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Are My Grades Good Enough For College

Grades not good enough for college?

I am a 16 year old Junior in High School. I grew up, from the day I started school, being told by my parent that good grades = good college = better jobs = better life. for the most part that is true. My freshman year I made honor roll every quarter, with 87 and above. My sophomore year I took honors biology and a.p us history and my grades started to slide.

This is my transcript unweighted.
Freshman Year;
English 9 CS - Honors: 93
Algebra 1 Advanced: 87
Earth Space Science Advanced: 90
World History I: 97
Introduction to Technology: 94
French 1 : 88
P.E: 98

Sophomore Year:
Honors American Literature: 83
Honors Biology: 81
AP American History: 79
French 2: 90
P.E: 98
Health: 89

This year my Junior Year I made Honor roll the first quarter with my lowest grade being a 89, now at the end of the second quarter my grades are:

French: 88
English: 79
Chemistry: 92
Algebra: 76
WH: 87

I see my teachers for help when I need it and I dont goof off in class for the most part. My parents make grades seem like they are life itself. I am very afraid that with these gades, if my junior year I dont make honor roll the last 2 quarters I will not be able to get into UMaine Orono(I live in Maine) Which I consider to be a lesser school from the other ones I want to go to. My problem, is that I dont agree with the whole school thing, why should a degree define you, why cant you just live your life and do the greater good, travel from place to place making a difference?

Are my grades not good enough to go to college?
Any inspiration on how to improve, anything would help.

My parents are really hounding me lately. My sister is a straight A student.

Are my grades good enough for college?

i'm not very good with tests, cause I always get nervous. So, just in case I don't do very well on ACT (I'm not taking SAT) I'm really hoping my grades are good enough. These are my final GPAs for Junior year (Since this is what I'll be submitting to the colleges)

English - 3.4
Filipino (My native language, not really a major subject) - 2.7
Math - 3.4
Science - 3.2
History - 3.0

My average is 3.2

My grades are good enough for colleges like LSE and UCL but my finances limit me to colleges like Birkbeck. Is it worth or should I stay in india?

It seems to me that your question focusses on recognition.As someone in software industry, I will not pretend to understand how the finance industry works, however i think some things are the same everywhere.So with that perspective in mind, i think that when you are job hunting, showing graduation from LSE may get you interviews easier, however passing interviews depends on your knowledge and communication skills. So international recognition may not be as important as you think.Right now the job market in UK is very anti immigrant. That means, any non British and non Europeans are finding it impossible to get jobs. Also you only get a visa thats 4 months more than the length of your course. So even if you get into LSE, you will only have limited time after graduation to get job and stay there. However I dont know how the top universities like LSE work. So its quite possible they have some apprentice programs to get you into employment or some such. The normal universities dont have any placement programs like we have in India. So dont go expecting anything like that.So in answer to your question, I would suggest option 2. Because for option 1 you would have to arrange a large sum of money(in case you dont get scholarship), study on a tight schedule, with or without the possibility of part time jobs, face uncertain conditions in the job market and may have to come home empty handed and again look for jobs. Its just seems too much to take on, high risk, medium reward.However this is only if your choices are between UK and India. I sincerely believe an education/travel abroad opens up your mind and provides possibilities that you never imagined while still in India. So with that in mind, why UK? Why not Europe? Education is cheaper there and there must certainly be recognised unviersities there too. Do some research. Heres something to get you started. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)Hope this helps, good luck.EDIT: Recently, someone who seems to have some knowledge on the subject has corrected some of my views. I posted your situation to him and his answer seems sensible. I cant find a way to link directly to the particular comment. So this is the link to answer I posted and his response is in the comments section.Balaji Kanakasabapathy's answer to How does one find a job in the UK and get a working visa when one is from another country?

Are my grades good enough to get into a good college?

I want to become a doctor when I grow up but for some reason I feel like my grades aren't good enough I am a sophomore in highschool and these are my grades:
Chemistry honors: B
Geo/trig: A
P.E.: A
World history: B
English 10: A
Spanish 2: A
And these are the grades I got in my freshman year
Biology honors: A
Spanish 1: A
English 9 honors: A
Algebra 2: B
P.E.: A
Health: A
Every body that I know that is a doctor has all A's and they had all honors and AP classes. I was just wondering are these grades good enough to get me into a good college where I can then go to medical school

Is my High School GPA good enough for college?

I am a junior in HS and my GPA is about 3.3 I Know its not to good. My Freshman and Sophmore GPA is about 3.65 What happened was my parents got a divorce so my grades have dropped and i was wondering would admissions understand my story and accept me with my better GPA. University of South Florida and Central Florida have an average GPA of 3.7 and was wondering if they would except me or not?

Thanks you

Are my grades good enough?

Math: 93.36
History 95.3
Culinary 92.9
Multimedia: 100
Science 85.45
Language arts : 87.3 probably going up to an a
Current events:100

What's my gpa? Would o be able to get into dental school?

Are these grades good enough for scholarships for college?

it's good you're involved, and those grades still arent bad, but you have to consider where you want to go too! it is becoming ever more competitive. I would say, play it safe, shoot for a GPA of 3.8 or above by your Junior year end date. Colleges typically look at Sophmore and Junior year, but that doesnt mean you should blow of Senior year, and really do well on your SAT's and such. Also, prepare a letter of intent to send to colleges with yoru transcripts etc. your senior year. also, apply for every grant and scholarship possible when it comes time. there is tons of money out there if you know where to find it. your school can help with that. good luck! you're doing fine!

Are my grades good enough for a scholarship?

I'm a junior in high school and I'm thinking of applying to Pasadena Art College of Design or other art colleges like RISDI or Parson's. I'm in all honors and AP classes, and up until last year (sophomore year) I had straight A's with only a couple of B's. This year however, I got my first C (in physics), along with 3 B's and 3 A's. I think my portfolio will be good enough, and I also do volunteer work, am member of clubs at my school, and am one of the editors for my school's yearbook. My parents can't support me financially through college, so I NEED to get a scholarship. I'm just worried that art colleges won't give me a scholarship because of my grades this year. I'm planning to work really hard this next semester to get straight A's, but I just feel really bad about that C.... Can I possibly get a good amount of money for a scholarship with my grades?

Are My Grades good enough for University?

Just keep in mind that your grades are not the only thing universities look at - they also look at your extra-curricular activities and what you do outside of school (e.g. job, etc.) I would say one good reason colleges admit students is because they know the students have a chance at succeeding - they don't want to admit students if they don't think the students will not be able to graduate college.

Colleges will also look at exam scores like the ACT, SAT, etc. (if you should need to take those in your area).

Your coursework for next year looks good too - sometimes people will slack off their senior year, but colleges notice your grades and compare it to your workload (i.e. you can get a 4.00 by taking easy classes or a 3.5 and be taking challenging classes - they'll respect the 3.5 workload moreso than the 4.00).

The other thing to consider is that if you don't get into your first choice school (and I don't know what the acceptance rates for any of the schools are), you can always transfer there later. So if you can't get into one of the three above, go somewhere else (either a technical school or other university) and build up your credits. Students who transfer to another college while in college sometimes have a better chance of being accepted than graduating high school students do. All you have to do is make sure the courses you're taking will transfer over to your new school.

Be sure to tour all of the schools you're considering - your list may change after seeing the campuses.