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Anyone Willing To Sell A Meet And Greet Big Krit Ticket In Houston

Where can I buy one direction meet & greet tickets?

I live in LA and all meet & greet tickets including VIP, UVIP, and General Admission tickets are sold out. You can go on stubhub and buy tickets but I doubt you'll find any meet & greet tickets unless you're willing to pay $1000. You can check ticket master, and VIP Nation but i'm pretty sure they're all sold out. besides those 3 websites, don't use any other ones, they're all counterfeit. You should just but cheap tickets off of stub hub even if their not VIP... being at the concert is better than not being their right!? that way you can save money now and wait until they have another tour sometime next year.

Anyone selling One Direction meet and greet passes!?!?!?!?!?

Try Craigslists (:

One Direction Meet&Greet Tickets- Dallas or Houston 2013?

Found some VIP tickets for Dallas but for $1,400-$1,700

and for houston, I'm not sure but you can keep checking

How much are One DIrection VIP Meet And Greet Tickets?

Rumor is Management has raised it to $800 a little while ago. I myself haven't gone to one sadly, but other places I have read it is $5,000. Expensive either way, but I think the $800 version is true.
If you are lucky enough to get tickets I hope you have fun and say hi to the boys for me!


Hello :D
I know exactly how you feel! :'( Don't worry I went through exactly the same thing :(((((... At the moment I'm just going to keep looking on Ebay or Gumtree for any spare tickets that anyone is selling... apart from that there's nothing more we can do D':

Capital fm sometimes do competitions where you can win tickets to different meet and greets so keep a listen out on there. But if they do it will most likely be closer to the date of the show...
Also, if you're really desperate, there are some magazines out there that might have competitions where you can win?
Or just keep searching online for any competitions or anything like that...
Did you manage to get any tickets to the actual show itself??
anyways, all I can recommend you do is:

KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS PEELED (not literally haha)

Good Luck!!!!
Whooooo go Selenators!!!! :DDDDD

One Direction meet and greet tickets for sale?

In order to meet the boys in the group, One Direction you do have to have a Ultimate VIP package which is normally priced at $350.00 since the Ultimate VIP package includes a meet and greet. There may be someone on that has an Ultimate VIP package or if you go to the arena that One Direction will be performing at they may have one there. If there is no one on that has an Ultimate VIP package in Seattle, Washington you should try looking for an Ultimate VIP package in the next area that is closest near by Seattle, Washington. There is no more Ultimate VIP packages on,, or they were all sold out in a matter of minutes.

How can I buy a meet and greet ticket for a concert?

I have been attending these types of event for years. Some are better than others so be sure to checkout exactly what they are offering you before sign up. Some bands have great meet and greets and spend a lot of time with fans before or after the performance. Other times that experience is just getting back stage and they just pass you by and shake your hand the thats it other times its a whole photo ops, autographs, poster, CD’s ETC so check it out first.Best source for is the fan club. Although you can find them in the secondary market place you will save a lot of money by going joining the fan club. Now not all performers offer meet and greets but many of the bigger acts do. Often its to raise money for a cause or foundation of some sort so check those out as well. If all else fails check out brokers in the secondary market.

What do meet and greet tickets for a concert typically include?

Each ticket purchase includes a seat in a specific price level and access to meet the artist/band. You also typically receive an adhesive patch for the meet and greet access or on rare occasions a laminate. Whether the meet and greet is before or after the performance is determined by the artist. However, typically the meeting is after. Depending upon the artist, some allow photos with the perfomer and/or an autograph. Others don't allow one or the other, or perhaps both. Depending upon the package you purchase, sometimes merchandise or "limited edition collectibles" is included.

How do you find information for meet and greet concert tickets?

Usually on the ticket website you buy them from or by calling the venue/place you are meeting them.Usually, for example if you are planning on getting m&g tickets for a concert the information will be on the page you buy them on like on ticketmaster you can click the package you want and if there is a m&g package you can click on a “more information” icon and it will tell you more.If you have already bought the tickets you will more then likely get information about what will be happening a few days before the actual event.If you cant find an option for m&g call the venue to ask if they actually do have m&g and if they dont then you could probably win m&g through radio contests.hope this helps :)