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Any Ideas For Improving Business At A Small Car Repair Garage

Ripped off? how much to paint a two car garage ?

sounds high check the want add in your local paper you should be able to find a handyman that will do the work for $15-$25 an hour should cost around $1000

Estimated cost to repair frame damage?

I have a Honda Civic, '97 and it is a fantastic car, it's been modified to some extent. I was in a front end collision which did some pretty nasty cosmetic damage to the front bumper, left fender, headlights and windshield. No problem there, I can fix that myself. The thing is that I can't drive it, and it's currently uninsured, so I need to get a guess-timate on approximate cost to straighten the chassis, repair the broken headlight mounts, and to pull the grille forward and upright (about two inches) so that the hood will latch. The engine mounts and all other engine compartment/suspension structures are intact. I can't drive it with the hood unhooked, of course, and as of yet I cannot afford to tow it, but I need to start budgeting for the potential repairs. Any ideas? Nobody will give me a large ballpark approximate for these repairs over the phone, they all say bring it in, and yes I'm not stupid enough not to know why they do that, I just don't have the resources yet. Any serious answers are appreciated. I live in the USA, mountain region.