Anger. A Short Survey

A “short” survey on sexual opinions?

1) Gender: Male

2) Orientation: Gay

3) Age: 18

4) Are you partnered?: No

5) Do you live in the USA?: Yes

6) Do you talk about sexual things with your friends?
Nothing too graphic

7) If a friend told you that they were going to enter into a poly (more than one partner) relationship what would you think? How/would it change your relationship with them? Would you remain friends?
It would'nt change anything

8) If a friend told you that they were going to enter into an non-forced incestuous relationship what would you think? How/would it change your relationship with them? Would you remain friends?
I'd probably not talk to them. I mean, I would still be friendly, but we wouldn't hang out

9) If you discovered that a friend was into alternative sexual acts and practices (hardcore BDSM, bestiality, scat play, and/or greatly into fetishes, etc.) what would you think? How/would it change your relationship with them? Would you remain friends?
I would be like "As long as you aren't harming anyone, more power to you!!"

10) If you discovered that a friend had “art” that may or may not be considered pedophilic porn what would you think? How/would it change your relationship with them? Would you remain friends? Would you turn them into the police?
I'd ask them a few questions

11) If you discovered that a friend was cheating on their spouse would you tell their spouse or talk to your friend about it. How/would it change your relationship with them? Would you remain friends?
I'd talk to them about it

12) If you discovered that a friends spouse was cheating on them would you tell your friend or talk to their spouse about it. How/would it change your relationship with your friends spouse?
I'd try and talk to the cheater

13) Would you start a sexual or romantic relationship with someone that has been a platonic friend for years? If so, what would it take; if not, why?
Sure, why not

14) If a friend (of any gender) invited you to bed (just to sleep and maybe cuddle) would you go? Would you think it to be odd to ask such a question?
Depends who it is I guess

15) How do you define sex? (I ask this because a lot of people do not agree with me until I explain my reasoning to them. My definition greatly differs from others.)
Sex is sex. haha
Idk how I would define it

Do you want to take a short survey?

it's 4:30 a.m right now

3.chips ahoy
6.harry potter
7.Don't know
8.New York
16.Big brother
17.Winning the lottery
18.Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
20.Props road fools
28.Till theres no hot water
31.celery with peanut butter
32.shaved head
35.Early Batman

I give up It's already 4:42

When you are angry. A survey?

1) Are you male of female? female
2) How old are you? 21
3) Do you get angry easily? yes, unfortunately
4) Once angry, do you find you stay angry for longer than you might wish? yes, i usually angry for about a couple hours
5) Do you like to be alone when you are angry? yes
6) Do you find crying helps when you are angry? no
7) Do you still think about the consequences of your actions when you are angry? yeah, i usually feel bad for getting so mad at whatever person i took it out on
8) Imagine you are really, really angry about something and you take yourself into your room alone. You see a coffee mug, a footstep away, on your desk. Would you feel like breaking it? i wouldn't break it, i'd probably punch something instead
9) Would you most likely: go ahead and break the mug or try and calm down without doing something you might regret? ^ see above answer

~*+*~ C&A: Short MANGA Survey~!!?

Manga fan??? =O
I'm not even a manga fan! I'm manga-addict! >:D
(fan ≠ addict) ;D

1. What do you like/appreciate the most about manga?

Obviously for being not obvious, obviously.....
Manga lets you get into the story faster than watching anime. An episode of an anime takes a bit over 20 minutes; but I usually read 4-6 chapters of manga in 20 minutes.

2. Do you think manga is generally better than the anime?

In my opinion, manga is generally better than the manga (in terms of how much I enjoy them). Why? Manga usually has more in-depth storyline and has less filler. I like musics, colors, and voice acting in anime, but in-depth storyline in manga and how fast I read than watch are more important (to me).

3. Do you prefer reading manga or watching anime? Give your reasons?

The answer for #3 is the answer for #2. ;D

1. What manga got you started?

I think Tsubasa Chronicle manga is the first manga I read. Kinda stop at some point 'cause.....the storyline is WAYYY too complicated somewhere toward the end...... @_@
I'll let the manga be finished before attempting to finish the manga.

2. What manga made you cry?

None of the manga gives tears to my eyes.
But I do feel sadness at some points while reading.

3. What manga scared you?

None. When something seems eerie or strange or surprising, the manga will just make me want to read more.... XD
In fact, I haven't read any horror manga.

Leave a link to your fave manga. If you can’t leave a link, write a short summary of your fave manga
Bad language, violence, but freakin' hilarious! XD
(That's what I'm currently reading....)

Anger Management Survey: What do you do to vent your anger when the situation arises?

Actually, I am not the type of person to want to argue and fight. I prefer spending some time alone. I usually just listen to some music and relax. Or I vent to someone in a select group of my friends that I turn to for that kind of I can either just vent to feel better or so I can get an outside opinion. Then once I have a clear head, i'm ready to solve whatever issue is present at the time.

Good morning Bnew!

Why are short people so angry?

As often as not taller people ARE prejudiced against short people but wont' admit it to themselves. So, they have preconceived notions about short people and so they treat short people like crap. This kind of treatment is enough to piss off the pope so it's not a bit unreasonable to get upset about such treatment. I'm short and once an attractive woman that I dated from dropped me saying it was because I was undependable. This was the furthest thing from the truth since as a physician I'm about in the 99th percentile of dependability. Clearly she had substituted, in her mind, an acceptable reason for dumping me whereas she would have felt guilty about dumping me for being short. My friends know me as being laid back but I can see how some short people get angry just like blacks get angry when they are discriminated against. I have a lot of very tall friends but some tall people "project" their "heightism" on me. Stories come back to me that so and so thinks I don't like them because they are tall but the truth is that they don't like me because I'm short. It can't be both ways: I can't like some people because they are tall and dislike others because they are tall. These people are projecting their own unacceptable prejudices onto me. Finally, the so-called Napoleonic Complex is a myth. Researchers in Scotland devised an experiment to test this and they found the opposite: taller guys are much more aggressive than short people. The truth is that most people expect short med to be submissive and docile and they are surprised when a short man can hold his own in competition and hate to lose to a short man. So, they label short winners as aggressive, "short man complex", Napoleonic Complex, etc." Another myth is that short guys start all the fights in bars. Just one more prejudicial myth. I've never started a bar fight but I have been assaulted by much bigger guys in bars.
So, don't believe all the common myths. Most of them are incorrect.

What are the reasons for BPD’s anger?

BPD anger, which be might further differentiated as irrational or dysregulated anger to distinguish it from non-BPD-related anger, is caused by a common defense mechanism which most of us have experienced at some point in our lives.People with BPD have extreme sensitivity to the negative judgment of others. This sensitivity can cause even the most innocuous interaction to feel like a personal slight. Since they do not feel that they have done anything to deserve this put-down, they experience the perceived slight as an attempt by the other person to purposely belittle them.But instead of feeling belittled, which the average person might be able to shrug off, their sensitivity will cause them to experience it as humiliation. The person with BPD reacts in the same way anyone might after being unfairly humiliated.When someone tries to purposefully humiliate us, we experience it as being asked to accept that we are no good or less deserving as a person. Because being made to feel as though we are less worthy than others is very difficult for human beings to tolerate, it is common for our defense mechanisms to kick in to protect us.The way our defenses tend to counter being humiliated is through an attempt to humiliate the person back at an even stronger level. The most immediate way to accomplish this is through anger.BPD anger is an attempt by the individual’s defenses to salvage their very tenuous sense of self-love, self-esteem, and human dignity in the face of what they believe is an attempt to humiliate them.

A survey for you =] Will you answer please?

1. What do you check out first when you check someone out?
_Eyes & smile.

2. What is the least favorite part of your body?
_ My toes, they look weird to me.

4. Things you envy from the opposite sex.
_ Clothes: I swear they have good-looking clothes to choose from.

5. 3 things you really don't envy from the opposite sex.
_ Sensitive balls, bald hair, uhm nails.

6. Which one of the 7 deadly sins do you practice the most?
_ Pride&lust.

7. Have you ever had an eating disorder?
_ No.

8. Are you gonna call him/her?
_ Yes I will.

9. Is he/she gonna call you?
_ Its my call this time.

10. What kind of drunk are you?
_ Funny.

11. Have you ever had a drug problem?
_ No.

12. If yes , what drug(s)?
_ ...

13. How long have you gone without having sex?
_ Wow, uhm 2 weeks.

14. Without eating?
_ Almost a whole day. (It sucked)

15. Without sleeping?
_ 2 days almost 3.

16. What does your hair look like now?
_ Straightened (It's awesome)

17. 3 articles of clothing that will never go out of style.
_ Skinny jeans, tanks & hoodies.

18. When was the last time you stole something?
_ Sunday night; I stole a kiss ;)

19. Do you think girls deserve more respect just cause they are girls?
_ I'm a girl so yes, nah I think it should be equal.

20. What is your favorite night to go out?
_ Friday or saturday.

21. Who is your hero/role model?
_ My mother!

22. Whats the most grotesque part of the human body?
_ I have no idea really.

23. Have you ever found it fun to sniff on your dirty underwear?
_ Ewww.

24. Do you pee in the shower?
_ Haha been awhile.

25. Do you pick your nose?
_ I prefer to blow it.

26. What nationality would you prefer the mother/father of your children to be?
_ Mixed because that's what I am.

27. What would you name your kids?
_ Never thought of it.

28. Name 3 things you cant stand from people?
_ Grouchiness, when they're full of themselves & arrogant.

29. What section do you dislike the most?
_ Idk.

30. Did you like this survey?
_ Yes actually. *star* ;)

Survey on Video Games and Violence.?

1) 33

2) +/- 27 years (earliest game I remember playing was when I was 6)

3) Currently or in total? I'll assume you mean currently:
XBox 360, PS3, PC, 3DS, PS2, XBox, Gamecube, N64
I have owned almost every major console in the last 3 decades, but not managed to keep them all (unfortunately)

4) Varies - On any given work day, about 2 - 3 hours. Any day I'm off about 6 - 10. But these hours also fluctuate depending on social commitments.

5) Varies - most, if I have nothing else planned

6) Yes, XBL & PSN

7) Most, but I prefer RPGs

8) Yes (I hike, also an avid movie buff, I like to dance and love driving fast cars)

9) I play pretty much everything, so feel free to pick an T rated game and it's likely that I've at least tried it.

10) I play pretty much everything, so feel free to pick an M rated game and it's likely that I've at least tried it.

11) As I've always been gaming, everyone who knows me, only knows me the way that I am currently.

12) No. Occasional frustration when I hit a frustrating part of a game but I am mature enough to see past it. Same applies online: If people I go up against are acting like idiots, or unfairly, I either mute communication or quit and play something else for a while.

13) Yes. Most of my friends are gamers, so we do talk about games even when not playing with them.

14) No, why would they. Video games act as a medium. People either are or are not violent by nature. Video games do not cause individuals to become violent, unless they already had issues before hand. At worst they might be a catalyst to violent behaviour, but only for individuals already suffering from mental instabilities. To be honest I find this question insulting. Anyone answering yes is clearly suffering from deeper issues, but are conveniently blaming video games to absolve them from responsibility.

Now it's my turn to ask some questions:

1) What is the point to this as it seems to to have an underlying purpose?
2) Are you anti-gaming?
3) Do you plan on twisting and contorting the answers from this survey to serve some unmentioned agenda?

- I do NOT give my consent to use the information I have provided for any other purpose than your own personal interest.

Are you good at hiding your anger?

It takes quite a bit for me to be angry.I’m not generally a person who is angry.If I am angry, or feel anger about something it’s usually something very heavy, and traumatic like social injustice, bigotry, war and violence, or gross mistreatment of a human being.Generally, I find that in these situations it’s not uncommon for many other people to be angry about them as well, so I don’t necessarily need to “hide” my feelings about it.What I don’t do is take knee-jerk, hasty, or non-thought out actions in the moment.I think things through, and pick the best course of action.If someone rear ends my vehicle, I don’t step out of my car raving like a lunatic. I take the necessary procedures to rectify the situation without expending any energy on “appearing to be angry.”I might be peeved about it, but you’re not going to see me be peeved. I’m too busy working on a solution.I have enough wherewithal to examine a situation and decide what if anything I can or should do.In many, many, many, many circumstances there is very little that one can do that helps or remedies the situation, and it pretty much never involves getting angrier, or taking out my anger on someone or something.So, to many people, I appear “hard to read.”I’m not. I’m incredibly easy to read. I just don’t fly off the handle in obscene ways that escalate a situation that doesn’t need to be escalated.