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Anybody Know Any Interesting Facts On Harry Connick Jr Or Any Websites That Would Help

Elvis Presley vs. Frank Sinatra?

1. Personally I think Frank Sinatra had a better voice in that you can understand every word for starters and he just exudes coolness. Elvis did have a great voice but I think initially it was only deemed special because he was a white guy who sounded black.

2. Elvis gave the more energetic performances but I think towards the end of his career it became quite painful to watch as he was just an overweight shadow of his former self. Frank maintained class in his live performances.

3. Probably Elvis as he did break boundaries in terms of what was acceptable viewing with rock stars. Though Frank has clearly influenced Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr, Jamie Cullum etc.

Is Clearwater beach in Florida nice?

i loved it there is so much to do there are a whole bunch of little shops all over that are walkable distance! so much fun! also indian rocks beach whitch is where i stayed is a less crowded beach and only a few minutes from clear water. Johns pass is a fun place to go as well with many resturantes and lots of shopping and that is not to far down from clearwater maybe 15min. depends on traffic! i LOVE clearwater!