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Any Job Interview Tips

Any job interview tips?

1. do research on the place you are interviewing at. if you know something about the company they know you put in extra effort.

2. come up with a list of questions to ask, because they ALWAYS ask if YOU have any questions. (just ask about hours, dress code, schedule, pay scale, training, etc. anything that is appropriate to the job you are interviewing for)

3. use a good firm handshake, not wimpy!

4. make sure you go alone and do not bring a friend (or she/he can sit in the car and wait)

5. bring your references, written down, with you

6. send a follow up thank you letter, that way you will be last on their mind

7. state that you do want the job

8. ask when you can contact him about the decision to hire you (or not)

9. make sure you thank the person for his time

* this is definitely out of order, but no one way to use all these techniques is correct.

GOOD LUCK and do be calm!

My First Job interview ( any tips?)?

They probably interview lots of people who are new to the work world, so don't worry about that.

1. Be neat and clean from head to toe.
2. Wear neat, clean clothes, something businesslike, like a skirt or slacks (not jeans or sweats) and a nice blouse (no t-shirts, nothing too low-cut), maybe a jacket, makeup, nice accessories.
3. Be on time.
4. Smile and make eye contact when they greet you. Expect to shake hands.

Typical questions:
1. Why do you want to work here?
They mean here as opposed to somewhere else. They KNOW you want to work to earn money, so don't even bother saying that. Also don't say you'd work anywhere. You didn't apply to many other places, so why this one?

You can tell them you're a customer, so you already like their store or products. You feel you have skills that would make you a good worker for them (ability to help people, responsible, can learn to work a cash register, know how to make change, whatever).

2. Why would you be a good person for us to hire?
Some of the answers given above would work here, and you can probably think of other good things about yourself.

3. How would you handle an angry customer?
You would listen first, to find out what the problem is, also because just listening often calms people down. You'd try to resolve the problem. If you couldn't, you might get a manager to help, or you'd explain why you couldn't do what the customer wants. ("I'm sorry, sir, but we cannot accept returns without a receipt.")

4. If we need you to do something that's not in your job description, would you do it? Example: Sweep the floor or clean the ladies room.
The only correct answer here is yes. (You can always object later, on the job, but at the interview, you just say yes.)

5. What are your interests and goals?
Talk about school subject your like, extracurricular activities, other hobbies. Let them know if you plan to go to college and what kind of career you're studying for, if you're a student. They don't want to hear about your love for weekend parties, Twilight or the Jonas brothers.

If you're not a student, then your goal is a stable, long-term job, preferably with them. You might say you'd be interested in career growth in their company.

One last thing. Make sure you send a Thank You card either by mail or email to the employer.

Good Luck.

Any tips for a job interview?

Sounds wonderful! I'm sure you know to dress professionally, but also fashionably.

Be early (at least 15 minutes).

Stand up straight and smile often. Exude confidence. Be sure the interviewer knows that you are a hard worker, a fast learner, and that you can't wait to begin working there!

Stress your work ethic and flexibility (employers love to hire people who can work anytime).

Let the interviewer know your strengths, specifically as they apply to this position (how you will benefit the department store).

Positivity is so important. Don't talk negatively about this store or any previous employers. Put a positive spin on everything.

Bring several hard copies of your resume just in case.

Thank the interviewer, tell them it was wonderful meeting them, and wish them a good weekend.

Finally, don't forget to follow up. If you aren't hired on the spot, call Monday to thank them again for the interview. Ask specifically for the person who interviewed you and if they aren't available, leave a message. Make sure to indicate that this job is your first choice and you can't wait to begin working (at their convenience).

Keep following up every few days. Persistence often pays off. Just be polite, and not annoying.

Good luck! Hope you get the job! =)

Interview tips?

Once i did an interview for this company, i got the job eventually, but i quit as now im in college!

see, you walk in.. walk straight.. thats a sign of confidance, make eye contact, smile.. when you sit, sit straight.. smile again (not repeatedly like a moron), and talk in a nice way not too polite and yet a bit strict.. so they knoe that you are hard working person and wanna challenge!

when they ask about you, i agree brag about yourself a little, sometimes fiction story can be bring up! tell him/her that you love challenge and will be ready for anything, tell them that you wanna have an experience.. not money first! i mean if they ask you about sallary and stuff.. last, be be be confident! dont breath heavily, dont sweat.. before coming to the room or building, make sure you breath relaxly.. and tell yourself, you gonna nail the interview.. tell yourself all great things about yourself, sound crazy? try it!! good luck!

Anybody with job interview tips?

A job interview is basically about getting to know you and how well you would be at the position you are applying for. Be honest and careful with your answers. I say careful because sometimes in that moment you could say something that you shouldn't. As for what to wear , it seems like a casual place , so try to dress in something casual. No graphic T's or pants with holes in them. Something your family would approve of and that makes you look mature. A simple dress shirt and plain jeans or khaki's. Good luck with your interview :)

I just got a job interview, and need some tips?

E-mail me and I can send this in greater detail, but here's the quick version:

First, research Kohls via their web site. How many stores they have, annual sales, community involvement, ready to impress the interviewer with your knowledge. Then show up 10 minutes early, looking sharp, with copies of your resume and references ready to go. Then we get into the stages of the interview:

1. Greeting/Establishing rapport: Good eye contact, big smile, firm handshake and a little small talk to put each other at ease.

2. Basic exhange of information: they'll tell you about the job, you'll tell them about your background. Be prepared to quickly summarize your relevant training, skills and experience. Answer their questions using the STAR model: For example,when they ask about your experience with customer service, give them a Situation/Task you faced, the Action you took, and the Results. Interviewers respond really well to this method.

3. Asking Questions: have at least three questions about the job (not about wages, vacation time) ready for the employer. This shows you're really thinking through the fit of the job for you.

4. Saying Goodbye/Expressing Enthusiasm: Good eye contact, big smile, firm handshake and say - in no uncertain terms - "Thanks, this was helpful. I know I'd be a good fit here at Kohls and I hope I get the job." Also, make sure you know what happens next and when. Is there a second interview? When will you hear back from them?

5. Immediately after the interview, send off a thank you note to each of the people who interviewed you. Say thanks and either highlight something about you that they liked in the interview, or mention something important about you that didn't get covered in the interview. Remember, the thank you note only works for you if they get it BEFORE they make a hiring decision, to be quick!

First Job Interview? Tips, help?

First of all, I am guessing this is for a customer service position, so I would say the most important thing is to be friendly, appear approachable and smile.

You are being hired (potentially) to be the face of this company by interacting with customers. Having said that, think about how you would like to be greeted by an employee and act the part.

As far as appearance goes, you should look cleanly groomed. I would recommend a clear plug for your nose ring. Even if it will be eventually allowed in the dress code for you to wear to work, it may be distracting to wear to an interview, and regardless of the rules, your interviewer may be biased.

It may also help you stay calm on the day of the interview if you go to the business as a customer and just get a feel for how the employees treat you, and how you feel when you are in the store.
Being well versed about a company (reading information about the company on their website, being a regular customer, etc) is always a plus.

Good luck!

Do you have any tips for going on job interview?

Your age should not be a problem. Most employers want someone with maturity and experience.
Dress conservatively in clothes that fit well, not too tight but not baggy either.
Feminize your pant suit with a girly/frilly blouse (but no deep cleavage) or use a colorful scarf at the neckline
Wear only modest jewelry (no face metal other than conservative ear rings)
Go easy on makeup. it's a job interview, not a party.
Cover any tattoos
Don't party the night before and get a good night's sleep so you will be bright and fresh
Be on time for interview
Don't dumb down yourself - let your experience and talents show. State facts but don't brag.
Let them know that you will accept a lower salary than your experience or training might suggest if there will be adequate raises as you gain experience and become more valuable to the company.
Have nails clean, medium length and with clear or pale polish.
Think before you answer their questions and have a few questions of your own if asked for comments
Don't interrupt or talk over the interviewer
Speak in a modulated tone of voice and use good English - no slang, no cursing
Don't over do the coffee. You don't want to appear to be wired.
If interview includes lunch or if you are offered refreshments, use good table manners.
Be friendly but not flirty.
Don't offer too much personal information that is not pertinent to the job and your ability to do it.
No sad tales about personal problems. A good employer might be sympathetic but will expect you to keep problems away from the job place
Good luck.

Any tips / pointers on job interviews?

Interview Etiquette Before the Interview

1.Your hair should be clean and combed.

2.Nails should be clean and trimmed.

3.Be conservative and err on the side of caution. If the company does not have a dress code, remember that its better to overdress than underdress.

4.Arrive at least 10 minutes before your interview. The extra minutes will also give time to fill out any forms or applications that might be required.

5.Turn off your cell phone or pager.

6.Don't assume that whoever greets you is the receptionist.

Interview Etiquette During the Interview

1.They may offer a drink...DO NOT risk of choking. it just isnt pretty.

2.Make a positive and professional first impression by being assertive and giving a firm handshake to each interviewer and addressing each interviewer by name as he or she is introduced.

3.Reinforce your professionalism and your ability to communicate effectively by speaking clearly and avoiding "uhs", "you knows", and slang.

4.Use appropriate working. You won't receive extra points for each work that has more than 10 letters. Use technical terms only when appropriate to the question.

Interview Etiquette After the Interview

1.Shake each interviewer's hand and thank each interviewer by name.

2.Send a thank you note as soon after the interview as possible.

Job Interview tomorrow any tips?

1. Bring two copies of your resume.
2. Dress nice, doesn't have to be a suit but assume the manager notices little things like if you match, if your shoes are shines, wrinkled shirt, etc.
3. Act confident, body language is huge! Shoulders back, look forward never down, look at someone when you talk to them, make sure you speak clearly and firmly. Many people get intimidated by an interviewing manager and there body language and voice show submissiveness.
4. Try and avoid umm or any other word that shows your unprepared. If needed just be silent until you think of the answer its better then being confused.
5. When the manager asks if you have any questions for him make sure you do, show an interest in the company, the position, and what they do so the manager knows its more than a job to you.
6. Dont ever be late.
7. Dont smoke before hand (if you do smoke).
8. Only send a Thank You email to the manager if you are sure you can do it without any mistakes. I have seen people get hired then send a thank you letter to the manager with spelling errors and the manager retract the offer.