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Any Lawyers In The Illinois Area That Are Not Afraid To Take On The Local Police Departments

What are some slang terms used among police officers?

The most derogatory terms for the bad guys and citizens who are just pains in the rectum:A.H. = Adam Henry (A-dam H-enry) If you don’t get it…..sometimes you will hear it as “Jack Hole”… what starts with an “A” that ends with HOLE ?RICHARD CRANIUM= What starts with a “D” and is a nickname for Richard ? What is the non-medical layman’s term for the Cranium ? Do these clues HEAD you in the right direction ?

What options do you have if the police refuse to enforce the law?

If you have started at a lower level officer, you can speak to a supervisor and keep working your way up. If you have spoken to the local police, you can try the state police. You can also hire a lawyer and ask him to talk to the police, sometimes that gets results. Sometimes talking to the press gets results too, but better to have a lawyer involved so you don't risk a lawsuit for defamation by the people you are accusing. You can also try your local councilperson or some other politician.  Understand though, in the end, the police have discretion as does the DA. There is not generally a way to force them to act.Also, if the person who harmed you has assets, you can sue. If not, it normally isn't worth it.

Illinois; is it illegal to handle or shoot guns while intoxicated.?

Ok, so I was at a meat shoot the other day in my home state of IL and there were guys who were obviously drunk participating in the meat shoot activities. They were carrying around shotguns and shooting at the targets (this was at a local bar). I would not say they they were acting belligerent, they were being careful and following the safety rules... but they were drunk! I mean I saw a few guys holding beer all the way up to the shooting area; the range master had to remind one guy to move his drink out of the way!

So what I want to know is this illegal in Illinois, I have read the firearms statute and did not see anything in regaurds to it, but who knows I could have missed it... I know many states have strict laws in regards to booze and guns. some states like Missouri have a law that makes it a misdemeanor to handle any firearm while drinking: and a felony to shoot one.

Is it illegal to shoot a gun while drunk on your own property assuming it is legal to discharge firearms there in the first place? Not that I plan on doing it... I personally think it is extremely irresponsible, I just want to know.

First Offense DUI Scared to death! please help?

q S is correct that these are just two alternative DUI charges (driving under the influence, and driving at .08% or above), and as to the sentencing practice in San Diego. El Jefe is NOT correct that there is a mandatory 48 hour sentence. That applies ONLY if you are not placed on probation--and everybody is placed on probation. However, in SOME counties SOME judges do impose a day or two of jail.

However, the good news in your case is that you are incorrect that .08% is three times the legal limit. It is JUST AT the legal limit, and that was just the preliminary test. A lot will depend upon what the blood test shows. If it is below .08% it is likely that you will not be charged with DUI (though you WILL be charged with being under 21 and having alcohol in your system which will result in a 1 year driver's license suspension). If the test comes back at or slightly above .08% it is likely that you will be offered a "wet reckless," which is a plea to reduced charges of reckless driving with reduced punishment, but which can still be used as a prior conviction.

But, bottom line, you are going to lose your license for a year no matter what, but what else you are looking at depends upon the results of the blood test.

ADD: To my knowledge, it is not true that "most" counties require jail time. Most counties do NOT. I doubt that any attorney can avoid the 1 year suspension, but you certainly DO need an attorney. If you cannot afford counsel, the court will appoint counsel for you.

ADD2: While they "can" sentence you to 4-6 months, the fact is that they WON'T. I would not hire any attorney to tried to scare you with such misleading claims.

What "No Thru Traffic" sign means?

I drove through a road with a sign "No Thru Traffic" then cop stapped me. He asked me if I was local presidents and obviously I'm not. He gave me a ticket for " disobeying the traffic control device"

My problem with ticket is, after I entered the road i saw the sign hanging on the column where no point to go back.

Please tell me if could object on the ticket as long the sign is not obvious to the drivers.
Thank you

What exactly does unlawful contact with a vicitm mean?

If I understand your question correctly, someone has suggested that you might be charges with the unlawful contact of a victim. If it is you, than you are either the alleged offender in the incident, or a close associate of the alleged offender.
Basically, in instances in which the victim of an assault or battery is contacted by the offender or an associate of an offender, with the intent or alleged intent of intimidating or interfering with a witness or witness, it may be possible to file an additional charge against the alleged offender.
If this is a domestic violence situation and an emergency protective order has been issued, the alleged offender or perpetrator is required to avoid contact with the victim.
Violation of an EPO resulting from "unlawful contact" are usually grounds for the immediate "on-sight" arrest of the alleged offender.
In other words, if someone has an EPO in place, obey the rules and restrictions listed upon it.