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Any Tips For A Freshman Starting High School

I'm starting my freshman year in high school tomorrow...any tips? starting my freshman year tomorrow and I'm really nervous because we didn't get a chance to tour the school, so i have no idea where anything is!!! So, do have any tips on what should i bring to school and stuff like that. Thanks :)

Starting high school tomorrow. anyone have freshman survival tips?

The high school i'm going to is famous for picking on freshmen, and the freshmen hunt, so how could i go around campus without getting owned by upperclassmen?

Any advice for a freshman going into high school?

I cannot make the answer short so please take time to read. Afterall its matter of life ;-)Someone rightly said that when you are young, possibilities are limitless.Have a hard look at the below image and keep this in mind.You are in 1st stage where you have a lot of time and energy. You may or may not have lot of money. But even if you have it would be your parent's.My advice is to make full use of time while you can.Some points are :-Avoid wasting too much time on social media like fb, Instagram, etc. Quora is alright to find your area of interest.Do not procrastinate. Ever. Always follow the 5 minutes rule that if a work can be done in 5 or less minutes do it now.Now a days if you talk to anyone, they all will whine about lack of time. Truth is not the lack of time but the lack of time management. Divide your activities in 4 parts.Important + urgent = do it nowImportant + not urgent = plan and start giving sometime to it everyday otherwise one day it will become urgentNot important + urgent = can be set lower in priorityNot important + not urgent = do not waste time. If you avoid this then you will have surplus time everydayTodays era of WhatsApp demands you to be available all the time. Make a difference. Mute all group conversation.Sooner than later you will come to know about various tv series. While they are good stress buster but avoid binge watching unless you are done with all work.These covered time part.Now let's see what can be done on energy part.In high school who studies too much are termed as geek or nerd. So have some fun too. Make good memories but do not waste energy on worthless adventures.Practice some meditation daily. Yes, you will always be in flash mode but take a break a d have healthy food. Junk food can be tried but not too frequent.Find your passion or hobbies and when you get time, dedicate that time and energy in the passion rather than mindless surfing internet.Although you will not be having your money but still you do get pocket money if i am not wrong.Manage that as well. Since you will find yourself either short of money or just enough money, hence learning difference between the “price” and “value” is very important.Final lines, in youth, manage time and energy in such a way that when you become professional, you will be so efficient that you will never face problem of having less time.That's the key to a happy life.

Tips for starting high school (FTM Transgender)?

I'm starting high school in a few months, and I'm dieing of stress...
I need some help!
Any tips would be welcome, from others who have gone through or are in high school...
And, if you haven't figured this out from the title, yes, I am a transgender. Any advice from other transgenders would be HIGHLY appreciated!

I'm SUPER nervous for high school- (Freshman Year)- Any tips?

I've already posted this, but I am SUPER nervous. I need to know about everything! Fashion, social-skills, studying habits, easy memorization, how to pass, EVERYTHING!!! I'm SO nervous. I start school in a few weeks, and I don't even know the school. Please give me all the advice you can. And thank you for your advice, it will all be so helpful.

I'm starting high school soon. Anything I should know, or any tips you could give me?

You have a right to be there so act like it. Never look down. Look straight ahead and keep your spine straight; own your space. Walk as if you owned the world because you do. This gives potential bullies pause and communicates to others that you have self-confidence. Self-confidence, especially when tempered with kindness, is a really attractive attribute. It will earn you respect and win you friends.Realise that teachers are people too. Treat them with kindness, humour and respect and they will treat you likewise. I assure you, they are not in it for the money. It is not a cushy job. Education is a calling.Learning can be fun if you make it fun. If you are struggling, do not hesitate to reach out for help. If you tread water endlessly you risk tiring and drowning. If you call out for help, someone will indeed respond and throw you a lifeline. Sometimes the form the lifeline takes is not obvious so keep your eyes, mind and heart open. No one will think less of you if you ask for help. They will admire the fact that you realised that there was a problem and dealt with it. And if others need help, even if they don’t explicitly ask for it, endeavour to offer. I assure you, your kindness will be rewarded two measures for one.Invest in yourself because if you don’t no one else will. Nothing of value can begot with no or little effort on your part. Imagine what your future can be like (astronaut, politician, surgeon, anything at all) and then ask yourself, how did they get there. And then look at their career paths and work backwards. I guarantee you - each and everyone you admire went to high school and faced enormous challenges but pulled up his or her socks and lifted themselves off the ground when (not if) they stumbled and fell. You can do it too.Try to have fun. High school is a brand new world and is a lot more than just class time and homework and essays and exams. High school is about new places and faces - new interests - new horizons.Good luck. I have confidence in you. You will succeed!