumors?

There are many benign tumors of the stomach that are NOT cancer.
All layers of the stomach wall have the potential to produce tumorous growths. Many appear as benign polyps, such as:
Hyperplastic polyps
Adenomatous polyps
Fundic gland polyps
Inflammatory fibroid polyps
Juvenile polyps
Familial polyposis syndromes
Peutz-Jeghers syndrome
Nonmucosal intramural tumors
Fibroma and fibromyoma
Ectopic pancreas
Neurogenic and vascular tumors
Cystic tumors
Duplication cyst

These can also be removed either through a gastroscope or through routine surgery with complete recovery and no lasting ill-efects. If the tumor is malignant, then it depends upon the type, size, and any possible spread. In any case, surgery may be needed but is NOT especially dangerous. It may be more dangerous to NOT have surgery than to have the operation. Even benign tumors could sometimes bleed a lot if not removed. Write down your questions and ask the surgeon.

If you have a brain tumor can you get in the tanning bed?

im 15 almost 16 and I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 8. basically what I am wondering is if I can get into the tanning bed.

if I do will I have a higher risk of getting skin cancer? will anything happen to my tumor?

btw I have a shunt in my brain to drain the pressure off my brain to my stomach. would this impact anything??

Does having a tumor mean you have cancer?

There are two types of tumors Benign and Malignant.
Benign tumors are not cancerous and are usually not dangerous unless it is because of their size and or placement in the body. If the benign tumor isn't causing problems and doesn't interfere with daily life it may or may not be removed.

Malignant tumors are cancerous tumors. Depending on the size, the type of cancer cells, and the location as well as when it was discovered will determine how dangerous a malignant tumor is and how it should be treated.

What are my chances of having cancer if both my parents have it?

Sorry to hear your parents have both been diagnosed with cancer.

Most cancers are random and not inherited; nobody knows what causes them. Fewer than 10% of cancer cases are due to hereditary factors.

You can inherit a tendency to get SOME particular cancers (not all), but you won't definitely get that cancer. Some cancers are not hereditary at all.

The chances are that you are not at increased risk of either cancer.

Only 5 – 10 % of breast cancer cases are caused by hereditary factors. If a parent (either one) carries one of the faulty BRCA genes responsible for genetic breast cancer, their child has a 50% chance of inheriting it, and an 80% chance of developing breast cancer. But most breast cancer is random, not hereditary.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my oncologist was able to reassure me that it was not hereditary and that other members of my largely female family were not at increased risk.

Fewer than 5% of cases of colo-rectal cancer are due to a high-risk inherited gene defect. Generally you are regarded as at increased risk if you have an immediate relative - parent, sibling, child - who developed it before they were 45 years old, or two immediate relatives who have had it at any age.

An important consideration in your case is that the younger you are when a cancer occurs, the more likely it is that an inherited genetic tendency has played a part. Cancers that develop after the age of 50 are much less likely to be hereditary.

Both my parents had cancer too, and my mother died of it. Of their six children, now aged between 46 and 60, only I have developed cancer, and mine was non-hereditary and unrelated to theirs.

My best wishes to your parents and to you

How fast the brain tumor grow?

I also have a tumor in my pituitary gland[yes it is in my head].I have been able to keep it from growing out of control because I caught it early and I am taking expensive prescription for it.I had time to try different levels of medications to see which is the best for me[more isn't always better] and my Doctor is always checking my eyes for blurring.That is a sign the tumor has grown and it has hit the nerve of my eyes.I am told that once that happens the damage to my eyes cannot be reversed and it will cause me to eventually go blind.My tumor has gotten both smaller and larger but when it grew it wasn't to fast.But remember I was on medication.Your mother has blurry vision already so although surgery is risky it probably is the only solution.I am no Doctor and I am not your mother.I just can tell you my story because I can relate.I strongly recommend you ask her Doctor any questions you have.Don't be to scared your mother needs you,I'm sure she's frightened enough for both of you.If she sees your scared it will be harder for her to deal with this if she has to worry about you too. I hope everything works out, and I will be praying for her. god bless you and her.

Do you think its dangerous to marry a cancer survivor?

Living with a cancer diagnosised person has really taught me a lot about life. They need love, attention and care to beat whatever cancer is it. That is the secret ingredient to become a survivor and beat cancer. Each time I look my mother in the face, I feel so much anger that why should she be diagnosed with cancer. It is so sad what she went through, the whole chemotherapy was tiring and exhausting for her and the family. But each time she was down and weeping, Dad would always hold her hand and let her know that cancer can never take away the love he has for her away. That he would always love and cherish her till death do us part. I guess those were the kind words which made her fight and be triumphant over cancer. She is. Survivor today and she is grateful for having a family like mine which stood by her during storms of life. It's never dangerous to marry the person you love irrespective of cancer or any terminal ailments, love is the greatest cure to all.Be supportive in every situation because no one asks to have cancer, and criticism brings down the fighting spirit which we humans have to conquer any challenges of life.

Im scared i have a brain tumor.?

Well, to cut a lond story short, heres some symptoms i've been having:
Headaches, Feeling sick, Waking up in the moring really aching mucsles, getting angry, neckpain, mucsles in my legs keep moving by themselves, my visions got worse.
It sounds so bad. I went to the eyedoctor about my vision and he looked in the back of my eyes and did some tests and my right eye is worse than my left and he did some tests to check my brain and he said he couldnt fing anything in the back of the eye. My doctors think its tension and panic attacks and may be due to sinus problems. Im 14.