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Why do some people answer a question that was not meant for them?

I feel like this is a trick question. Is it meant for me? Am I falling into your trap? Regardless though, it depends on the question or situation. If it's a vague question, and/or not directed at anyone, someone you didn't ask might believe it's directed towards them. There’s also the chance they may not hear or understand the question, and they feel they can answer it. Otherwise, when people do understand the whole question, they may just answer to say something, maybe to look like they know something they don't, maybe just to hear their own voice, or maybe because they feel obliged to say something at all.For example, my friend is a pretty smart guy when it comes to technology, but he's far from knowing it all. That doesn't stop him from saying something concerning a topic he knows little to nothing about. Likewise, I have a new co-worker who emailed a requestor, and he had no idea what the requestor’s issue was at all. He even said he had no idea. Not a good sign when it comes to working in IT.But I digress. In the end, it just comes down to the situation and the person who chimed in.

What are the meanest questions & the ugliest answers at YahooAnswers?

I love this site for us to have a chance to share our ideas & maybe get into a bit of discussion & debate on a subject.

But some people want nothing but to bash the other side. Some people ask mean-spirited questions, disregard the thought-out answers & give the “best answer” to the ugliest reply.

Mean answer - Because Christians are blind cattle who follow and are controlled by fear.
Fair answer - Religious people are followers - they can't think for themselves.
The message is the same, just one is said with a mean, divisive spirit, the other was just expressing his opinion as respectfully as it could be.

Same principal, stated not as meanly. “WHO ELSE THINKS ‘NEOCONS' DON'T MAKE MUCH SENSE?”
1st Q only invites insults. 2nd Q invites open disscusion.

You answer "Yes," but you mean "No." What was the question?

the questions where there are two negatives.

questions like

I think you did not tell a lie?
the answer is yes that you are right in thinking and no means i did not tell a lie

What does 'A2A' mean in the Quora answers?

I do this a lot of times to point out that someone wanted my answer. Usually its for 2 reasons:It means that I have some value on the subject and someone wanted to hear what I had to say. I usually follow it with, "thank you for the A2A."Sometimes I do it on a tough question. I may not be 100% sure I have the best answer but someone asked me and I don't like turning down A2A when someone spent credits doing it. I usually take a stab at most questions I am A2A.

Answer my question in pokemon diamond?

To teach Snorlax, Fissure, you must "Chain-Breed." This is when you first teach Fissure to another Pokémon so that Pokémon can breed with Snorlax.

The process is somewhat complicated. I'll tell you the easiest and only way.

1. Get a Spheal, Sealio, or Walrein. Breed a female version of any of those Pokémon with a Hippowdon (that knows Fissure).

2. The baby Spheal should have Fissure now. Breed that MALE Spheal with a female Lapras.

3. The baby Lapras will now know Fissure. You must get a male baby Lapras though.

4. Breed your female Snorlax with that male Lapras and you got yourself baby Munchlax (Full Incense) or Snorlax with Fissure!

The process seems hard to do only because you might not have a Spheal or a Lapras.

You can find a Lapras in Victory Road when you obtain the National Dex. They are uncommon though, so good luck finding one.

To get Spheal though, you have to trade from someone that has Pearl version. Sorry to say, but that is the only way to get a Snorlax with Fissure.

What does it mean to "follow" a question on Quora?

If you follow a question on quora , you will be getting updates in your notification bar when someone answers to it in the future . for example , this particular question is followed by 2 quorians as of now. one of them asked the question and other quorian also want to know the answer to this question , that's why he is following this question . when this question is answered , not only the quorain who posted this question, the other quorian also gets notification about this . thank you