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Anybody Know Whats Going On With My Computer At Work

What's wrong with youtube? Or is it my Computer?

When I click on a video that I want to watch the page that loads isn't the video I clicked but a page full (literally full from top to bottom) of squares, letters and numbers and gibberish. When I try to refresh the page or go back it doesn't work. Sometimes it will let me watch the video but the majority of time I get that page of squares. Youtube was working fine for me yesterday could it be a problem with my computer. Please help!

How do i know what processors will work with my computer?

im thinking about upgrading my computers processor but i have no idea what processors will work with my computer. i have a toshiba satellite a205-s5800 it has an intel celeron 540 processor @ 1.86ghz.
i dont quite know how they classify some of the chips would it be i need a 540 chip? are they all the same amount of pins? i have windows vista and my computer is from 2008. my reason for wanting th upgrade is it is incredibly slow i know it is not my ram or any kind of virus ive tried many antivirus and antimalware and i have ran multiple system clean ups with no change. i have also formatted the hard drive and it is still slow. this leads me to believe that it is my hardware. i have upgraded the ram to 2.5gigs so the only major thing that could help me would be the processor. please help

What is going on with my computer with the blue screen and 'safe mode' thing?

Every answer to this point is correct. Buying the best anti-virus program is advisable. You need a full version in order for it to complete. I think everyone at one time or another has had the blue screen of death. I still get it now and then but I just boot up in Normal mode. Then run a clean up and defrag program. Windows should have this. I recommend Major Geeks or CNet downloads. I'm addicted to free downloads. However when it comes to checking for Malware, adware, virus' and Trojans try to buy a good one that does all. As far as I know I've had nothing but trouble with Norton and you usually have to renew every year.

Advanced SystemCare Free is the best that I have had. Again the paid for version covers much more. I'm sorry this is so long but "ask" your dad to help you look for a free cleaning program or go to help in Windows and see what they offer for cleaning and defragmenting.

I've been into computers since 1985 and built my last super pc. That makes me sorry to be so longwinded. I also fried the motherboard of my last pc before I got this one, so trial and error is good only of you can replace what goes bad.
Follow the first 3 answers and I believe you will be okay.
It's humbling but always ask your parent and be proud when they help even if they fail. Agree with them and try just like you are doing now. My momma always told me that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Also every parent loves to help and then if all fails and he can't fix it... let him research the best pc for the best price ;-)

Will any power supply work in any computer?


The main considerations for a power supply:
- Wattage: all manufacturers report maximum wattage, but a "constant wattage" metric is more useful, indicating where the PSU is intended to operate. (Running at maximum all the time will cause early failure.) Try using a calculator to figure out what wattage you need:
To be safe, purchase a PSU with a higher rating, in case you decide to add more hardware later.

- Connectors: these are usually printed on the box. You have to figure out which connectors are needed by visually checking your hardware.

- Form factor: most PSUs are for regular ATX systems. If you're using a smaller case, you need to find the right form factor.

There are plenty of online resources to refer to if you have more questions.

How many people actually know (deeply) how computers work? Roughly how many people working in I.T. or programming know exactly how a computer works, down to the electricity that flows through it (e.g. the circuitry, stack, registers, clock, etc.)?

I knew how computers worked down to the silicon. My bachelor's program taught us how transistors work. THen they taught us how those transistors are put together to form logic gates. They taught us how logic gates are used to do arithmetic operations. They taught us architecture of the 8080 microprocessor. They taught us von Nuemann architecture, and what goes on down to the level of the electron. They taught us how databases are designed and various data structures used in construction of a database. They taught us the TCP/IP stack down to the level of the protocols used at every level. They taught us how Operating systems are designed. They taught us how compilers convert programs to machine code. They taught us what the machine does with the machine code down to the signals being sent on each pin, and the state of each register  when a particular command is sent This was all before we wrote a single line of code. I expect any decent bachelor's degree in Computer Science would cover this. So, I expect that every programmer who has a Bachelor's in Engineering to have this kind of knowledge. Engineers are suppossed to know how things really work, dammit!HoweverA lot of things have changed in the 20 years since I was in college. Microprocessors are quite different now. For one we had single core microprocessors. Multi-core microprocessors weren't even in the radar. I have a general idea of how threading works, but not to the level of the silicon. I know enough to get things done. There was no Wi-Fi back then. I have no idea how Wi-Fi protocols work at the level of the wire. I could explain to you how LAN protocols work, but Wi-Fi is a black box to me. I have a general idea of what it does, though. Enough to get things done.I have forgotten a lot of things. For example, I couldn't tell you the exact design of a NAND gate out of the top of my head. I can look up the resources online and teach myself everything again pretty quickly. I can safely say that I know more than most people I work with. Most programmers purge this information out of their heads when they start working. I also try to analyze the same program in different ways, going down to the level of silicon. There are very few people who do this that I know of.

Does anyone know what problem my Computer has? It shut down on its own and said it had a Blue Screen problem.?

Either the System Registry is messed up or Windows has failed to load/initialize a driver/hardware.
The blue screen came up maybe to warn you about the problem for it might cause more serious problems.
If you have just installed a hardware, turn the power off, unplug it and try to boot again.
If it still fails, boot in Safe Mode and uninstall the driver/software you just installed that might have caused it and then reboot.
If it again fails, go back to Safe Mode and try System Restore.
Hope this helps.

Does working on a computer for a long time cause high blood pressure?


i am a web developer and i use my computer for at least 12 hours a day. this week, i had a headache and have gone to a hospital. they told me my blood pressure is 130/90. i am a skinny person and my cholesterol is in the normal range.

i don't know what causes the blood pressure. i get sick when on my computer. i just want to know if using a computer for a long time causes high blood pressure and how can i prevent it.

thanks for helping

How can I tell if my computer is being monitored at work?

Assuming you’re on Windows, one way you can tell is by opening up task manager. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, clicking on ‘Open task manager, or by running the program taskmgr.exe.Go to the processes/detail page.You can tell if there is anything suspicious by going here and looking more processes that could be what you are looking for. The program that they use at my school is called Lanschool. (shows up as ‘Student.exe”) there may be something here for your work, although probably not since this is designed for schools. Another thing is Called Eaglesvr (this one screenshots your screen every three seconds or so). Sometimes, though very rarely, you can right click on the process and hit “end process” and it will stop the service, opening again when you restart your computer. Also, check for keyloggers. (they check and report any suspicious key combos and words that the user typed in) I’m sure there are many other programs that show up on here, although many don’t. If the box that says, “Show processes from all users” is unchecked, and you have to get admin privileges to open it, I would suggest giving up.

How can I know If someone scanned my what'sapp code?

Are your whatsapp messages are being auto read by someone? Are your friends are complaining about you being online and not replying and you don’t know what the hell is going on as you were not online at that time? This is possible because someone is reading your whatsapp chat remotely without your knowledge.Here is how to check it :Open WhatsappGo to settingsClick on ‘Whatsapp Web’If you are being watched then it will show something like this.Click on ‘Log out from all Computers’ and you are done !For detailed iPhone stories visit : www.theiphonepandit.comThank You !