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Any Record Labels In North Carolina

Does anyone know North carolina laws regarding renters and air conditioning?

Oh sweety call 311.
I live in an apt. complex here in Charlotte and that's considered an emergency situation. Maintenance comes after hours at like 11 pm to fix that if they have to.
Believe me, this being a complex with 200 plus apts. where maintenance goes home at 7 pm, they wouldn't come that late unless they absolutely had to.
It's the law sweety. The elderly are especially suseptable to cardio problems because of the heat, as well as babies, and they can't discriminate between who'd old and who's young enough to have AC so...everybody get's it.
No heat, no hot water, or no AC...they come a runnin'.
Call 311 and report this a**hole right now.
311 is cool, it's not like the cops or anything, and they'll tell you EXACTLY who to call and what you can do.
Plus...they'll be a record of all this now might want to tell that lousy landlord of yours that so he can think good and long before he considers evicting you.

People living in North Carolina, Do you like?

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Birth Certificate in Wayne County North Carolina?

Do you mean how many TOWNSHIPS are in Wayne County? Because Wayne County is just one county, okay? There aren't any counties within other counties. There are twelve TOWNSHIPS however.They are Brogden, Buck Swamp, Fork, Goldsboro, Grantham, Great Swamp, Indian Springs, Nahunta, New Hope, Pikeville, Saulston, and Stoney Creek. Okay? Now, here is a list of towns and cities that are in Wayne County, in case you need them also..They are Brogden, Dudley, Elroy, Eureka,Fremont, Goldsboro Mar-Mac, Mount Olive, Pikeville, Seven Springs and Walnut Creek okay? Hope this helps

As with any lottery the odds of winning are not good.

Can i get a job with a criminal record in texas?

Something's not right here or there are details missing.

I suspect I'm misreading something and your uncle was the intoxicated driver?

First, where did this occur because the state of Texas does not recognize "misdemeanor manslaughter."

And secondly, if your uncle wasn't the one drinking, I can't envision charges being brought in any jurisdiction unless his disregard for the safety of others was extremely egregious and he was at fault in the accident.

In any case, the closest we have is criminally negligent homicide which can and has been used in traffic accidents resulting in death when the driver at fault demonstrated recklessness of a sufficient degree (such as blowing through a red light at an intersection and t-boning a vehicle with the right of way) and intoxication manslaughter for accidents with fatalities involving a driver at fault under the influence.

However, the less severe of the two charges (criminally negligent homicide) is a state jail felony, and intoxication manslaughter is a 2nd degree felony.

So, if this occurred in Texas, then yes it might be difficult for your uncle to get a job with a serious felony conviction but there are plenty of felons in the state working legitimate jobs.

With a felony record you're not going to have the luxury of being picky about what you want to do, but unless you have convictions for sex crimes, finding work shouldn't be too difficult.

North Carolina Lawyers expungement question?

I have a terrible record it is keeping me from employment. Also,I don't feel like a good person when an employer says they are running a background check and I have to start explaining. I was charged with a charge of taking property under false pretense but was reduced you a lesser larceny charge and I have some DWI's and driving on revokes due to me driving to work and cant get a licenses. Now, I know a lot of people will read this and say this lady sounds bad okay well please don't judge me because I was going through a terrible divorce when all these bad things occurred my husband at the time pressed the taking property under false pretense on me which was a bogus charge and when he was being abusive and hurting me yes I did get in my car to escape him and he called me in to the police all this was his plan to get custody of our children and yes guilty as charge for drinking but it was my way to deal with all that was happening in my life at the time,I have tried to move on with my life but still having problems because of my record and it was 7 years ago. Please tell me if there is anyway to get rid of my record having everything expunged? I am sure I will not have any problems anymore since he is no longer in my life and I am moving to a place where there is a bus line. I will say this I did catch a couple of driving on revokes in the last few years but no alcohol was not a factor there was some other charges but cant remember exactly what else they tacked on additionally.What are the steps I need to go about to get this expunged? Is their a form I can download to do this? Do I need to file this with the courthouse? and get it signed by a judge.Please don't say consult an attorney because if I had the money to do this I wouldn't be on yahoo asking questions. Remember I cant get a good paying job because of my background. Any help would be appreciated

Anyone think that 13 yr old in North Korea scored with that hot military chick?

Grounding is powerful---yet do not thoroughly isolate him from the family members. Did he understand the water replaced into boiling whilst he poured it on him? Or did he in simple terms think of it replaced into warm? I advise, did he get it from a steaming kettle? If he took the time to boil water on the range and then dumped it on his brother then he could nee greater advantageous than a grounding. If he dumped the water rapidly he nevertheless needs punishment in spite of the undeniable fact that it particularly is not somewhat as frightening. considering his brother has blisters and could be sore then i could prefer to characteristic added punishment: he needs to do his brothers chores and help him out. The good judgment: considering youthful brother is harm and now not waiting to make his mattress (and so on) then older brother (who made it so YB could not do the artwork) has to do the artwork particularly. He can carry his brother's e book bag, %. up his grimy laundry, and so on. do not permit the 13 get obnoxious with this, set some limits, yet IMO the older brother needs to do some thing to make restitution/ help the single he harm. Having him sit down in his room won't help the 13 12 months old, yet wearing the youngsters books will help him. maybe if the 15 sees how perplexing and painful existence is for the toddler he will under no circumstances ever do some thing so cruel back.. See in case you will discover any records on how painful burns may well be---seem at well-being center and different web content. i understand a nurse who labored with burn sufferers for years and she or he continually stated that they have been the main painful of injuries. those with undesirable burns have been each so often stored subconscious by way of fact in the event that they have been wakeful the discomfort replaced into undesirable and there's a shrink on what share painkillers you are able to take.

Criminal Record? Texas?

If you were convicted, you were convicted. Extenuating circumstances don't matter on court records and background checks show all arrests and convictions. If you lie on your application, it will be found out and you won't get the job. Lying tells the employer that your integrity needs a check up. If you are honest and it was only a misdemeanor, you might be given a break.
To the poster below, juvenile records are not automatically sealed in Texas, nor are they in the majority of other states. Specific to Texas, you have to apply for sealing and at least 2 years must have elapsed since conviction. In addition, all fees and sentence terms have to be completed.

Questions about the records of civil war soldiers for genealogy purposes.?

The usual military of the day grow to be crap. aside from the few adult males interior the 'experienced Bands' who have been extra or much less police and anti-insurrection squads in London, lots of the others have been riff raff who could no longer get a activity and have been frequently undeserving for something, they have been basically a token military. After a short era of attempting to make the main of those human beings the two facets gave it up and merely went after the magazines of palms that have been reluctantly offered by the counties as component to their duties to the Crown. After that the two facets depended on volunteers. to date as i'm conscious, there grow to be no conscription like at present, adult males joined by fact they felt strongly with regard to the claims of the King or the Parliamentarians. do no longer overlook, the parliamentarians needed Democracy and the top of honestly the right of the Monarch to do merely what the hell he enjoyed. by fact they won, we've the rights that we now have, regardless of the actuality that the British government. of present day years has progressively eroded those rights that our ancestors fought for. we've a bill of Rights, yet at present it potential no longer something, in comparison to in usa the place they try difficult to maintain it inviolate.

In World War 2 the “good guys” were The Empire On Which The Sun Never Set*, the Land of Jim Crow, and Joseph Stalin’s country. But given what they were up against they were the good guys. Likewise in the American Civil War the Union were far from flawless, but given what they were up against they were the good guys.The Confederacy was fighting for slavery, end of story. Anyone who doubts that is welcome to read the The Declarations of Causes of Seceding States and get back to me (Mississippi even opening their first substantive paragraph with the statement “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery”). They were explicitly objecting to State’s Rights - in particular various states trying not to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act and didn’t want slaves brought into their territory.And the Slaveowner’s Rebellion wasn’t even in response by an attempt by Lincoln to end slavery. It was a response to a President being elected who wanted to ban the spread of slavery. He knew he couldn’t end slavery without a constitutional amendment - and the moral vacuum of a Supreme Court that decided Dred Scott v. Sandford was of the opinion that preventing someone taking slaves into free states was depriving them of property without due process and thus a violation of the Fifth Amendment.Further the Slaveowner’s Rebellion was basically a self-coup (of which the archetypal example is “I, the lawfully elected President do hereby suspend elections and declare myself President For Life”). Even if you discount that 3.5 million of the 9 million people living in the Confederacy were slaves, in most cases when the question of secession was actually put to the people the people generally said no. Which didn’t stop the slaveowning elite in the legislature from starting the rich man’s war and making poor men fight for them*As this has come up in the comments a couple of times The Empire On Which The Sun Never Set (because God didn't trust the English in the dark) was the British Empire not the Japanese Land Of The Rising Sun