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Am I Not Attractive Enough For Her

I love her, but I'm not attractive enough?

I've like this girl for about 2 and a half years, and I've been slowly developing a friendship with her since. We're pretty good friends now, but it feels like there's a barrier that stops us from being able to start a relationship. It's a barrier called beauty.

She is absolutely beautiful, both physically and as a person. I am not physically attractive, and it's something I can't effectively change. But I can't expect her to overcome my ugliness when even I have not faced this kind of situation. Beauty is a thing we all need. There's no why, it just is. It influences us to like some people more because they're attractive, and repels us from the ugly ones.

So is love all we really need? I would love alone can't hold our relationship together, unless she is attracted to me.

How do I talk to a girl while I feel like I am not attractive enough for her?

Don’t approach her asa a potential date- approach as a potential FRIEND…Get to know the things she likes to do, watch, listen to etc….Don’t act like she is your ‘crush’ just someone you like to hab=ng out with..If things “click” with the two of you- how YOU feel about your looks won’t matter! ;)

How can I know if I'm not attractive enough to talk to a girl?

There is no such thing as being “attractive” enough to talk to someone. There is no “range,” or “secret league,” or a level at which you can talk to one girl and not another. They are neither royalty nor unicorns, they are just people. Only silly people think that… don’t be silly. For the average person, you will put limitations in your life for no reason other than insecurities.Yes, there is this idea that people usually date people that are as good looking (or as bad looking) as them. In other words, that people date people who are like them. However, this is not written in stone, it is not a law and there millions of examples of people dating people who we would not think they would, but they have or they are. The point is that you can pick a few things by observing someone and get a better feel about how to talk to them, even if people think you shouldn’t because she is TOO hot, or TOO pretty.In the same token, you sometimes do not know if a person would be interested in getting to know you better unless you talk to them. So, the only way you are going to find out is if you approach them. Of course, it helps if you have a plan on what to say, but remember, REJECTION is a part of life and there is NOTHING wrong with that. It is just life and your life will not honestly be hurt by a rejection if you don’t let it. Since someone is always going to reject you because there is no way you are going to be the perfect match to everyone, regardless of how good looking someone is.The point is that, the one sure way to NEVER date the girl you want to date is to never asked her out. I personally prefer to at least try.

Do you think I'm attractive enough to have a girlfriend in this life? Many girls turn me down so much that I have just given up.

I prefer to begin with the bad news: you might not be attractive to most of the girls you're attracted to. No one is attractive to everyone.The good news: there's nothing wrong with how you look.The future: your look will mature and your tastes will change, and the girls will also change their tastes as they mature. That could be a good or bad thing.The full picture: how you look is only one part of what girls want.This is the other stuff:It helps if they can brag to their peers about you, that's the superficial part of the equation where looks, money, fame, power comes in. This helps get you past their filter faster and easier.You're the type of person who can take care of himself and others, if needed. You're reliable, responsible, dependable, strong, solid, rugged. You take care of yourself, and you continously develop and improve yourself.This is part of the above, but important enough to deserve its own point. Show her you want her, but don't be needy! You're a man who has a full life (the above point is complimented with the below point in this one),You need to have a purpose. You don't need to have a good high paying career right now, but you'll need to have ambition and for it to look like you have a future you're working towards. Your purpose could be to make the world a better place, to take care of your family, to travel the world, to win an Olympic gold medal, to rebuild that junkyard car and restore it…. You need drive, to have something you're passionate about where your eyes light up when you talk about it.You're respectful and considerate of the people around you, but you're not a pushover. How you treat others in different circumstances tells her how you'll treat her, but you can stand up for yourself.You're able to make her laugh and feed her.That's the universe of things you can do. The rest is the work of finding mutual attraction and compatibility… that's trial and error and lots of luck.

With regards to looks, am I attractive enough to get a girlfriend?

Dude even if you are the ugliest guy on the planet I promise you will have a girlfriend and eventually get married if you have the qualities is not about the looks.Forget the looks it about the attitude you give to ladies.Qualities you need in order to up your game.1. ConfidenceGirls tend to like it when a guy is confident because they want someone they can get support from in time of trouble.Dont ever show her you are nervous no matter how nervous you are,and remember a smile always proves you are confident and don't over shoot.2. Being AwesomeBe yourself and never pretend to be who you are not always be original be who you have always been.Amd remember a smile always work.And remember girls find confident and awesome guys attractive.

My boyfriend broke up with me because I'm not attractive enough, do you guys agree?

why was he with you in the first place if he didn't think you were pretty? it's not like you changed your looks overnight. he's just giving you an excuse to leave. and if he's that insenitive to say something like that, you don't want to be with that guy anyways...

I often feel that my girlfriend isn't attractive enough. What should I do?

Not be shallow. To say that your girlfriend is great in so many ways, and then flip on her because you've been with more attractive women. What is your current status with the more attractive women? You're not together right? That's not a coincidence. The unicorn gorgeous girl that happens to also be a nice person is a fallacy. Unfortunately, the more attractive the women you're able to date, you will find that they will get less nice as an individual. Don't get me wrong, they still tend to have a fake public display of niceness so they won't get negative feedback, but you might want to get involved with them, then get so comfortable that the real them comes out and gives you a lifetime of problems. Unfortunately, this is something that you wouldn't know unless you've been through it a couple of times (like I have over the years) but with the addition of Facebook and Reality TV I was able to see this by looking at the behavior of a lot of attractive women on American TV. I don't know if you're American but you might just want to pay attention to how beautiful people act when they don't need to remain professional to stay successful.

GUYS! What makes a girl attractive?

She has a genuine smile.
I can make her laugh/smile.
Attractive eyes (this does not mean overdo the makeup! - Keep it natural)
Healthy body.

Rest is all guy-specific such as personal interests, morals, ethics, hobbies, etc.