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Americans Divorce And The Japanese Stay Together And Is This The Simple Reason Why American

Should my (Japanese) girlfriend and I get married in Japan, or America?

My wife is Japanese and I am American, so we just went through this process 2 years ago. We got married in the States - she was here at the time, and it was fairly simple and straightforward to apply for a conditional green card for her after we got married. Her sister, alternatively, married an American guy while in Japan and it was just a lot of bureaucratic hell to get into the country. They had a nightmare scenario of getting the Spanish Inquisition treatment by INS at the border, and even though they had all the marriage paperwork in order, since they packed all their wedding album "evidence" into a suitcase and didn't have any pics "on them" (this was before iPhones) the girl was denied entry. They subsequently spent the next 6-8 month doing additional paperwork to bring the woman into US.Your mileage may vary - but I think if you intend to stay in US immediately after the wedding, it'll be a lot simpler to get married in the States and deal with INS from inside the country.Side note: until your gf/wife files the paperwork in Japan, she'll remain single, so keep that in mind.On a separate note, if you don't have preconceived notions of how you want the wedding to be, arranging the wedding is significantly simpler in Japan. As User-10419313603983739584 mentions, it's a package deal - so you just pick A or B within your budget, and your tux/kimono/venue/food/drink/photographer/etc needs are all done in a one-stop-shop. Could be significantly simpler than planning it all yourself, unless you are into that.

Why So Few American Women Marry Foreigners?

A friend of mine dated an Indian man, and it didn't work because of his overall view of women, i'm not saying he was sexist or anything even close... but she said that "you could just tell he was thinking "that's not something momma would do"....and I think that's true of all men. All women eventually get compared to the mom... and unless that man had a very independent and strong mother.. I think they just view American women differently ....

Personally, I would never date a foreign man, because that's just not what I want in life/love... I'm from small town America, I have a great job, as does my man, we do a little farming on the side... Being with a foreign man would have never crossed my mind.

What are the top five reasons why people break-up or divorce in China?

I don't know enough divorced Chinese to make a list of the top reasons, but it seems  clear to me, at least for the next generation or more, that the Chinese "marriage market" will be heavily skewed in favor of wives and against husbands.The combination of the one child policy, ultrasound technology and abortion on demand has resulted in hundreds of thousands, probably millions of aborted females.  Left completely to nature, it's normal to have approx. 1.5% more adult women than men in any society.  China currently has considerably more men than women. (Please post percentages in comments- I've heard more than 5% more men, but I can't verify that.) This means that millions of Chinese men have no chance to marry or set up a traditional family lifestyle.  It's only to be expected that the normal dissatisfactions women have with married life will intensify ("I could've married him, and been happy!") and there will be more divorce than in the past.  Men will understand that they've had to "lower their standards" to find a wife, and their normal dissatisfactions will also increase.  All in all, simple demographics suggest tough times for Chinese-Chinese couples over the next few decades.

WHy do White people divorce so much compare to Asians.?

well I have a few chinese married friends, and our cultures are really different, it seems the chinese women just do what ever the men tell them where as the white women do what ever they want and to be perfectly honest yes white people get divorced for stupid reasons but they also get married too soon . I mean theres people getting married early 20s, or first year of a relationship, I dont wanna be married til like 30 and I wanna be with the person for at least 3 years or so.

Who makes a better wife? Asian or American women?

This has got to be the funniest thing I read in the last couple days of Yahoo Answers: "I believe asians do because Ive been married to the quiessential American blond headed barbie wanna be clubbing hot ding bat and Now I am married to a wonderful Indonesian woman."

I am Asian so it's hard for say "Hands down, American women make better wives!". With all honesty, I think that it depends on the person. There are some wickedly horrible American women, just like there are some horrible Asian witches.

It goes both ways you know... I am married to a "white guy" and do I think that "white" husbands are better than asian husbands? Not really, it just depends on the person you've met.

BTW, I love reading those jealous answers too! Hightlight of my day!

Why is American culture so empty?

People are too materialistic here...they think that money is pleasure which is not always the case. People will go to all extents for money and the worst is when they sue each other or companies for the dumbest reasons. The latest I heard is someone sueing Apple 'coz iPod can cause deafness, which I personally feel is a really stupid excuse. So instead of enjoying all things in life people spend day and night running behind money. Respect for other people is almost absent compared to other civilizations like Asian, Indian, etc and you can see that the people there have less stressful lives (although they might not be faring as well monetarily). They have a culture which Americans don't. People dont fake their love for other people like many people do in the US. I am not saying that all people in the US are bad and all people in the above countries are good. But these are cultural tendencies...